Using Avast Secureline VPN With Netflix in 2024


VPNs have always been on the forefront when it comes to accessing restricted content online, particularly on Netflix. From watching content available in other countries to censoring on your own, a VPN is your one-stop solution to all these problems. Hence, it comes as no surprise that users want to know which VPN they should rely on for uninterrupted access to their favorite streaming platform. In this article, we will discuss just that!

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What Is Netflix?

Netflix is a United States-based media services provider and film production company that was founded back in 1997. The primary premise of the company is to provide online subscription-based streaming services from a library of millions of movies and television shows, both in-house and third-party.

Netflix is available for users to access across the world, except for China, Syria, North Korea and Crimea due to certain restrictions. As of April 2024, Netflix has managed to acquire over 193 million paid subscriptions, 73 million of which are from the United States alone. As of now, the company produces and distributes online content from many countries across the world under the name, “Netflix Original”. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many users want to access content from other countries using a VPN.

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What Is A VPN?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, extends a private internet connection, allowing users to share information between devices without the devices actually being connected to the shared or public network. As a result, the advantages of a VPN range from accessibility, security and administration of the connection. One of the primary reasons that users connect to VPNs is to encrypt their information, reducing the chance of their device being hacked and their information being stolen.

VPNs were initially developed to provide corporations remote access to other branches and resources. However, in recent years, the technology has become prominent amongst average consumers. As of now, internet users may connect to VPNs to access blocked websites or content restricted to other geo-locations, or just for their own security. VPNs form a virtual end-to-end connection for a network, making the network think as if it were actually present in another geo-location.

Based on what part of the world that you are accessing the service from, Netflix provides you with a different selection of videos to watch. In most instances, users could get around a blocking feature like this by simply connecting to a VPN and changing their virtual location to the necessary one. However, Netflix is aware that users would behave like this and so have blocked users from doing this via websites like Avast SecureLine.

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The reason for them doing this relates to the various licensing agreements that they have in place with the owners of the content that they show on their service. If they allowed this to happen, they would risk the real threat of losing all of their licenses and, thus, have no content for their many millions of users. The process that Netflix uses to be able to block VPNs works by simply looking at all of the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are associated with them.

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As a result of this, when a user goes and tries and uses a VPN, the IP address from it is detected and the service blocked out. However, the people behind the VPNs are constantly trying to combat that by changing the IP address so that Netflix are tricked into not blocking it. This essentially becomes a game of cat and mouse, as after some time Netflix learns which IP address the VPNs are using and blocks them.

Because of this tactic that Netflix uses, users will be hard pressed to find any VPN that actually works with their service. However, there is a small glimmer of hope in that Netflix have openly stated that they are working with the owners of the content that they provide through their service to get around the issue of geographical differences in their service. Until that issue is resolved, the best workaround for now is ExpressVPN.

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What Is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service distributed by Express VPN International Ltd., a registered company of the British Virgin Islands. The company presents the application as internet anonymity and security utility, allowing users to encrypt their information to the on-going public traffic on the internet and protect their IP address(es).

ExpressVPN is available to download on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and even internet routers. As of March 2019, the company has more than 3,000 servers based in 160 countries and 94 locations, including Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and many more. This ensures that users receive uninterrupted connections to all their private and public networks.

ExpressVPN lets users watch all of the content that is available in other countries on their Netflix account. Although they are a VPN service like all of the others out there, they work differently to constantly counteract the techniques used by Netflix relating to blocking IP addresses. At a cost of just under $10 per month or $100 up front for the year, it is a great investment for those users who want the freedom to be able to access all of the content on Netflix.

They even offer a thirty-day money back guarantee should you not be happy with the service. Arranging this is an easy thing to do thanks to the great level of customer service that ExpressVPN offers. It is quick and easy to get signed up with the service right today.

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While there aren’t many workarounds for accessing content on Netflix restricted in your country, ExpressVPN is the most reliable and fastest way that you can do so.

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