Business Image – Why Should You Care?

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First impression, the phrase usually used on meeting people and product introduction. Fact is, people judge you the second they in contact with you or your product. That’s why capturing the heart of your consumers in first contact is important to pro-long your business.

Although many factors affect business success, such as productivity, management, and quality control, your upfront business image needs to be prioritized first. If nobody is buying your product and service, no matter the amount of hard work you put into your productivity, management, and quality control, they will never be profitable ever.

But wait! What exactly is the business image? Don’t worry; here, we will discuss how and what you should consider when optimize or building a trustworthy model for your business.

1. Branding

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We are not talking just about your business logo; branding includes your product appearance and how they will print a significant effect on potential consumers. First off is the use of text or typography on your business logo, ok, we all want that timeless logo but to achieve that, you’ll need a right and reliable choice of typography and decide what you want to represent with your logo brand. The word “keep it simple stupid” or “K.I.S.S” had been the following trend when it comes to rebranding, many businesses slowly adopt a simpler logo for their business, take Yahoo and Google, for example. Both company rebrand transition from an old school serif font to a bolder, reliable, and modern sans serif font in recent years.

One of the reasons to adopt a simple but recognizable logo is for the implementation brand on your product. What I mean is your product packaging design, a simple and printable logo design is more suitable to apply in packaging such as product box, flyer, company t-shirt, banner, or even on the selling product itself. For example, did you notice in every iPhone, there’s an apple logo, no text on the back of the phone, that’s how product branding should be executed?

2. Website

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Imagine if your product is of high quality and many consumers search them through search engines, but when they land on your website, they immediately lost interest and click away. Why? Simple, you have an ugly website, a site that looks like it’s infected with a virus, well not really, just a figure of speech.

First off, we’re not living in the 90s anymore; we do not need to cramped all the information in one single page, all the text format squeezed together whatnot. There’s a reason why web 2.0 design principles were a hit and trendy back in the 2000s. A brighter color schemes, bolder and more extensive text, jQuery implementation on website UI…among others. People want to read without squinting their eyes on each paragraph line from your site.

that being said, your website needs to look professional and trustworthy for the consumer to feel secure when browsing or purchase your product from your online store if available. Stick with 2-3 color variations from your logo color when applying a color scheme to your website. You don’t want to have a different color between logo and website that might confuse visitors that interested in your product.

3. Social Media

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Let’s face it; social media is not just an interaction tool anymore. Social media is becoming a collaboration tool for businesses. There’s nothing faster than getting your business exposure from social media; all the viral content or video originated from social media sharing platforms.

Therefore, your business should utilize the use of social media; 3 of the most popular social media platform below can help your communication and collaboration with potential customers.


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The best platform to promote your product and business. With the average age of Facebook users around 30-60 years old, this is what we called a spender age. The possibility of this group age purchasing your product is around 60%, according to statistics. With the Facebook ads campaign, you can efficiently utilize paid promotion according to your monthly budget and target audience and even filter target by country or regions, so if you only want to target your nearby shop neighborhood, it can be done with it.


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Instagram is best known for social image interaction; However, this platform mostly uses for sharing selfies or events photos, and it can also help businesses engage with a potential customer; communication through Instagram is much more comfortable according to user data. People tend to interact with each other on Instagram rather than on Facebook, maybe because Facebook more like a business-ish and Instagram more like social-ish.


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Twitter usually used to convey short updates or messages. I see many business owners or management employee posted a quick update on store status like “Today 50% off on all our product, hurry!” message so their followers can retweet it and spread the words. Yes, the retweet is a quick and straightforward click re-sharing function that is better than other platforms. The #hashtag usage of Twitter might be one of the reasons why Twitter still favor by users when it comes to spreading awareness and news updates.

Final summary

Whether you’re running a small or corporate business, what people see and think about your establishment is essential, a stranger can become your potential customer, sometimes a loyal customer can last for years, imagine 1000 loyal customers purchased your product every month, your continuing revenue will expand or help to grow your business over the time.

This is one of the reasons why businesses have PR (public relation) department to handle any situation that might affect the business image, good or bad. You can visit for more web and business development tips.