Unwanted Facial Hair And Ways To Manage It

Having facial hair is no doubted a byproduct of going through hormonal changes. And while hair ultimately grows because of our hormones, it is a pretty damning thing for a woman to have facial hair.

But do know that there is a way to manage unwanted facial hair. There is more than one way to do it, and we’ll discuss that in this article.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

1. Shaving It Off

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Both men and women shave regularly. Men do it more frequently and for good reasons. Shaving is a good way to manage facial hair, but there is a thing you should know.

Shaving doesn’t root out the hair follicle but instead cuts it right at the surface of our skin. That means that this method will not eliminate your problem but instead delay it.

And while we’re on it, shaving promotes hair growth; regardless of where you shave.

Some of the areas of our bodies that we shave the most include our legs, armpits, genitals, arms, etc. The areas of the face that we shave include the chin, eyebrows, sideburn, and upper lips.

Take into account that shaving isn’t a long term solution for facial hair, but it does offer some kind of solution. At the end of it, you’ll be silky smooth but do it frequently enough and you might need to turn to other solutions.

2. Tweezing

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Tweezing Is a great way to solve your problem. That’s because tweezing is not only a great long-term and short-term solution, but one that costs nothing.

The reason why tweezing is a great long-term solution is that it completely pulls it from the roots; preventing it from growing.

It is said that tweezing gives you three to eight weeks before a new hair starts growing. There are various methods and ways to properly tweeze out hair.

While some choose the traditional way of simply pulling it, more sensitive people can apply various skincare products to soften the hair and skin before doing it.

This makes it much less painful.

3. Epilation

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Epilation works very similarly to both tweezing and shaving. Epilation is a more effective method of tweezing, and a lot faster.

So, in a way, it tweezes the root out whilst also pulling multiple hairs at the same time.

Epilation is very effective and gives you about 4 weeks before you need to think about doing it again. It is recommended for busy women and those that aren’t willing to neither shave nor tweeze.

But another difference between epilation and other methods is that the grown hair comes back thinner and softer than before.

Women are fairly accustomed to epilation, but this method wasn’t known for removing facial hair. Luckily, epilators come in all shapes and sizes and you can use one for your face.

4. Topical Prescriptions

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This one is becoming highly popular among women, and for good reasons.

Topical prescriptions usually come in the form of face creams that don’t remove the hair itself. What this solution does is reduce the growth of hair once applied.

This solution is best used after you’ve shaved, tweezed, or epilated.

It is specifically catered towards the female population, as they are the ones most in need of such a solution. With that said, these products can be applied to any part of the body, not only the face.

However, many women think that this solution works overnight. We’re sorry to burst your bubble but topical prescriptions will give results usually after two weeks.

In the meantime, you might need to continue traditionally pulling facial hair. For more information about one such product, you can check out Okdermo.

5. Waxing

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Every woman knows about waxing. Even men do it but we’re fairly certain a man doesn’t want to go through the pain just to rip off a few hairs out.

Sure, it’s painful and dirty, but it is a very effective method. Nothing gives you the desired result the same way as waxing.

But there is a way to shop for products. When you look for waxing solutions, do know that there are two types of it. There is hard wax and soft wax. The former is designed to be applied onto your legs, while the latter can be used on the face.

Never apply hard wax onto your face as you’ll quickly find out why.

6. Laser Hair Removal

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This is one of the newer methods of managing facial hair, and one that is probably the most expensive one.

Removing facial hair through laser means is definitely a great way to do it. What this solution does is it effectively damages the follicles. It is said that laser hair removal can completely prevent hair from growing back.

To achieve this, however, you will need to spend a lot of money. A single treatment won’t be enough to completely prevent the growth of facial hair and you’ll most likely have to go three or four times.

If you don’t want to go to a professional, you can always buy an at-home laser hair removal kit.

This is a very convenient way of doing it, but you should talk to a professional on how to use it.

7. Depilatory Creams

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A very cheap option that will give you a silky-smooth skin in return, depilatory creams present a very viable way of managing facial hair.

These solutions are made with chemicals that are designed to dissolve facial hair. Fortunately, these chemicals don’t present a threat to your health and safety as they’re easily washable.

But the risk of a skin reaction is always possible. We always advise you do a test run before applying a particular unknown product or if this is your first time doing it.

It takes time and patience to see whether the product will work for you, and we suggest you give it around 24 hours. With that said, you should always read the label on the product and see whether your skin is compatible with the product itself.