Visit Kashmir This Summer To Enjoy Unbeatable Adventures And Wonderful Climate

Do you want to visit the best tourist destination this summer? Want to enjoy the land of snow? Without a doubt, Kashmir is the right destination and popularly called as “Heaven On Earth ”! Here, you can explore the beauty of nature, snow-filled mountains, stunning sunrise and sunset sights, and more by choosing the tour packages from! If you are adventure hunters and scenery lovers, Kashmir is the right place to explore. As we all are busy with our daily schedule and need a break for sure, right?

If you are bored with the regular parties, weekend shopping, and functions, it is time to land into the snow- Kashmir! Enjoying panoramic views of snow-filled mountains could be a treat for your eyes! When you land into the land of snow, you will begin to behave like a kid and start playing with snow. Kashmir is one of the lovely tourist attractions and you can get pleasure from mesmerizing vision of mountains, green meadows, and more.

Kashmir is full of hefty mountains, blooming flowers, snow filled mountains, and more. You can do some adventures here and make it memorable! Kashmir is loved by everyone regardless of age and gender.t. Keep reading the article and you will be surprised with the adventure activities to do and places to explore in Kashmir!

Gain Memorable Experience By Doing Some Adventure Things In Kashmir!

Some places make us travel again and again, right? Kashmir is one among them and its attractiveness allures everyone. If you wish to make your visit memorable and terrific, just tripping and staying is not enough! Here are some terrific things to do in Kashmir!

  • Shikara ride:

Source: Holidify

When you are ready to dive into the adventure of a Shikara ride, your boatman will take you to the next end of the river to admire the scenery of mountains. You are enjoying the beauty of the lake and mountains together. Riding on a lake gives you memorable experiences as you are far away from hurried buried cities and pollution. No one hates to admire the gorgeousness of water and imagine that you are riding on a lake to view the mountains at a certain distance. You will never hear pom pom sounds from vehicles and smoke. Just the sound of water will make you calm and sit comfortably to admire the mountains’ prettiness! A shikara ride is open all days of the week from 6am – 5pm and you have to get a token to ride on a boat by paying 150 or 250 per head!

  • Houseboat stay:

Source: KeralaEscapes

And your visit is not yet complete unless you forget to stay in a luxury houseboat. Houseboat stay is the best option for newly married couples where you can enjoy togetherness and spend your time to know more about each other! It doesn’t matter whether you are a honeymoon couples or families, you will find comfort stay here. The houseboats are marked with bed, Wi-Fi facility, and more! You will be provided with delicious meals that you want to taste.

  • Gondola-Cable car ride:

Source: Times of India

You can enjoy majestic views of Kashmir by riding cable cars in Gondola! A cable car ride is for all ages and you can experience a breathtaking view of the state by riding at an altitude of 14000 ft! A Gondola cable car ride is the best option when you are visiting the destination in the summer months and so you will be able to get a majestic view of Kashmir! It is open all days of the week from 10am-5pm. Cost can vary regarding the phases you are choosing!

  • Pony mode of transport:

Source: Tour My India

In Kashmir, many people are using Pony to travel from one place to another place! As a tourist, you can take a short distance pony ride is one of the preeminent ventures to do in Kashmir. When you decide to take a camel ride, you will come to know the actual standard of living of Kashmiris! Exciting activity lovers can also enjoy trekking, mountain bike riding, paragliding, skiing, and more!

  • Tulip garden:

Source: Times of India

No one loves to admire the prettiness of flowers and your trip could not be completed when you forget to visit Tulip garden! Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden has different varieties and colors of Tulip flower that could be a treat for all your eyes. There are different species available that cannot be seen anywhere! In the month of April, Kashmir people enjoyed the Tulip festival where tourists can allure the blooming tulip flowers!

  • River rafting:

Source: Tour My India

It is no doubt; river rafting is the best exciting activity for adventure hunters. River rafting in Kashmir is not complex since experienced rafters will help you to ride on a river. River rafting is one of the most celebrated activities in Kashmir. However, you should follow the instructions given by the rafters! River rafting can be divided into short, medium, and long! Based on your preferences, you can choose the desired river rafting distance and cherish it for the rest of your life!

  • Shopping:

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Whatever a vacation trip might be, your visit could not be completed without shopping! You can explore different handcrafted items, antique pieces, and more! Tourists love to buy handloom scarves, carpets, textiles, sarees, kurtis, and more. Along with that, flowers, fruits, and vegetables can also be sold at the market and you can buy the desired things that you want to buy. Everything can be purchased at the best competitive prices!