5 Advantages of Working with China Sourcing Agents

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A sourcing agent is also known as buying agent, who are usually individuals, but pretty often companies or groups too, who offer to buy products and goods on behalf of other people and companies. Surely, that’s not simple as it seems but is an efficient way to buy something that can’t be shipped directly to you. How does that work?

You want an item that is located somewhere, but the seller doesn’t provide an option to deliver it to your country. So, you can look for it in another store, pay a shipment fee, or look for a sourcing agent who will order that for you, and resend it to your address. These buying agents have a lot of trustworthy suppliers too, which means that they can order the product and send it to you, without even touching it.

And do you know which country is the most known for this type of service? Of course, it’s China. You can learn more about the quality of the service and many other aspects on maplesourcing.com, and you will realize why is this country the most obvious choice when it comes to sourcing and supplying.

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Working with sourcing agents from China has many advantages, mostly due to their many years of experience and professional approach to work, but also the fact that these are people who know how to communicate, improvise, build business relationships, but also meet the needs of its customers.

The biggest benefits of working with Chinese sales agents are brands that target a specific audience with their products, that seek diversity, but also that need to buy larger quantities of certain products.

There are many advantages, so today in this article we will talk more about them.

1. A wider market is available to you

The Chinese market is huge, it can be said that it is the largest in the world, and this is happening thanks to the domestic production, but also to the trade relations with the western market. In China, unfortunately, labor and raw materials are cheap, so the products are very low in price compared to other countries. Quality is also in question, but the practice has shown that very often the myth of poor-quality Chinese products is really just a myth. Therefore, this market can supply its customers anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently, so this is one of the main benefits of having Chinese sourcing agents.

2. Avoid cooperating with fraudsters

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Registered buying agents are people who are trained to do this professionally. Too often, such purchases are associated with fraud and unintended consequences, so many people choose the hard way of supply, just to protect themselves. But, as we have already said, China is a really big market, which follows many standards and it cannot happen that they advertise a quality product to you, when it does not meet the minimum standards. Of course, you cannot be completely sure, so you need to look for suppliers who are legitimate and reliable for this business.

3. You can provide quality for your customers

There is a lot to choose from, and based on good cooperation, you will be able to get accurate information about the quality of a particular product. With that, you will be able to offer exactly what suits your customers, quality for a higher price, or average quality and less durability for a low price. Of course, the priority is to get usable products, but even the retailers themselves are aware that they need to offer a variety because for many consumers the price is crucial before the quality.

4. You will be able to make contacts with multiple suppliers

This is another benefit of working with Chinese buying agents, who can connect you with suppliers to expand your range yourself. That way you will have as much to offer your customers as possible, and even different versions of the same product. That’s the key to a successful business.

5. They can do some quality checks

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Before you get the product, it is good to be able to make sure that it is correct, undamaged, and that it works properly. Given the geographical distance, but also the trade connections of China, the company that acts as a sourcing agent can perform basic quality checks before the product goes to you. If they are not able to do it in person, then they will use the collaborators to find out as much as possible about the shipment. That way you can be sure that you will get a functional product, exactly the one you need.

How to understand the role of a sourcing agent?

It is your assistant with the help of which you will be able to find the best products at the best price. These individuals often speak several foreign languages ​​so that they can communicate with companies and individuals around the world. This business is very common in China, because this country is a paradise of markets and production, so it is very likely that you will be able to find what you need there.

They also possess negotiation skills in order to make their client as satisfied as possible. They do all this on behalf of the client, on a scale that has been agreed in advance. All involved parties have a benefit because the agent himself earns a commission for each completed service.

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Finally, we will only state that they are able to locate companies and suppliers, to review the ethical aspects, to exclude exploiters and those who pollute but also to take the responsibilities that include transport, payment, and taxes.

Therefore, when we say that these people are magicians in world trade, we really mean it. Their job is to be intermediaries, while the end-user is free to run and expand the business without wasting time on logistics formalities.


There are many reasons why China is a country that is the center of world trade. It is up to you to properly utilize the benefits you have thanks to these benefits offered by sourcing agents from that country.