What is the Best Wig Shampoo?

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We all want shiny and smooth hair all the time. The first condition to accomplish that is to use an appropriate shampoo for your hair type, use a hair mask every time you wash it, and avoid using heating hairstyling gadgets, that can make your hair look dry and loose. Everyone wants to have beautiful hair, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, some people can’t have it because of so many reasons, like genetic alopecia or losing hair because of medical treatments, especially chemo in cases of cancer.

These people often wear wigs, but also, there are those who choose to wear a wig because of aesthetic reasons. It may seem very practical – you have a scoop of hair that you need to brush before you put it on your head, and there you go – a great hairstyle with not much effort. But, the truth is very different. Some wigs are made of natural hair, and others are made of synthetic hair. No matter what type you own, you need to brush and wash it regularly, so it can last longer, without having to replace it after a year or two. Many of you may have a question about how to properly take care of the wigs and is the ordinary shampoo enough to make it shiny and voluminous for a longer period.

In this article, we won’t mention any particular brand, but we will try to help you find the best product for you.

Also, you may have more questions about this, so we will try to answer most of them:

Can regular shampoo be used to wash a wig?

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Not really. Regular hair products are made to remove the oils from your scalp, but as you know, when you wear your bundle, it doesn’t really get oily, so you don’t need to scrub it with your regular products. Sometimes they may cause thinning, making the hairs look dry and damaged. So, the answer is that you really need specialized shampoo so you can wash it.

How do I need to wash my wig?

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The worst idea you may get is to put it on your head and take a shower. You should never do that. The best way is to take it off your head, brush it while on the stand and then dunk it into a soapy cool water. You don’t need to scrub, it’s enough to keep it like that for a half an hour, and then blow dry it.

Which product to choose?

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Many popular brands offer options for cases like this, and you can find pretty good products. But, also you can check unice.com and learn more about the possible ways to keep your wig dry and clean with special products. It’s important to remember to use a sulfate-free shampoo, that also provides hydrating and moisturizing. Choose it following the type of your hair extension. You can find hair products for synthetic wigs and also, for the natural ones. Also, you need to pay attention if your wig is colored or it’s natural color because you will need to use milder products if it’s dyed.

Is there any other product that may replace the shampoo?

It’s always the best to use the appropriate products to wash your wig, but sometimes, you can also use 1/2 cup of baking soda, poured into water. Wait until it mixes well with the water and put the wig into it. This method will remove any odors from the hair. Then you can proceed washing it with a proper product.

Can I use wig shampoo on my hair?

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We strongly recommend you to avoid that. Most of these formulas are made for synthetic hairs, and you should never pour it on your natural hair, even if you didn’t buy a regular shampoo on time. These products contain special ingredients that may cause huge damage to your skin and hair, that even the best hairstylist wouldn’t be able to fix it.

Why people wear wigs?

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Most of them choose this way of improving their physical appearance when they are not satisfied with the natural look of their hair. Sometimes, even the best hairstylist can’t make the situation better, especially when the hair is naturally dry and damaged. People who suffer hair loss also choose wigs so they can increase their self-confidence during the time of treating the problem. Also, there are those who just want to look different on different occasions, so they own a few models. No matter what your reason is, you need to take proper care of it, so you can keep it healthy and shiny for a few years. Another thing you need to be aware of is that you may need to replace it after a few years because those hairs are not part of body processes, that include natural renewing, so they are not affected by the scalp oils, that we know are important for the natural moisturizing of the hair.

Can I clean it using only water?

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This is not a good idea, since your wig can keep a lot of dirt and bacteria on the hairs. You must wash it regularly using some products as we describe it above. It’s important to keep It clean because it can easily be turned to a nice place for bacteria, mold, and microbes, that can be transferred to your head and face, causing huge damage to your skin. Even though it seems like a nice idea, you always should use a special shampoo to keep your synthetic hair clean, and also smooth and delicate at the same time.

People can choose to wear “fake” hair because of so many reasons, and we should never judge them about that. Everyone is choosing how they want to appear. The hair is a matter of choice, just like clothes, make-up, shoes, and accessories. Many people have health issues that are causing hair loss or damaging their natural hairs, so their only choice is to invest in a wig. The most important thing about that is keeping it clean by washing in water and shampoo solution every few days, just like the normal hair care routine.