What car brand matches your personality?

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You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘The first impression is the most important’ a thousand times. And yes, very often, the way we dress, the type of cell phone we have, even the type of glasses we wear, speak a lot about us.  Not only do they create a different impression on others – but they also tell a lot about our personalities, too.

But what about our cars? Have you ever asked yourself if our cars also tell something about us to others, about what kind of person we are? And by that, we don’t mean just a color,  or size,  or shape of a car. The car brand that we choose is also linked to your character. You could be surprised by the fact that many relevant psychological studies demonstrated that people actually pick their vehicles depending on their preferences, and, of course, according to their personality. Similar to how pets resemble their owners, by analogy, they tend to resemble their cars.

The role of the ego is also very important. Our ego must be satisfied with the type of our four-wheel friend and its performance. When you’re buying a vehicle, you’re looking for the one that fits all three dimensions of your ‘self-concept’, which is: who you think you are, who you wish to be, and the way you’d wish to be seen by others.

Those three dimensions combined together direct you toward choosing one brand or another – whether it means buying a Volvo to prove you’re a responsible person or a Porsche to simply impress everyone. And, well, in case we think our present car doesn’t reflect our personality, we can always check out all those selling platforms such as chobrod.com, especially if you live in Thailand and find something that looks just like us. Gold? Shiny red? Scary dark? The choice is ours.

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Here’s the analysis of the following eight brands to demonstrate what type of people own those vehicles – and perhaps you’ll recognize yourself among one of them.


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Owning popular German cars like the BMW or the Audi usually makes a great first impression. The state of the art engineering and innovative design definitely help German cars to stand out from the crowd. The BMW owners, according to their personalities are pleasant, nice persons, feeling young and strong. They don’t miss a chance to praise their cars on every occasion.

They are careful and respectful drivers, but at the same time, they enjoy the speed which raises their adrenaline. They can’t stand to see a single scratch on their vehicles and they’re generally quite proud of their four-vehicle acquisition, which could then attract animosity from others.


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When someone says ‘German vehicle’, the first association is ‘Audi’. Indeed, according to many car connoisseurs, this is the unmatched auto not only among German cars but in general.

The ones who drive Audi are rather impulsive, extreme enthusiasts and care about their machine more than about anything else. They enjoy driving and appear to always be in a hurry, but also adore commodities and want to have as many options and perks in their vehicles as possible. Similar to the BMW owners, they also ‘get sick’ when they see the tiniest scratch on their motor pets.


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The third popular German car brand is mostly preferred among friendly people who like comfort and a certain level of luxury.

Mercedes owners aren’t really the best drivers on the road and are often undecided though. They like to chat but also to keep the necessary distance from the others around them at the same time. And well, such mindful drivers definitely don’t like confrontations.


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This famous German brand belongs to those who depict quite sociable people who are more than aware of their value and who feel accomplished in general. They enjoy driving their vehicle for which they’re emotionally tied and thus are reluctant when it comes to borrowing it to someone else.

They are usually excellent drivers, careful, and love traffic orders. But also, they like to give promises without keeping them and in general, like to glorify their car and their life as well – just in case.


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Those lucky individuals who possess one of these famous cars are people who are generally reserved. Sure, they’re proud of their automobiles, but they definitely prefer to keep their feelings for themselves. Careful, respectful drivers who like to avoid trouble in traffic always stick to Opel as their fave. When in their vehicles, they feel more relaxed than ever and free of any worries. These are ambitious persons that tend to dream big.


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According to some studies, people who own this ancient US car brand are perceived as direct but gentle and friendly.

The research also revealed that most Ford drivers work in construction or property, or simply belong to the Gen X’ers or Baby Boomers. They’re the type of Do-It-Yourself people and they usually describe themselves as trustworthy, competent, and hardworking, but also quick-tempered.


Image source: unsplash.com

Definitely the most famous and most lovable Japanese car brand. First things that probably come to your mind when someone mentions Japanese vehicles are: reliability, quality, and style. And Toyota is all that. Its owners know it and they’re simply proud of that fact.

The ones who worship Toyota are the ones who know how to leave worries behind.  Fun fact – many fans of these cars like to sing to themselves when they’re taking a ride alone. They also believe that getting noticed is a good thing, which is why they love to brag about their cars all the time. A great thing about these people is an amazing control when necessary and the fact that they’re eco-sensitive and financially responsible.


Image source: unsplash.com

Bigger isn’t always better – but the proud owners of these motor beasts would strongly disagree. When it comes to these giant vehicles, there are four groups that are buying it: Thinkers, Achievers, Innovators, and Experiencers.

These people want to be distinctive and they aren’t afraid to demonstrate it on every occasion. What’s impressive is their reliability, but also their conservatism. On the road, safety is their highest priority, but many of them also have that ‘me-first, my family-first’ attitude.

The purpose of these scientifically proven cases was to demonstrate that a choice in a car brand is a direct reflection of someone’s personality and that having one or another brand or type is a way to express one’s personality. Are we determined by what we drive? Well, you can say from what we’ve just read – a few things in life determine our character better than our four-wheelers.