How Do You Transfer Files From Dropbox to Google Drive?

When we think of answering this question, we usually decide that the best way is to sign in to the Dropbox account, select the files we want, download them to the computer, or any other device we are using at the particular moment, and then simply upload them to Google Drive. But, can you imagine downloading a huge amount of files, that can take more than 20 minutes to complete, and then wait again for them to upload to the other drive, and monitoring the whole thing so you can be sure nothing will crash in the meantime?

The other option is to use some plugin or application like Wondershare InClowdz, and make the process a little easier, by syncing the cloud storage, and simply migrate the files anytime you want and need them. Also, you can sync all the cloud storages you have, and access them from one dashboard.


People today have thousands of files, documents, photos, PDFs, worksheets, and even though it seems like these clouds provide a lot of space, the truth is that we use a few of them. In the beginning, Dropbox was the most popular one, and then Google improved its product offer with Google Drive which gives more secure large file transfers.

The way we described at the beginning it’s very simple but time-consuming, and that’s why there are a few apps or online services that offer this type of file transferring. But, keep in mind that the free ones are usually limited, and you will have to do the same a few times, which comes equal to the manual procedure.

Why transfer the files and how to do that?

Usually, this is for professional purposes, because every company has some protocol of working, and in order to sync all the work, and share files with the whole team. This was highly demanded at the beginning of the pandemic when the people started working from home, but they still needed access to the same files. Also, Google Drive offers more options, like sharing the document with the whole team or the client, while Dropbox offers a preview and you have to download it, edit as needed, and re-upload it again. There is nothing wrong with Dropbox, but Google Drive is more practical about the business. It’s a good idea to use software that will sync the clouds, and make the files accessible and easy to transfer.

Once you have them synced, you can simply send them to the other one, or even use the “drag and drop” option, and this action will make them accessible to coworkers, or anyone else who needs them. This is also a great way to back up the files because it’s always a good idea to have copies of everything that is important, in case something crash or goes wrong.

It’s simple to install an app, and synchronize the drive storages, and then access them through the dashboard, or choose to migrate from one cloud to another. Almost every software for this purpose is simple and intuitive, and you can’t do anything wrong. As the files are syncing and transferring, you can do your job, and check them when completed. Then, authorize the content, and go to the files by simply getting a shareable link. You can choose particular files, or you can transfer everything you have.

Also, if you don’t like paying for specialized software, you can always go with the manual option, especially if you don’t have to use the files immediately, and you just want to make a reserve copy of them, just in case.

Source: cloudHQ Blog

Is Google Drive better than Dropbox?

Every cloud option has good and bad sides, and the debate on which one is better exists since forever. Both options provide affordable plans for individual or business use. It’s difficult to choose one, and the choice usually depends on the users’ preferences. Both of them allow backup, device synchronization, and file sharing.

The free plan that comes with creating the account is quite different since you get 2GB with Dropbox, and 15GB with Google Drive. But, you can always upgrade the plans and get up to 2TB for $100-$120. Google Drive can be upgraded to 300TB that will cost $300 every month. Also, if you refer the cloud to friends you can get additional MBs.

Source: The Guardian

Can I sync them?

If you don’t have mediation software, you can’t do that. There is no option of simple synchronization between the different cloud storages, and you need a computer program or app we described, that will collect the data in a dashboard and let you choose where to save the file. You can still do that manually too, which means you will have to upload the file to Dropbox, and then to Google Drive, and have it in both places.

As an individual user maybe you don’t need something like that, but when you have to share a huge bunch of files with other people, and they are saved on multiple devices and storages, it’s easier to sync them all and make the files accessible to everyone who needs them.

Another difference is that with Google Drive you can open the file and edit it as needed, and all the changes you make are saved every few seconds. You can’t do that with Dropbox, and this is one of the reasons why people choose to move their files to Google Drive and make their life easier.

Source: Guiding Tech

The whole process of transferring the files is easy and straightforward, and you only have to decide do you need an app to do that, or you can do those things manually. Having a large number of different files can be really messy, and you will probably need some time to organize them all before you share them with anyone.

We hope that you find this article helpful, since we tried to cover and explain every aspect of file transferring from one cloud storage to another, and compared the two ways of doing that – manually, and using proper software for that purpose. It’s on you to decide which one will work better for you.