Here is Why More Men are Using Sex Toys

Men have been using sex toys since ancient Greece, but the taboos surrounding their use are now fading away.

This article sets out to explore the relationship between sex toys and men. What sex toys are there on the market? What are the health benefits for men who use sex toys? Read on to find the answer to these and many other exciting questions.

Are Men Using Sex Toys?

Yes, they are. Statistics show that European men use sex toys more (70%) than their peers across the Atlantic (60-65%).

Thailand, the most famous sex tourism destination, has completely banned sex toys along with India, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

Benefits for Male Sex Toy Users

There are several benefits to men who regularly use sex toys.


1. Regular Sex Toy Use Relieves Sexual Tension

Heterosexual men working on ships and oil rigs spend lonely months in the ocean, confined to tiny living premises. Their monotonous daily routine often leads to depression, as they have no way to release the accumulated sexual tension.

Luckily, there are many models of vibrating vulva/anus fleshlights. These masturbators are made of top-class artificial skin that is extremely arousing to touch. Scientists also say that regular masturbation decreases the risk of prostate cancer in men.

2. Spicing Up Married Couples’ Sex Life

After years of marriage, sex may get a bit boring. Sex toys for couples like We-Vibe Chorus and We-Vibe Classic can heat things up again and prevent either of the partners from seeking diversity outside the nuptial bed.


3. Vibrators Improve Communication Between Partners

Introducing a vibrator in your relationship can improve communication with your partner in the sheets.

Many women hesitate to give their significant other directions during coitus lest they ruin the moment.

When there’s a vibrator in the picture, they confidently instruct their partner how to bring them to climax most efficiently. The improved communication during sex naturally spreads to all spheres of their life.

On the other hand, men may live out their fantasy of participating in a double penetration sex scene with their partner in the comfort of their bedroom.

4. Pegging Is Good for The Prostate

Many men may not know what pegging is until a strap-on is gently introduced in their bedroom. Driven by curiosity, Romeo may ask his beloved to put that thing on and gently penetrate him from behind. Using high-quality lube may take away the initial awkwardness of the moment.

As the penis will directly stimulate his prostate, Romeo’s member will become as hard as steel in no time, and he may venture to vigorously make love to his Juliet in return. The very act may also unleash Juliet’s deeply-hidden femdom fantasies.


5. From a “Minute Man” to a Stud

A recent study has revealed that premature ejaculation (PE) torments one-third of manhood across the globe.

And while lasting anywhere between three and five minutes qualifies as PE, some men get so aroused during foreplay that they hardly last a minute.

With the recent advancement of sex toy technologies, fleshlight masturbators can postpone the user’s climax and increase his sexual stamina by frequently changing their vibration patterns.

6. Taking Phone Sex to a New Level

To paraphrase Jealousy’s lyrics, when I am away, and you’re at home, let’s have sex over the phone.

Modern sex toys allow partners to control each other’s sexual stimulation through an app on their cell phones and thus take phone sex to the next level.


Popular Sex Toys

The variety of male sex toys available today spans far beyond the wildly popular fleshlight masturbators.

Some of them can be used during sexual intercourse to give both partners a more intense experience.

Masturbation Sleeves

Fleshlight masturbation sleeves for men imitate the vaginas, butts, and mouths of famous porn stars.

The term “fleshlight” denotes the soft skin-like material used to make masturbation sleeves. These pocket-size pals take male solo play a level up.

Cock Rings

Cock rings, or ED rings, are specially designed bands that wrap around the base of the penis to decrease the blood flow, thus prolonging the user’s erection and delaying the climax.


Do Cock Rings Actually Work?

A 2014 publication in the International Journal of Urology suggests that using a penis ring and an appropriate course of medication can significantly alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Some advanced models can vibrate and stimulate the woman’s clit during intercourse.

Butt Plugs for Men

There are male-oriented butt plug designs that stimulate the area around the anus, which is the gateway to the prostate.

Both men and women can use one to prepare their butthole for intercourse and minimize the risk of sex-related injuries.

Straight men can also benefit from using a butt plug, as the pleasurable stimulation of the anus invariably results in a stronger and longer-lasting erection.


Prostate Stimulators

Some men may be reluctant at the prospect of putting anything up “there.” As soon as one overcomes the hesitation, the numerous benefits of using a prostate massager will start to unfold before him.

These wand-shaped prostate toys are not as thick as men’s dildos as their primary purpose is to reach and directly stimulate the prostate. Having said that prostate orgasm can be also achieved using high quality dildos designed for men like the ones on this website.

Some battery-powered high-tech models pulsate and vibrate simultaneously, so the user can fully enjoy the moment. Combined with masturbation or coitus, prostate stimulators can trigger a mind-blowing orgasm.

Penis Sleeves

If you are not happy with the length and girth of your member, you can put on a vibrating penis sleeve and feel like a porn superstar.

Source: norwegianscitechnews


These are remotely controlled sex toys for men and women. When partners are away for whatever reason, they can still have sex by remotely controlling each other’s sex toys (vibrating dildos, Yoni eggs, or fleshlights).

Final Words

While sex toys for men are becoming more popular, one must always use them as per the inserted user manual.

You should clean your sex toy after every use and properly store it. Never use a sex toy, the surface or integrity of which has been compromised in any way.