7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Klein Curacao At Least Once

The Caribbean islands represent some of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. For people who prefer exotic places, crystal clear water, and beautiful beaches, this is a perfect choice. Among various parts of this archipelago, we have to mention Curacao. The main advantage of Klein Curacao is that it is a much more peaceful place when compared to other nearby islands.

It is near the main island of Curacao, and you can have an incredible experience away from modern technologies and the crowd. You can visit curacao-trips.com to read more about available offers to travel here. Also, we are going to introduce you to the main reasons to visit this place at least once in your life.

1. Underwater Life

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This place is not perfect only for people who prefer laying on the beach all day. There are many interesting species underwater, which makes this island perfect for those interested in diving and snorkeling. There are numerous species of fishes and sea turtles, as the most attractive animals. Therefore, a great solution might be to bring an underwater camera and proper diving equipment.

2. Attractive Nature

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Besides the water world and beaches, we have to mention the great opportunity to enjoy hiking tours inside the Klein Curacao. there are many interesting places to explore, which makes this place even more attractive since you can combine various activities. Therefore, it is not a typical exotic destination where you will only enjoy while laying on the beach.

Furthermore, we have to mention various animals that you can spot here, such as iguanas, flamingos, and pigs. You shouldn’t be surprised if you notice an iguana running around the beach or get near your apartment. However, you should know that they are not dangerous for people.

Also, the landscapes are amazing since there is a great combination of infrastructure that fits perfectly with the nature around it. There are unique buildings all around the place, which is a great opportunity for photographers to create amazing sets.

Moreover, we have to mention the old shipwrecks, which represents another attraction. This island might get hard to notice, especially before people started using advanced systems on boats. Therefore, you can find many old skips sunken on the beach, and some of them even belongs to pirates who were ruling the seas around Caribbean during middle ages.

3. Food

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The whole archipelago is known for its incredible cuisine full of exotic spices. Both luxurious restaurants and street food chains will offer you interesting combinations of domestic and popular recipes. The only downside is the fact that there is a lack of offer for vegans. Aside from that, there are many bars and restaurants on every corner.

4. Amazing Beaches

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This is one of the main attractions of this place. Klein Curacao is known as an island with some of the most incredible seashores in the world. Each of these beaches offers something unique, and they share the same features, which is soft white sand that is comfortable in that matter that you won’t need any footwear around the place. In combination with the fact that it is less inhabited when compared with nearby islands, it can be an excellent choice for your dream vacation. A lot of people choose it for their special events like weddings, honeymoon, retirement, and more.

5. Welcoming People

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When it comes to local people, you can expect positive vibes since they love tourists. Also, they are always interested in helping you with anything you need, like giving you directions, suggesting food, interesting places, activities, and more. Besides that, it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. It is not such a surprise since their economy relies on tourism, and they are constantly trying to improve their efforts to attract more tourists to visit Klein Curacao.

6. Various Activities

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If you get bored while laying on the beach throughout the whole day, there are many other activities available all the time. It might seem like a peaceful place, but you can find many local festivals, unique day and night parties, and many other interesting events. it is great for couples, people with families, or friends since there are different things available for each of these groups. You can check online to learn more about the dates of popular festivals and other events.

7. Excellent Weather Condition

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Another advantage of Klein Curacao is its weather conditions. The only period where you might want to avoid traveling there is between October and March, during the rainy season. That means that now is the perfect time for booking a trip there. the average temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius almost all the time during the year. Even during the rainy season, you can enjoy it here since excessive rain is rare. Therefore, you can choose this place as a perfect plan for Christmas and New Years’ vacation.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many interesting things related to this amazing place. It is especially good for people looking to get away from modern structures and technologies. Moreover, there are many tours available from other islands, which means that you can stay here for a couple of days and continue visiting other attractions around the Caribbean. Everything that you can find here is unique, people are friendly, food is delicious, especially if you prefer spices from this part of the world. Also, you can try some great beverages as well, along with alcohol like rum.

On the other hand, it is important to choose a reliable agency when you are planning to travel there. The best choice is some well-known service where you can pay in advance for some additional activities like diving lessons, boat rides, renting equipment, and more. The main reason is that you can save a lot of money by paying in advance. On the other side, you should not be afraid so much that locals will try to scam you since it is known that most of them are friendly and always interested in assisting tourists with help. It is advised to always give them a small tip for their services.