White Kitchen, Grey Countertop: How To Pull Off This Classic Look

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Grey and white kitchens are a match made in heaven. We all know that an all-white kitchen can stop someone dead on their tracks. But it’s a style that needs some revamp. Grey blends in with white perfectly because it’s a neutral color. Both also accentuate warm and accent colors. Adding light grey to your kitchen can also make it seem larger.

In this article, you’ll see how to pull off grey countertops with white walls, cabinets, islands, and backsplashes.

1. Choosing a gray countertop

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Grey countertops come in many shades. Light greys share some attributes with white. For instance, they are considered purer. They are soft and therefore more feminine & tranquil.  You also have medium-toned grays. They are warmer and reflect some light. Then you have very cool grays that seem cold to the touch.

Quartz countertops are gaining traction in the world of interior design. Because they are engineered, they can take on any color and design pattern. For instance, calacatta, carrara, and white bianco quartz countertops mimic natural white marble. They feature a light gray backsplash with gray veining and dark streaks. You can find other quartz marble designs from Caesarstone.

Some countertops that appear black are usually dark grey. Most will have white veining to make the slab lighter. You’ll also find quartz concrete slabs that are plain gray with small black freckles. They will fit into an industrial, ultra-modern, or minimalist style kitchen.

2. Add hits of stainless steel

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According to “Kitchen Remodel Vancouver” stainless steel looks spectacular paired with white cabinets. Inherently, it’s a silver-grey metal. Therefore, it will compliment your grey countertops well. There are many ways to add stainless steel to your kitchen, including your choice of doorknobs, drawer handles, sink, faucet, and appliances like the cooker. If you want to check some of the latest kitchen sink reviews, visit Great Livings.

3. Choose fun lighting

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A white kitchen grey countertop style gives you room to play around with uniquely colored objects. For instance, pendants are in style and will be hot for many years to come.

You can avoid boring black-colored pendants. Instead, you may choose bronze or brass pendants. For a more experimental look, have tulip kitchen pendants hanging over the kitchen island. For a distinctive effect, you can have pendant lights in mason jars.

4. Don’t forget warm wood surfaces

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Having wood surfaces is an easy way of adding warmth to your white kitchen cabinet with grey countertop. Some easy ways to do it include constructing side panels of the island kitchen with light-brown panels.

You can incorporate natural wood bar stools made from light or dark walnut. Alternatively, you can have leather bar stools or swivel chairs with dark brown backs. Swivel chairs with chrome-plated stands are also stylish.

5. Add plants to your kitchen

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Adding plants, flower pots or hanging planters in your kitchen makes the space more appealing and alive. There are also inherent benefits to your health. For instance, green plants make you calmer and might reduce your anxiety.

6. Exposed cabinets

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Bare it all with exposed white cabinets. Open shelves add an extra layer of sophistication and modernity. For example, your oats and cereals can be placed in large clear mason jars. Not only does it add more detail and liveliness to your kitchen, but you also cut the time spent accessing ingredients off the shelves.

7. Don’t forget white subway tiles

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Every other backsplash features white glossy subway tiles. For one, they are waterproof and easy to wipe down. They add some visual interest and serve as the perfect backsplash for a grey countertop.

You don’t have to go with white subway tiles all the time. They are other choices, for instance, light gray or cream tiles.

8. Got high ceilings? Add a ladder

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Take advantage of your high ceilings by constructing taller cabinets. You utilize every available space, plus you get the chance to make a striking statement by adding a ladder. With a white cabinets grey countertop style, the ladder can be white or have it stand out by making it stainless steel or matte black.

9. Gray porcelain floor

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Here is a perfect picture; a trendy gray porcelain floor, white flat-panel cabinetry, a white paneled island, marble quartz backsplash, and large floor-to-ceiling windows. Finished off with a gray countertop, you’ll create an elegant space.

10. Minimalism all the way

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Sometimes a white kitchen calls for a minimalist approach. And it involves cutting down on the number of items the eye sees. For instance, having two pendant lights overhanging the island counter. Using two-piece counter chairs. Going with a plain dark wood floor. Having bottom drawers only and a few open shelves for storing your plates.

11. Adding a rug

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Is it really wise to add a rug in a room with open flames or plenty of accidental spills? Well, it’s a good choice if you want to add color and warmth with colorful woven rugs.

12. Enjoy art in your kitchen

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Do you have acres of white walls in your kitchen? White walls are perfect for displaying “framed paintings or black & white photographs.” Your walls can also come to life with metal wall décor. For instance, you can have a world map or personalized family name. You’ll find these pieces right off Etsy.

13. Marble quartz on your walls

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It’s typical to have subway tiles as the backsplash. But you could switch it up by having a seamless slab of white quartz instead. It’s a style hundreds of years old. But it’s steadily making a comeback in 2024.

Why the backsplash and not the entire wall? Well you want it to serve as a statement piece and not overwhelm the eye.

Final Take on White Kitchen Grey Countertop Design

Going with a white kitchen with a gray countertop is a timeless design choice that will still look trendy many years to come. Remember to add liveliness and fun into the room with accent colors and statement pieces.