What to Do on Hug Day – What to Do on the 6th Day of the Valentine’s Week

Celebrated on 12th February every year, Hug Day is the sixth day of the eventful Valentine’s Week. This day is all about hugs and the emotions conveyed by the gesture. For two people, hugs have always been a special, magical act of love, which is sometimes even more intimate than a kiss. Hugs are symbolic of dependency. It tells the partner that no matter how fierce the wind blows or how gentle the breeze brushes against the face, I will always be there for you. Hugs are a way of carrying both the souls together in the flow of life, matching a step for a step and a halt for a halt.

Hugs are the comforting embrace of love and must be celebrated with all the glory it deserves on Hug Day. Where there is love, hugs represent the deep care and warmth that the partners share for each other. The gesture elevates the mood and wipes away all the pain while multiplying the joys. The intimacy of hugs is symbolic of the support that builds a relationship of love and ensures that it stays strong.

What Hug Day Gifts Should Depict:

Hugging is a special, loving and intimate gesture. Any present for this day must depict the warmth that the gesture represents. The gifts should be personal and comforting. Take your picks wisely as the presents should be able to build up excitement in your partner and make her hug you in ecstasy. Hugs are also shared. Pains and joys are shared between the persons who are hugging. The gifts for hug day should also have some level of inclusiveness which will make it romantic for both the lovebirds.

Hugs are one of the purest mediums to depict the affection a person has for another one. Thus, such a tall order for gifts and activities is really important to make sure that the celebration fulfils all the romantic aspirations that a couple might imbibe.

Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Awaiting the “Yes” from Their Love Interest:

The journey from “I like you” to “I love you” can be a rather long one. However, it can be made sweet and exciting by filling the gap in the timeline up with gifts! However, when one is picking gifts for this period of the courtship, they need to tread on an extra layer of caution. The gifts should not be too intimate, nor should they display any lack of interest, as that will put off any hopes of a special something developing.

A couple of teddy hugging together is the perfect present that will depict Hug Day with wonderful precision. One up the idea of soft toys with a personalised cushion or pillow. Add a message – not a photo – which will captivate the heart of the one whom you are pursuing.

Keychains are a small but thoughtful and romantic gift for your crush or your one and only. If they carry around keys or own a car or motorcycle, then keychains – especially premium personalised ones – are the real deal.

Gift Ideas for Someone Deep in the Adventure of Courtship:

The period of courtship is a rather exciting one. The emotions are on a high and the gifts are required to go to the next level to impress your sweetheart. Presents are representatives of your affection and here, you need to show it. This would be best done with a pair of twinning t-shirts! The fact that your souls are linked, could not have been expressed any better than with twinning t-shirts.

The essence of Hug Day couldn’t be expressed better than with a huge life-sized teddy bear! Teddy bears are the ambassadors of hugs and are a must-have present on Hug Day for a couple in the ecstasy of love. Be there for your partner, always, and ready to share a hug with a fluffy teddy bear.

Oversized apparel like boyfriend jeans and boyfriend t-shirts are all the rage now. These trendy clothes have a loose and baggy fit, which signifies that both the partners can fit into it (although that is not what you must do)!  These apparels which are in vogue is the perfect pick for Hug Day, representing the togetherness and the emotion of being there for each other, always.

If you want to show your warmth on Hug Day, then hug blankets are the ones which you should consider picking up this time around. These special blankets are designed in such a way that they hug the person sleeping with these blankets on. Sounds like the perfect pick for the occasion!

Gift Ideas for Married Couples:

Celebrating Valentine’s Week and Valentine’s Day after marriage is a spicy must-do affair. It gives the couple a break from the hectic flow of life and a chance to get back to being together, twinning and bonding over the nuances of love. After all, Valentine’s is for love, no matter the age! Celebrate the occasion with twinning accessories like matching watches and perfumes. Most brands bring their popular products in both male and female variants, making it easy to find something which both the partner will like, without spending too much time.

Married couples are already walking together, hand-in-hand, on the path of life. Nothing beats a foot massager or a back massager for that much-needed rejuvenation on the way forward. Surprise your spouse with this out-of-the-ordinary gift, which will come in handy for both of you. Besides, all of the above gift suggestions do apply here, so you can go ahead pick the ones which catch your eye and make this Hug Day, worth storing in the vaults of the “most-valued memories” bank!

Hug Day is a day to solidify the commitments of Promise Day. Gifts representing that desire is the cornerstone of the occasion. Make the most of this day with thoughtful gifts and create excitement which carries forward to the next big day, the Kiss Day!

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