Online Application Process for VOG Certificate of Good Conduct


If you need to relocate to another country, you need many documents like VOG. It helps in confirming that the person has not committed any crime. It is a certificate of good conduct, and you should have it when you require a new job in another country. This document tells that the person was never involved in any crime, and hence, it will not affect his new position. In many countries, it is necessary to have this certificate before starting a career.

When you apply for this certificate, the investigation will start with the Secretary of the State. The authorities will check all the previous records of that person. After the entire investigation of your profile, you must wait for a few days to receive the document. You can get the piece of paper within two to four weeks. You can apply for the VOG through Vognodig. In the following write-up, we will discuss how one can apply online for the VOG Certificate of Good Conduct.

Importance of the VOG Document


Many people who want to relocate to a new country must have this document. There is one crucial reason that one needs it, i.e., confirming the person was not involved in any crime. It helps in proving that the person is not an offender. It is easy to get the job because the company owner will believe that you are capable enough to do any job perfectly. In this way, one can take care of his reputation.

Documents Necessary for VOG Application

Whenever you have to apply online to get a VOG, you have to submit all other documents that are necessary to prove your identity, such as your passport, driving license, etc. You must fill the entire application form and submit all the ID certificates. The form is available in different languages to make it easy for everyone who is applying for it.

Other Necessary Things That You Should Know


A candidate must know other information before proceeding to get this document. You must be aware of small details before you submit the form.

1. Emigration

If you need to do a job in a new country, you must have all the essential documents with VOG. You have to show them to the embassy before you emigrate to a new place. It will help you know the authorities that you have not done anything or are involved in any crime. Hence, it will not affect your performance, and you can do the job without any hesitation. You will be legally allowed to work in a new country.

2. Possibility of Rejection

There are chances that your application can get rejected online. You will get a notification or email in which the reason for the rejection will be well-explained. You have to send additional information to clarify the case in a better way. Many applications get rejected every year, and hence, people retry to approve their applications. In case of rejection, you can also apply again and wait for another month.

Things That One Should Remember

  • You can get a VOG document only when you do not have any criminal record. If you have ever been involved in any crime, it is hard to get a certificate of good conduct. Even if you retry, the investigation will prove that you were once involved in any crime.
  • You will get a notification whenever the VOG document gets issued. Your job employer cannot access any of your criminal records as they can check the document only when you submit it to them.
  • If you need the VOG certificate for a specific internship program or job, then you cannot get it. But you can apply for a different option.
  • You must apply for this document in the corresponding municipality in which you live. You can get the certificate from the place that belongs to you.
  • The VOG document is available in only Dutch. If you need the certificate in another language, you need the official stamp and signature of the translator. It is necessary to attach the translated document with VOG in the Dutch version. It happens in the Netherlands, but every country has different regulations, and you have to follow them.

Can You Own the VOG Certificate for Free?

In many cases, you have to pay some amount to fill the form. But you can get it for free if your current job status is with minors or you work as a volunteer. The organization must meet certain conditions before you apply it online.

Types of Versions


Two types of versions are available in VOG, i.e., for natural as well as legal persons. As an individual, you require a certificate for the natural persons. It is easy to apply for the document for both versions online.

If you want to have a VOG for legal persons, then it means that you need to show integrity to companies. You must represent a few things to the authorities like an association, liability, general partnership, and a private company along with less liability.

Final Thoughts

Some people think that it is challenging to apply for the VOG certificate online. But it is an easy task, and anyone can do it without any hassle. The document helps in confirming that you were not involved in any illegal or criminal activity. It is necessary to apply if you want to work abroad.

Every organization asks for this certificate and ensures that you are a reliable candidate to work with them. You need to have some other documents that prove the person’s identity. The application process is relatively easy, and it is a must to follow all the guidelines before you fill the form.

It is necessary to go through all the terms and understand the importance of this certificate. Anyone without this certificate is not allowed to work at any place. Every country has a different set of rules, and you must follow them to get a permit to do a job in another location across the globe.