4 Types of Kratom Effects and Strains

Like any recently emerged thing that has been insufficiently researched, kratom, the miraculous plant of South Asian origin, has caused a lot of conflicting opinions in a very short time. This is often the case when it comes to narcotics – such cases have been present for years when it comes to marijuana and the legalization of cannabis and its use, as well as several other drugs.

However, although there are different experiences and claims on all sides regarding this substance, it’s still not determined how safe it actually is to use, despite certain medicinal properties attributed to it. The use of this plant from the coffee family is widespread in its ancestral home for numerous reasons and for various purposes. It’s most often consumed by chewing the leaves or after grinding it into a powder, which can then be encapsulated.

It depends on the dose taken how strong the effect of this substance will be and in what way it’ll manifest itself. For that reason, but also for many others, such as the lack of significant information and insufficient testing of the properties it carries, world organizations such as the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) don’t recommend its use. Of course, there’s disagreement as well, as hundreds of people are signing petitions against its ban, claiming that it has extremely favorable and mitigating effects.

How to know who to trust in all this mess? It’s still a matter of our personal choice. What we can do is look at the already known facts, and these are certain characteristics and effects of kratom that have already been revealed to the world.

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Benefits of kratom use and the strains that help

1. Pain reduction. Everyone knows the role of morphine in reducing pain. It greatly helps terminal patients who suffer from cancer by alleviating their struggles, which is why it’s actively used in medicine. Kratom has a similar analgesic application, which, with careful use, in the opinion of many, can have quite a beneficial effect on this aspect.

Of course, this isn’t limited to patients suffering from cancer but also helps with various types of chronic diseases where the pain is constantly present. However, a lot of care must be taken in this case, since the potential danger and the occurrence of addiction depend on the amount of pain and substance taken. Nevertheless, moderate application is quite a solid and satisfactory solution when it comes to this problem.

Some sources claim that the best options for pain relief are Red Borneo, Maeng Da, Red Vein Bali and also Coastline.

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2. Help with beating other, more dangerous addictions. Like heroin, for example. Due to the effects and feelings that are extremely similar to those after consuming heroin, the frequent use of kratom as an alternative has begun. Why? Because it’s more affordable and more accessible than heroin and doesn’t have as many side effects when used moderately.

This could definitely grow into an effective means of treating addiction, even the most severe forms since it certainly has potential as a therapy. This option still has a long way to go, full of research and study ahead, but there’s definitely a possibility that this could be practiced regularly. Of course, if the laws allow it since in many countries the plant is still illegal.

In these cases it’s recommendable to try Classic Red Bali or Red Indo Kratom, as some comments on the internet stated that they might be pretty helpful for anyone who decides to quit stronger opiates.

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3. Low doses cause a pleasant feeling and euphoria. If used within normal limits, or in smaller doses, which are approximately 1 to 5 grams, there’s a slight increase in euphoria and the so-called stimulating effect. It could be said that this doesn’t represent danger as the quantity isn’t large. There have been previously known cases of workers in Malaysia who have used it to achieve better performance in their activities and no specific negative effects were given.

After consumption, a person becomes more sociable than usual, more talkative, but their motor skills slow down ‘pleasantly’. It doesn’t take too long for the substance to work like this – it’s enough to wait about 10 minutes after use. Kratom Mate, a website dedicated to familiarizing people with the effect of this plant, suggests that there are even various types of kratom especially for achieving this kind of effect, like Sumatra or Super Indo Kratom.

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4. Works well against depression and anxiety. We could connect this with the previous paragraph since when taken in small doses, it causes that feeling of euphoria. But it’s quite important to know that this doesn’t include the feeling of anxiety, which is actually a super favorable circumstance. If certain pieces of research are to be believed, patients who have been treated for this condition for a long time have confirmed that, after consumption, the symptoms were weaker and that they felt better in general.

Given that this type of mental condition is becoming more widespread every day and that different generations suffer from it, many of their members in certain countries resort to kratom because of this. Sleep improves, sadness and stress are channeled in a calmer way and a general feeling of peace is obtained without much hassle. For this purpose, experts advise the consumption of  Malay, Borneo and Maeng Da strains for this purpose.

This time, we turned only to the positive impact of this plant and tried to convey to you what the beneficial things that it can do for humans are. Of course, no substance of similar composition can go without certain contraindications, but all these things largely depend on the user. Also on the dosage, responsibility, the way it’s taken, and even on the things that people want to treat with it.

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We also had the opportunity to learn that some types are more useful and efficient for certain problems, from which we selected the four most common ones and explained how they work. All that remains is to follow the events and research related to this phenomenon. Why? Well, probably for the sake of the hope that there’s a chance to learn more about the ways in which human existence and well-being can be improved by it in future.