8 Video Editing Tips For Creating More Engaging Videos On Social Media: How To Get Attention?

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Video editing is the critical piece of any successful video project and is an essential tool for creating engaging content on social media platforms. If you want to effectively capture and convey your message, you must have a deep understanding of how to edit videos.

From the basics of choosing a video editor and setting up a project workspace to advanced techniques such as color grading, motion graphics, and sound design—this guide covers everything in detail so that anyone can get started with basic video editing skills.

Capturing Quality Footage

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Capturing quality footage is the first step in creating an engaging video for social media. One of the most important tips for editing is to ensure that your footage is shot in high resolution, with a steady frame rate and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

This will maximize the quality of your video and make sure that it looks professional. It’s also important to consider the type of camera you’re using when shooting footage. Higher-end cameras will be able to capture more detailed images than lower-end ones, and will usually be worth the investment if you are serious about creating engaging videos on social media platforms.

Consider both external lighting sources (like natural light or lamps) along with any internal devices on your camera (such as night vision or zoom lens). To get even better results, an external microphone can provide much clearer audio than an on-camera microphone, allowing viewers to focus on what’s being said rather than having to strain their ears to hear it. These are all valuable tools that can help enhance your video’s appeal.

Editing Basics

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The first thing you will need is good and reliable software. There are many programs that offer different features, so make sure you choose the one that will be easy to work with. If you still don’t have one in mind. Editing may seem intimidating, but understanding the basics can get you a long way in terms of creating engaging content.

Even basic editing techniques can help to produce more effective videos by manipulating timing, sound, and graphics. Here are some useful tips to consider:

Trim dead space:

Extra seconds of black or aimless wandering can be trimmed away to produce a more concise and engaging video.

Utilize different speeds and transitions:

Play around with your video’s speed by increasing or slowing down the footage at key points in order to create dramatic emphasis or comedic effect. Transitioning between clips and scenes helps create a smooth flow while grabbing viewers’ attention and conveying motion. When creating captivating videos for social media platforms, utilizing professionally crafted and attention-grabbing intro templates for YouTube can significantly enhance your content’s appeal.

Stabilize shaky footage:

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If there is any shakiness in your footage, stabilization will ensure smoother movement within the frame, resulting in a better-looking final product. Many video editing programs contain built-in tools for stabilizing images taken from hand-held devices, like GoPros or iPhones.

Adding text/graphics/sound effects:

In order to attract viewers and keep them interested, you may want to consider incorporating additional sound effects and graphics into your work. Text overlays are an effective way of displaying information without taking away from the overall aesthetics of the video; however, using this element sparingly as an overload of text can quickly take away from its impact due to the sheer volume of content being presented on screen simultaneously.

Advanced Editing Tips

For users who are comfortable with their editing software, experimenting with a range of advanced techniques can help produce more engaging, high-quality videos. Here are a few tips to consider when creating social media promos:

1. Adding Motion Graphics:

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Motion graphics add dynamism to your content and provide visual interest in the form of titles and captions. Consider creating motion graphics tailored specifically for each platform.

2. Color Grading:

Color grading adjusts the hues and intensity of colors in each scene of your video. Experimenting with color can help bring more life and engagement to your content.

3. VFX (Visual Effects):

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VFX is used to create – or amplify – a certain aesthetic for a certain tone or mood. Visual effects can make the viewer feel more part of the experience by adding realistic elements that draw attention like 3D animated objects for added realism or futuristic holographic elements for a sci-fi feel.

4. Animating Objects & Characters:

Animations can be used to transform otherwise static textures into something dynamic. Animations like transitions, morphing textures, character motion, and camera movements all make videos more engaging while providing them with an extra element of fluidity and professionalism.

5. AI Image Recognition & Content Analysis:

Image recognition algorithms make it easier than ever before to find interesting images within your drone footage or film clips in order to create visually stimulating cutaways within your video that propel viewers further down the footage excitement curve (FEC).

Similarly, content analysis algorithms can be utilized too; they use machine learning models that detect scene changes in the footage or audio anomalies (like background music) in audio files and automatically identify them within complex media archives so you quickly home in on relevant moments without manually scrolling through numerous clips or recordings yourself.

Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Creating engaging videos for social media can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and techniques, you can create content that gets your audience talking.

6. Grab people’s attention:

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If a viewer doesn’t engage with your video within the first few seconds, they are likely to pass it by. To keep their attention, make sure your opening frames contain something visually stimulating that piques their interest and encourages them to watch further.

7. Keep it short and sweet:

Best practice is to keep content under one minute in length as viewers tend to lose interest after this point. If you need to include more lengthy material, try breaking up longer videos into individual clips focusing on key points or topics which viewers can watch at their own pace or when they have time available.

8. Take advantage of captions:

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Captions not only offer an alternative way for viewers who are hard of hearing to consume your material but also help draw more attention from viewers scrolling through news feeds where sound isn’t always on at all times making captivating captions essential!


Creating engaging videos on social media is an important task for any content creator. By following the video editing tips outlined in this article, you will be able to take your video editing skills to the next level and create more captivating videos that can help boost engagement with your audience.

From choosing the right software and equipment to understanding how colors and transitions work together, these tips should provide a good starting point when it comes time to edit your next project.