8 Wonderful Ways to Put a Finished Basement to Good Use

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For years, the basement was space that saw little to no use. One of the reasons why it was usually no more than a storage area was the fact that it wasn’t finished. Now that you’ve decided to change that, it makes sense to call Penguin Basements contractor who has a lot of experience with finished basements in Aurora. Together, it’s possible to come up with a plan to finish the basement and prepare the space to serve a brand new purpose. What will you do with the finished basement? Here are some ideas to consider.

1. A New Family Room

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The den on the ground floor is beautiful, but you do wish it was a little bigger. With that in mind, why not convert the basement into a new family room? It will be easy enough to furnish the space in a way that it works fine for watching television, playing video games, or even engaging in traditional pursuits like a playing card or board games.

Best of all, you can leave games and other things out in the open if you like. If a company comes, all you have to do is shut the basement door and direct them to the clean and tidy upstairs den.

2. A Game Room for the Kids

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What happens when you have other adults over for a dinner party? Most of the time, the kids end up stuck in their bedrooms. That’s fine some of the time, but it would be nice if they had their own space to enjoy while the adults take over the living room, dining room, and den.

That’s where the basement finishing and conversion come into the picture. You could outfit the basement as a play or game room just for the youngsters. Make sure all of their favorite indoor things to do are included in the layout. While you and your friends are enjoying the party upstairs, the kids can be watching a fun movie or playing any game that they like. Remember to add a small kitchenette to space, so they have access to a cold beverage and a microwave oven for making popcorn.

3. Your Home Library

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Despite going digital with many magazines, you still enjoy having books on hand. You’re not alone. The sale of hardback and softback books is doing quite well. Since you have books tucked away in most of the rooms, why not consider making that finished basement into a home library?

You could use detached shelving units to go along the walls. This approach allows you to rearrange the library whenever you like. Include some comfortable chairs and make sure the lighting is adequate for reading. With a little effort, you could have the perfect space to curl up with your favorite book and enjoy some quiet time.

4. How About a Home Office?

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Having a desk and a laptop tucked away in the den, or the master bedroom worked for a while, but you would like to have space where you could keep all sorts of documents and other essentials. Why not think about converting the basement into a home office? Include a beautiful desk with a matching credenza, some bookshelves, and several comfortable chairs. The result is a space that’s perfect for working on the household accounts or for the kids to do their homework in comparative peace.

5. The Perfect Craft Room

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How many times have you been in the middle of a craft project and had to shove everything into a box so you could use the kitchen or dining room table for a meal? What about the times you had to gather up your supplies that were on the living room floor because someone was about to drop in? What you need is a space capable of storing all your craft supplies and providing room for you to work on those crafts at your leisure.

The finished basement is ideal for this purpose. Invest in some storage cabinets and some type of work table. Make sure the table is large enough for your projects but small enough to walk all the way around as you work. This solution means you can leave the materials and the plan in place until it’s finished. Unless you invite the guest to the basement, no one will ever see the work in progress.

6. A Great Home Theater

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There’s only so much room for television in the den. You’d like to have something that would take up most of one wall so you could have a movie theater experience when watching a movie. How about converting that finished basement into a home theater?

Mounting a large television will be easy. Invest in one that allows you to stream content and has a built-in DVD player. Furnish the rest of the basement with comfortable seating that faces the large screen. Club chairs are worth considering. Remember to outfit the basement with a place to store snacks and drinks. Think of how many lazy Saturday afternoons you and your loved ones could spend enjoy movies in your theater.

7. Your Own Home Gym

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You’d work out more often if there weren’t that pesky trip to and from the gym. Why not convert the basement into a home workout space? Invest in some exercise mats and install mirrors along one wall. Pull-up bars, weight benches, and slant boards will help you get off to a good start. As you go along, add some resistance equipment for good measure.

The beautiful thing about the home gym in the basement is that it’s open any time you want to work out. There’s no driving in the rain or snow to get to your workout space. All it takes is going down a flight of stairs. What could be easier?

8. An Excellent Guest Suite

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You love the company, but it can be stressful to make sure everyone has a comfortable place to sleep. Consider converting the finished basement into a guest suite. Outfit it with carpeting, a color scheme that’s pleasant and makes the space more inviting, and even little touches like an area with a small bar, microwave oven, and an under the counter refrigerator. Make it also nice with a private bath. Your guests will love having this type of space.

There are other ways you could put that finished basement to good use. Talk with the contractor and discuss what type of finishing would be necessary to make the space into whatever you have in mind. Once the work is done and you see the results, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.