When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

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What should you do if you were involved in a car accident? It can happen that anyone, as a driver or passenger in a passenger vehicle, a motorcycle or bicycle rider, or as a pedestrian, becomes a participant in a traffic accident at one point in their lives. If this happens in the first place, the most important thing is to check for injured persons. Call an ambulance and police if necessary.

Immediately after the accident itself, you should call the police, who will conduct an investigation to provide evidence. The experts from Ehline Law tell us that with less damage, and when there are no injuries, you can also complete the traffic accident report yourself, but our advice is to avoid it and call the police, because in practice it happens that another participant first pleads guilty to the accident. to avoid calling the police and later changing his statement, thereby preventing you from recovering damages.

We will first explain how things work and what the procedures are, and then when it is necessary to hire a lawyer to finish everything for you…

Car accident lawyer

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In the legal system of each state, redress has a special place and is a large area of ​​law that aims to be an effective way for the injured party to receive satisfaction and to compensate for their material damage or to obtain satisfaction for the non-pecuniary damage suffered. . There are numerous situations in which an injured or injured party is entitled to compensation and to bring an action for the exercise of his or her right.

Every lawyer is able to initiate, direct and conclude the subject of compensation and compensation for the damage that occurred during a car accident, whether there is only material damage to the vehicle or vehicles or there are other types of damage such as injuries to road accident participants, etc.

Traffic accident and collision attorneys have the best case analysis system in place and must be adept at recognizing all the important circumstances that determine a successful client’s defense, and the slightest detail may be decisive for identifying the option that benefits the client, ie. to the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident.

The best approach is for the attorneys to hire a traffic accident expert and thus further and better view the situation and any potential disadvantages and benefits of the case even before a formal court expert examination takes place. In this way, the lawyer has the advantage of receiving all the information in which direction he can take action, and of course there is also the possibility that the expert witness’s findings and opinions are concordant with the findings privately obtained from a permanent court expert.

The advantage is where the findings are not in agreement, so a better strategy and a lawyer’s stronghold can be developed. Where there is only compensation for damages and no criminal liability for a road accident, the procedure for filing a claim or claim for damages is a formal and one of the simpler procedures , so lawyers can easily handle this matter.

As this is a very specific type of litigation and insurance billing, we advise you to hire those who specialize in this area, such as Foyle Legal.

What if you are a injured party?

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If you are not guilty of what happened, but you are the injured party, you have the right to claim first and foremost material and then non-pecuniary damage. Material damage is reflected in the damage suffered by the vehicle you were driving, while non-material damage is reflected in the monetary compensation that you can claim in the name of the fear, pain, mental pain, etc. suffered. Intangible damage should by no means be neglected, as it is often greater than material damage.

When to hire a car accident lawyer?

Problems with the insurance company

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When you sign a contract with insurance company, they will tell you that they are there solely for your sake and that you will be protected from almost any situation. But this is not exactly the case in practice. Their primary goal is to make money, so they will often try to avoid paying you damages. It will be much harder for them to doublecross you if you have a lawyer who is experienced in the field by your side.

You are not fully informed of what you are entitled to

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You may think you are only entitled to compensation for damage to your vehicle or hospital expenses, but often it is much more. You can also claim the salaries you did not receive for your sick leave, as well as emotional stress and other things that will not pay you unless you ask for it yourself. Also in the case of disability, the family has the right to seek funding for permanent disability.

Litigation and settlement are complicated

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Settlement is a frequent occurrence, and you are very unlikely to know whether you have been offered a fair offer or not. An experienced lawyer will almost always agree on better terms for you, which is very important, since once you have reached an agreement, you no longer have the right to sue.

Multiple-vehicle collision

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This situation further complicates the whole case. Many participants, many insurance companies and the situation is further complicated. And pedestrian or property may be included. This almost always leads to litigation, because settlement is almost impossible with so many injured parties. So in this case, a lawyer is absolutely necessary. He will represent you in court as well as negotiate settlements with other attorneys, insurance companies and judges. You will be particularly advantageous if others do not hire a legal representative.

An attorney will help you deal with stressful situations

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You’ve just been through a stressful situation, you just need to get stressed about complicated laws and procedures. This way you will leave everything to the professional and let him finish everything for you. He will first scrutinize the entire case, then decide what is in your best interest. It will then comply with the law and will not allow insurance companies to take advantage of your current condition and deceive you.


We have explained to you why it is important to have a lawyer in this case and what his duties are to you. And we hope you never need these tips.