Web Design Fundamentals & Few Principles To Get You Started

Web design represents a crucial part of the process that is web development. Good & proper website design is a fundamental part of modern websites, and the final product couldn’t get finished without web design.

Most people, who are into web design, are similar to an artist. It is said that a small artist lives inside every designer.

In 2024, this profession represents one of the most entertaining and successful jobs out there.

So, let’s learn a bit more about web design, and find out which principles to follow.

Web Design Fundamentals

Hmm, how to start?

Let’s make a little comparison.

Creating a masterpiece of art is hard. It is reserved for most gifted artists. Leonardo Da Vinci, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, are just a few most famous artists the world has ever seen.

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Web designers are a modern version of those artists. Of course, they are not that famous, but you get the point.

Designing a website can be a great challenge. Sometimes it is so difficult that it seems that failure is inevitable. That is where your web design fundamentals kick in.

In the vast ocean of websites, there is only a small drop of water, that represents a masterpiece of design for a website. Most of them are not that good, to be honest.

So, that is why you should first learn these few web design fundamentals before you continue.

Before Breaking The Rules, Learn Them

In design, there are few rules that everybody should follow. Those rules are applied all the time, especially when working with different elements. Order, symmetry, grid-based layouts, which you can find out more about here, are just some of those elements that every web designer applies.

Icons, Images & Graphics Are a Must

Visual representations of your services, products, or anything that your website and company are offering are crucial in modern web design. They allow users on your website to faster get an idea of what you are offering.

Proper design of those visual elements is very important as they allow your users to easily go through your services and products.

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Font & Colors as Design Elements are Important

Don’t use colors and fonts only as a decoration for your website. They are supposed to represent much more in your website design. Fonts and colors on your websites represent your brand and logo.

They are even more important in 2024, as device screens are getting better every second, and searches are conducted more and more on mobile phones.

Now that we covered a few fundamentals of web design, and what you should do, let’s write a few words about web design principles, and which ones you should use.

Web Design Principles That Are Most Important

Easy Navigation on Your Website

Easy navigation through your website is one of the most important principles there is. Web design will not matter if the navigation of your website is awful.

User will just leave your website if he/she can not find, in the first few seconds, what they are looking for.

This principle must be constantly in your mind when creating a new website.

90% of people use the Internet regularly. It means that a proper and easy navigation principle is the most important principle in modern web design.

Inkyy Web Design Studio – Blog Page

Responsive Design

If you browse the Internet and try to find out how many searches are done by mobile devices, you will get surprised. Almost 65% of all searches are done by mobile devices. This gets us to the second principle in modern web design. Responsive design.

This principle ensures that your website will be shown properly and as it was intended on all devices.

Desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets. It doesn’t matter. Responsive design will make sure that the user has an excellent experience while visiting your website, no matter on which device.

We can write much more about this topic, but there are so many good blogs that are written by web design professionals that you can visit and learn a ton of information. We will mention our favorite.

Inkyy Web Design Studio is composed of professionals that will make your online part of your business grow and become its best version. Their blog is one of the most-read blog pages about website design, and you can find out more about it here. The amount of information that they offer is just insane. If you are a proven, experienced designer, or a newcomer, on Inkyy’s Blog Page you will find everything you need.

Visual Hierarchy

The last principle that we want to mention, because there are more, but wanted to keep this article short, as we are writing for new and aspiring web designers, is visual hierarchy. Inkyy wrote a great article a few weeks ago about this topic, so we will not go too much in-depth about visual hierarchy, as we trust that you will visit their blog page for more information.

Visual hierarchy is one of the top three principles that every new web designer must take into consideration.

It is used to describe the arranging process of elements on a web page. It allows the designer to put elements and content on the web page by their importance. Its purpose is to make the user turn their focus to the part of your page that you intended.

Implemented properly, the visual hierarchy can guide users to desired actions and make their eyes pay attention to the elements that we find more important on our web page.

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Conclusion – Try Web Design, You Won’t Regret it!

I hope that you enjoyed this article, and that it will help you make up your mind, and that you will dive into web designing.

It is a large world, almost a universe of opportunity for everybody. Follow these few fundamentals, laws, principles, and you will make it.

Web design is a modern art piece.

Become an artist!