E-wallet: The Advantages of Using E-wallet in Online Casinos

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Ιf you have tried your luck at Netbet Casino, it is certain that you would have encountered the transaction procedures. You may have had headaches at times, having difficulty trying to complete a transaction. The most popular methods of trading in online casinos today are cards, debit, or credit. However, there is a trading method for online casinos that you may find useful. This is the electronic wallet, also known as “e-wallet.”

What is an e-wallet?

With a mobile wallet, you can make payments online and in physical stores and transfer money from your digital wallet to an account and vice versa. Most applications keep your account information private, as your bank account or credit card account is not given directly to sellers. For example, Paypal, to keep your data safe, appears as a final buyer in your payments, takes on the role of intermediary, thus ensuring your data’s security. Still, without this process, you lose the discount coupons and purchase points. Also, Mobile wallet is the evolution of mobile banking; the actions we can take through mobile banking apps are the transfer of money from account to account, the deposit of money, and the monitoring of our account’s liquidity.

The mobile wallet introduced something that could not be done through mobile banking applications; now, we can use our mobile phone as a “digital” credit card in physical stores by “passing” the smartphone over the corresponding POS to complete the purchase. Many companies have mobile wallet applications, some of the most popular being Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Why use an e-wallet?

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One-click transactions with e-wallet

The first reason that makes the e-wallet easier to use is that the online transaction happens with much faster procedures. Trading with the most common methods can be time-consuming. With the e-wallet, all you have to do is choose the wallet you are using and then select the amount of money you want to deposit. The e-wallet company will take care of the rest.

Extra customer support

Did you know that all digital wallets provide customer support services for several debit and credit cards? Well, they do, and that is another reason why e-wallets are preferred when it comes to online gambling. Not only that, but it is possible to have enough extra incentives to use your e-wallet, depending on the agreements with each company.

E-wallets are widely accepted

Most online casinos now accept e-wallets. If you have one of the popular e-wallets, you will not have to worry if the casino will support your debit or credit card because it will almost certainly accept the most popular e-wallets.

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Is a mobile wallet the same as an e-wallet?

There is a big difference, although people sometimes confuse the terms. When you use a  mobile wallet, you have to have an app on your smartphone, but when you have an e-wallet, you can access it from any electronic device like a PC.

More security

Security in online transactions is essential today, and e-wallets have reached top security levels in all parts of the process. The laws they have to obey are very strict, and the controls carried out by independent organizations ensure absolute safety for the users. However, to be 100% sure, you should never let any app scan your SMS’s; don’t trust the apps that ask for your permission to read your SMS’s unless it’s the app’s nature to do so. By allowing, you may compromise the safety of the OTP ( One Time Password). You have to be extremely careful and don’t share your OTP  with anyone on SMS, calls, or messenger because if there is a hacker out there, he’ll take the opportunity to log into your account.

Additional protection of personal data

With e-wallets, the user enters less personal data each time he wants to use the e-wallet of his choice. This is an additional security level for the users. If combined with additional security measures in the e-wallet account, the transactions reach top security and personal data protection levels.

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Extremely fast

When you want to play online games, you want to play them right away, and that is one reason why e-wallets are the most convenient means of trading. Credit card transactions can be just as fast in some cases, but e-wallets turn out to be much faster in many transactions.

Ease of controlling transactions

It is quite easy for someone to get carried away with online trading and not quickly realize how much money they are spending on certain services or goods. E-wallets allow you to easily and quickly log in to your account and control your spending so that you can keep control of your finances.

They are used internationally

E-wallets can be used in all countries of the world. It is as if they are somehow unifying the banking systems, bypassing restrictive laws by country, and allowing users to trade internationally. Of course, this does not apply to all countries globally, but international transactions with e-wallets are almost always done with fewer barriers than interbank transactions.

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Managing your money and online transactions should be a relatively easy process today, given the technology available. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. With e-wallets, the simplicity of the procedures is obvious and is one of the main reasons that bring them to a high position in players’ preferences.

Possibility of use from everywhere

Another advantage of e-wallets is that all you need is a phone or a computer. This presupposes that you have chosen the right e-wallet provider that provides these features safely. If so, you can quickly and easily make transactions online or directly by phone, eliminating the need to worry about transferring and using credit cards, with all the time-consuming procedures involved in using them.

Already, large retail companies have been very active and have introduced the mobile wallet in the available payment methods and make business moves based on this method of trading.

Here are some of the most well-known mobile wallet providers in the world:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • eWallet
  • Gyft
  • Chase Pay
  • Capital One Wallet
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