7 Innovative Web Design Trends for 2024

Almost everyone is online these days, and we spend more than 5 hours browsing the internet. That means that we open different websites, read articles, or just browse products we might order later. To attract customers and to get more click on your website, you need to pay attention to the design of your page and follow the latest trends.

Every year there are different trends and new things that are interesting and innovative. This does not mean that you should drastically change your page every time something new shows up, but you should try and incorporate at least some of the things to make viewers more interested in what you have to offer. Here we are going to talk about this year’s web design trends and we’ll tell you what you need to follow and why.

1. Responsiveness

Source: Table 31

This is a never-ending trend, but web designers are finally realizing that the thing users appreciate the most is responsiveness and speed. No matter how good your website looks, if it takes more than 5 seconds to fully load, then you are going to lose clicks, potential customers, and people who like to see your offers. Websites such as silvawebdesigns.com could resolve these issues.

The most important thing when creating a new site is to pay attention to how many plug-ins you put so you don’t slow the site down. We think that the more flashy things and widgets we have, the better, but the reality is, you don’t need to put a Twitter feed or a Weather widget on the side. It will slow the whole thing down, and even if they don’t, no one clicks on widgets anymore.

2. Colors

Source: Mac’s Spring Web Design Guide

The experts from project-local.com.au tell us that the colors are something that will make or break the whole look of the site. If you spend all the time designing the website and if you make the perfect theme with the wrong colors, it is like you’ve done nothing. Because of that, start with the colors and work your way from that. Experts recommend that you should not use more than 3 colors and if you should focus on greens and blues.

There are a lot of apps and free programs that can tell you which colors work well together, and you can create your own palate. Follow the palate for both the brand colors and the site colors. That way you will have a nice flow between the company, products, and what people see when you open your site.

3. Menu

Source: WITS ZEN

If you want to have returning customers, then you need to make the navigation easy. You can attract a lot of first-time customers, but if your whole page is complicated and hard to understand, then they won’t come back a second time.

The menu is crucial when you are creating the site, and in 2024, designers are focusing on this minor thing that makes a whole lot of difference. Make it easy to understand, short and visible. People don’t want to bother looking for the menu or the search bar. It is usually located on the left upper corner, but you can put it anywhere on the site, as long as it is visible right away. Dropdown menus are the most popular, and make sure you have separate categories within it.

4. Visual

Source: Tech Flix

There is one unwritten rule – the article is as good as the headline. Statistics say that if the headline is catchy, people will click on the link and open your site. About 60% of the people read the first 3 sentences, and less than 10% read the whole thing. The same goes for the image. You need to focus on the visual part less than the words you are putting there. Even though what you have written will bring you a returning audience, if you don’t find a way to attract them, they will not view your website at all.

When people open your page, they need to get interested in what you have there. We are all visual creatures, and if we don’t like what we see, we move on. WebpageScientist suggests that the trends have changed drastically, so when you create a new website, you need to understand the whole process and how to do it without spending days and weeks working on one task only.

5. Minimalism

Source: Mac’s Spring Web Design Guide

Nowadays, most designers focus on making sites as minimal as possible. That is the latest trend and there is a huge reason why people love that! When there are too many elements, you can get lost in the whole message of the website and you won’t be able to find everything you are looking for.

To make sure you reach your goal, you should use only the headlines of the articles, plus one picture, or just use images with some basic information about your products. When users click on the headline they will be redirected to the whole article or the product information. Less is more, and you should always remember that.

6. Oversized Elements

Source: Website Design

If you want to make a statement and if you want your site to look different than every other site, you can find, then you should try to incorporate oversized elements in your design. This does not mean that the whole website should have huge letters and images, but you can tactfully use larger fonts or images to make a point and to reach your goal.

Experts suggest that you can use this feature when you have a special offer, a promotion, or when there is an article that you want to be the focal point that day. You can combine colors and shapes, and create interesting headlines that will draw all the attention. Be careful not to overuse this feature.

7. 3D Elements

Source: www.topicstalk

What is the best way to show the new decade? Well, 3D elements! Nowadays these features are really trendy and they look really good as well! Forget about flat elements that cannot show the real image of your brand, with the 3D features, you can make a statement.

Even though they should not be used all over the place, you should put them somewhere on the site, where they will catch the attention of the reader. Combined with the empty spaces, they give an in-depth look of the whole thing and they make the whole website look a lot better. The most important thing is that they are not too flashy and they won’t bother the readers.

Dynamic illustrations, dark mode, and unique fonts are trendy this year, so make sure you are up to date with what the readers want. The best way to find out what your readers are interested in is to just ask them. Create a poll, contact them, and be open to changes and suggestions. This does not mean that you should incorporate everything the viewers want, but you have to actively listen and check to see if they have any concerns.