Hemp 101: What Is Hemp and What Is It Used For?

Hemp is a part of the Cannabis plant family. If we put it, marijuana and hemp are closely related. However, they are different in their uses, side effects, and nature. Marijuana has a high concentration of THC and causes intoxication, while hemp does not cause a ‘high’ because it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Cannabinoid (CBD) produced from hemp plants is the most popular and widely used non-intoxicating cannabinoid on the market today. CBD has many therapeutic benefits, and it works as an anxiety reliever as well as a painkiller.

Even though hemp is famous as the number one source of CBD, that’s not the only thing hemp is used for. It has many uses that go unnoticed, and it is mainly used for the production of a variety of industrial and commercial products. With hemp’s long history and vast uses, this cannabis industry is on fire. So if you want to make money from cannabis, read this article.

Now, let’s dig in and explore different ways hemp comes in handy.

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Hemp and Its Uses:

Hemp plants are very versatile; humans have used them since forever. Some of the primary uses of hemp are:

1. Plastic

Hemp can be used as a viable alternative to plastic. Hemp-based plastics can be categorized as bioplastic. It is a biodegradable, non-toxic, and renewable source that is proving to be an innovative solution to the world’s plastic problem. However, this method of producing plastic is not yet common and globally accepted. Experts have made bottles, instruments, and even cars out of hemp plants.

2. Food

A massive portion of hemp is distributed to the food industry. You can buy hemp seeds and use them for your healthy recipes as they have a rich nutritional profile. Other common hemp food products are milk and hemp protein. Who would have guessed a member of the cannabis family would be this nutritious!

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3. Fiber

Hemp was used to producing clothes before the cotton industry got successful. The reason why hemp is still used by textile and clothing industries is because of its fibrous stalk. The fiber produced is excellent for weaving into cloth. If you check out the beautiful designs by the textiles, then no other fabric competes with it.

Hemp is a safer plant to grow than cotton and hemp clothes get softer after every wash. People with sensitive skin must prefer hemp fiber to prevent allergies and other fabric reactions. But, after the cultivation of hemp became illegal, cotton took over. However, some people now know the benefits of hemp and prefer hemp clothing over cotton clothing.

4. Paper

Hemp paper is not uncommon, and it has been used for hundreds of years. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese used hemp paper. It is rumored that the first hemp paper was created by China and has been around since.

The hemp plant has two major parts, the hurd, and the pulp. The paper can be made from either of them. But because hurd is long fiber and has more strength, it is preferred to produce papers. One acre can produce around the same amount of papers that are produced by 4-10 acres of trees and hence makes it much more environmentally friendly.

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5. Shoes

Many people do not know that hemp fiber is used to make durable and comfortable shoes. We think that leather is a perfect material if it comes to long-lasting shoes, but it is made up of animal skin. It is not a good idea to kill animals and manufacture shoes. Instead, many shoe designers adopted hemp and created a fantastic piece of footwear.

It is quite better than using synthetic materials like plastics, rubber, polymers, etc. On the other hand, hemp is cultivated, and there is no need to kill any animal. Many centuries, the use of hemp is manufacturing shoes were common, and people across the globe also prefer to use durable and long-lasting material.

6. Ropes

Hemp fiber has good strength, and therefore, it is used to manufacture ropes. Anciently, the use of this material was common and was considered as an essential commodity. Other natural materials are used for making ropes like jute, coconut, etc., but nothing goes well like hemp. If anyone wants to make an incredible art piece, then they must prefer coils. If you want durable and sturdy ropes, then you must prefer the ones that are made up of hemp.

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7. Fuel

Hemp has made things possible by creating a biofuel, which is environment-friendly. The fibrous stalks of the ingredient are used to create the fuel. It is in the form of cellulosic ethanol. It is the best alternative to exhaustible resources.

8. Soil Cleaner

The hemp plant can grow in harsh conditions and can easily extract all the impurities of the soil. According to the research, it can pull out nickel, lead, and cadmium that helps in purifying the earth. A person who needs to clean the soil must grow plants at Chernobyl. It is better not to involve any dangerous practices like deforestation. If you want to clean the space for agriculture and crops, then using the hemp plant is quite preferable.

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9. Oil

There are many medical benefits of CBD oil, and it can be extracted from the hemp plant. It helps in treating many problems like pain, inflammation, vomiting, acne, etc. The supplements are available in medical stores in different forms like capsule, gummy bears, tincture, etc. The oil is legally used in many countries for treating various health problems. You should be careful who you are buying the oil from, there are many scammers. So make sure to use only trusted CBD oil sellers like Zamnesia.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, Hemp is a common topic, but many people are still unaware of this plant and its uses. You must consider all the uses that are mentioned above if you do not know anything. Consider them and check how it can be beneficial for you. In many countries, the cultivation of the hemp plant is legal, and it is available in many stores. Check whether you can access it locally to use it effectively.