5 Reasons Why Vaping Is More Than Just a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

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Vaping is hardly a new way of smoking nowadays. It appeared some ten years ago and immediately took the world by storm as a cool new way of consuming products that can be smoked. In recent years, however, it has been a target of certain controversies as multiple studies claimed it is either as damaging to our bodies as regular smoking. Some went as far as saying that it is actually unhealthier than regular cigarettes.

Whatever the case may be, vaping is very prominent nowadays and it has millions of fans and supporters all over the world. The industry is booming and new gadgets and flavors are coming out every year. If you are looking to get in on it but are unsure of it being a healthier alternative to smoking, and if you want to know what else it brings to the table, make sure to read this article. To learn even more, visit Vaping Vibe and educate yourself future on the matter.

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1. It is less addictive

Regular cigarettes are widely infamous for being too addictive. Long-term smokers know it best as everyone decides to quit or at least limit the consumption of cigarettes eventually. Once they decide to do it, they find out that it is actually immensely hard. You are used to smoking at certain times throughout the day, which you now have to fill up with other things. Those things are usually food and drinks, leading to former smokers either becoming overweight or developing some other disorder relating to their diet.

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that all cigarettes have, some in low amounts and some in rather high quantities. When it comes to vaping, the e-liquid and oils that the e-cigarettes and vapors burn have less nicotine on average. This means that vaping is less addictive and somewhat healthier than smoking simply because it contains less of the addictive ingredients.

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2. A few hits is all it takes

With smoking, you have to finish the whole cigarette once you light it up. Else you will be throwing it away. Nobody smokes half a cigarette, but it does happen from time to time that you do not feel like finishing it. With vapors, you can only take a few inhales at a time, even a single one. You have probably seen vaping enthusiasts only taking a hit once every few minutes, three to four times. In comparison, this is less nicotine consumption that even form the lightest of cigarettes, and less frequent.

It can be argued that, in a way, this also makes vaping better than smoking as you do not have the need to smoke more than you want or need. No nicotine options also exist, as a lot of users like the practice of it but not the relation between tobacco and regular cigarettes.

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3. A plethora of flavors

The best thing about vaping liquids and vapors is the number of options on the market. A wide variety of flavors exist, giving the users fruity and dessert tastes and beautiful smells. The whole experience is much better than smoking since there is no smelly smoke that gets into the hair and clothes. A lot of smokers hate the smoke as well, meaning it is not just non-smokers who prefer not to smell like cigarettes.

With vaping, you will not experience such discomforts especially if you pick a strong flavored liquid that smells and tastes really nice. Therefore, if you no longer want to constantly go outside or sit by a window while smoking, make a switch, and get yourself a vaping set. You will hardly regret it.

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4. It is much cleaner and environmentally friendlier

If you ask an average person what they hate most about smoking, no matter if they are smokers or non-smokers, there is a great chance that they will say it is the overall unclean nature of the whole practice. First of all, we have the issue of the smell, already discussed above. However, a few other things plague smokers too. For example, bad breath is the obvious downside of smoking. Smokers also have a sort of aura that surrounds them mostly dealing with the smell, but it is easy to spot a smoker if you take a closer look at their teeth and nails that are slightly more yellow.

Lifelong smokers also have distinguishable skin and appear slightly older than they really are. Regarding the environment, with vaping, there is nothing to constantly have to get rid of. Cigarette buds smell, you have to look for a bin all the time, and nobody likes it when there is an ashtray full of them right in the center of the table. If you no longer want to deal with this on a daily basis, make the switch and start vaping.

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5. Fewer long-term effects

It is a well-known fact that smoking is bad for our entire body, every organ, and every part. Around 90% of all lung cancer deaths are a result of smoking, and over 80% of all pulmonary diseases are associated with smoking. Other health conditions not necessarily relating to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems could also be worsened with the daily consumption of cigarettes. Basically, smoking is a ticket to an early death. With vaping, there are no such tragic outcomes. Of course, consuming too much of anything is bad for you and can develop an addiction.

If you however keep it within reason, you will put yourself at the same risk as smokers. While nothing that is constantly being inhaled is good for the lungs, vaping is much less harmful and does cause cancer like smoking. It does release free radicals into the body that could be cancerous and weaken the immune system, but only if the user overindulges and consumes more than is advisable.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

In summation, to confirm the titular statement, vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking but it has a few problems of its own, mainly when done excessively. Other than that, it is cleaner, poses much fewer long-term health effects, is tastier and better smelling, less addictive, and you are free to puff however much you like. All in all, it is better and not just in a medical way and you should give it a try if you are looking to quit smoking.