Vacuum Cleaner With or Without a Bag?

The traditional vacuum cleaner is one with vacuum cleaner bags. I don’t think we need to explain how this product works anymore. The dust you vacuum ends up in a bag and you can throw it away as soon as it is full. The disadvantage is that you need vacuum cleaner bags. Is your vacuum cleaner bag full and you don’t have a new one at home? Then you simply cannot vacuum check here imoosoo.

You don’t have this problem with a bagless vacuum cleaner. The bagless vacuum cleaner is made in such a way that the dust ends up in a dust container. You have to empty this dust container once in a while. You can simply put it in the trash can. A disadvantage is that this process sometimes releases some dust clouds. You will not be bothered by that with a vacuum cleaner with a bag.

There are traditional vacuum cleaners with and without a bag. Bagged vacuum cleaners have a large collection capacity and the dust bag also serves as an additional filter. As a result, the re-emission of dust is low, and a vacuum cleaner with a bag is more suitable for people with allergies. They are the classic ones which suits many people around the globe. A bagless vacuum cleaner is not inferior to the performance of a vacuum cleaner with a bag. A big advantage is that you never have to bring dust bags into your home again.

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Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Because a stick vacuum cleaner is wireless, you have a lot of freedom of movement and you can easily use it for smaller cleaning jobs. But there are also stick vacuums that can replace your classic vacuum cleaner. These models then have an above-average battery life, good suction power and several attachments.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t like vacuuming? A robot vacuum cleaner makes it easy for you. The differences between robot vacuum cleaners are big. For example, some robots are a small addition to the household and other robot vacuum cleaners keep the floor completely clean. Keep in mind that a robot vacuum never completely replaces a classic vacuum cleaner. A robot cannot vacuum the baseboards or the steps.

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Good maintenance is really necessary to enjoy your vacuum cleaner for as long as possible. This way you prevent the vacuum cleaner from becoming too full, blocked or that the motor overheats. If you take good care of your vacuum cleaner, you avoid high costs and the loyal household help will last for years. How do you do this? I will gladly tell you per type of vacuum cleaner.

Best buy vacuum cleaner, here you should pay attention

To assess which vacuum cleaner is the best, we look at the following points:

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1. The best vacuum cleaner really cleans.

This is of course the most important feature of a vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner sucks up all the dust and leaves nothing behind.

2. The best vacuum cleaner is easy to use.

Vacuuming is not immediately the favorite activity for most people, so we want the vacuum cleaner to be easy to use. The vacuum cleaner should roll nicely (without falling over) and the cable should be easy to put out and put back in again.

3. The best vacuum cleaner really sucks up dust.

Some vacuum cleaners do remove the dust from the floor, but lose some dust back into the air in the process. Eventually, that dust swirls down again and that doesn’t make your house completely spic and span. It is important that all the dust really ends up in the vacuum cleaner and not outside it.

4. The best vacuum cleaner for hard and soft floors.

Whether a vacuum cleaner suits you also depends on your home. Some vacuum cleaners perform better on hard floors, but if you also have carpet you should also look for a vacuum cleaner that also performs well on soft floors.


How often should you vacuum?

One thing you may not have thought of is that the frequency of your cleaning schedule can be affected by the ease or difficulty of storage and access to your vacuum cleaner. For those people who lose their shoes from the moment they enter, walking on floors that quickly collect fur, crumbs, and trapped dirt or sand, daily vacuuming is a standard operating procedure. In that case, a vacuum cleaner that is difficult to reach can make this simple routine a big chore. Consider a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean while you are at work or running errands so that you return to wonderfully clean floors.

What is a powerful vacuum cleaner now? It is often thought that this can only be measured in wattage, but this is incorrect. Wattage only has to do with how much power a vacuum cleaner uses. You don’t really want a vacuum cleaner with a high wattage. You want a vacuum cleaner with a lot of suction.

Why does everyone think equally of wattage in combination with suction power?

Manufacturers have long advertised hefty wattages, leading consumers to use wattage to measure the performance of vacuum cleaners. Ultimately, a law changed this. Of course, the EU does not want vacuum cleaners to use more and more electricity and has therefore introduced a law that encourages manufacturers to make powerful vacuum cleaners with a low wattage.

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What does say a lot about how powerful a vacuum cleaner is?

According to the consumer association an efficient nozzle and a closed air flow. An efficient nozzle will ensure that as little air as possible can escape between the floor and the nozzle. You also want the air in your vacuum cleaner to flow through the vacuum cleaner as efficiently as possible. Everyone knows the cover on the vacuum cleaner tube that you can put on. When it is open you immediately notice that the vacuum cleaner loses a lot of suction power. With a powerful vacuum cleaner, the air will be able to flow efficiently.