5 Best Yoga Retreat in Russia

We have collected Russia’s top theme hotels and rehab centers for those who want to practice yoga and refresh their energy. These places are located on the outskirts of Moscow and the most beautiful places in Russia. Go check it out!

1. The “Abrau-Yoga” center of the “Abrau-Dyurso” resort

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The “Abrau-Dyurso” resort not far from Novorossiysk and the Black Sea is not only the center of Russia’s grape growing, but also a good place for relaxation. There is a “HotelImperial&Champagne SPA” hotel, on the hills and in the vineyards, there are many health trails for walking therapy, and a “Abrau-Yoga” center opened recently.

The demolition center is surrounded by mountains, between the sea and the “Abrau-Durso” lake, surrounded by ancient forests. Usually courses are held in the hall. But when the weather is good, there will also be cleaning classes in the open-air square of the “Sahasrara” yoga studio. This yoga studio is a two-story wooden pavilion from which you can enjoy panoramic views of mountains, forests and the sea.

In the timetable, there are regular classes with local coaches, and training classes with invited yoga teachers and other class teachers. In the “Abrau-Yoga” center, classes will be held for newcomers, children and yoga therapy projects, as well as two-person yoga (Acroyoga) and art yoga (Artyoga) courses. There are also some classic courses: Hathayoga, YogaNidra and Meditation. Individual customized courses can also be provided. The fee for group lectures starts at 300 rubles, the fee for individual lectures starts at 1000 rubles, and the fee for seminars starts at 1500 rubles.

Organizing everyone to live in “Round Lake Manor” is very convenient. Tourists who come here for yoga repairs will like it here. During the rest of the yoga class, you can swim in the heated swimming pool, enjoy the steam bath, play billiards, and grill some delicious things on the grill. Next to the manor is a stable, which houses a unique pony breed from Iceland-because they are not tall, they can be easily controlled by children and adults who have never ridden a horse.

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2. At the “Yoga Villa” in Pereslavl-Zalessky

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In the village of Gorodishche (Gorodishche) on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo in the northern outskirts of Pereslavl-Zalessky, there is a “yoga villa”.

On weekends, coaches from Moscow and Yaroslavl Region will come here to teach. Courses are conducted in a spacious and bright hall with panoramic windows. In good weather, classes can be conducted on the wooden terrace or on the lawn.

It is surrounded by churches and monasteries. Shavasana yoga. Maybe one day it will be the Orthodox bells that time yoga instead of the Tibetan cups or the Chinese gongs.

During the course break, you can go to Lake Preseyevo, or to the Pereslavl-Zalessky Center. And visit the Kremlin, Flatiron Museum, “Goritsky” Monastery and other attractions there.

3. Eco hotel “Altika” in Altai

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South of Gorno-Altaysk, between Ust’-Muny and Barangol, on the banks of the Katun River There is an “Altika” eco hotel. When constructing this small Scandinavian style building, only natural materials and innovative technology were used. You can stay in the main body of the house that looks like flying above the ground and trapped in red pine.

The hotel welcomes guests who support environmental protection and participate in spiritual and physical practice-specifically, yoga and vegetarianism. A comfortable practice hall and outdoor pavilion are provided for yoga classes. The hotel has a spa and sauna center. If you have children, you can take them to the children’s playground on the banks of the cartoon river. If you feel that you don’t have enough training in the yoga class, you can go to the gym.

4. “Ecological Camp” in Crimea

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“EcoCamp” mountainous ecological camp in Central Crimea has been offering yoga, qigong, Ayurveda, massage, breathing techniques, Vedas, Shamanism practice, Tibetan and Chinese medicine training for several years class. It organizes summer camps for children to develop creativity and thinking, study nature, learn foreign languages ​​and folk crafts.

EcoCamp is waiting for people and vegetarians who support ecological lifestyles and use alternative energy sources. The owners are engaged in green building and landscape design, organic and biological agronomy, and agricultural activities.

In order to hold various courses, there are two halls. There is also a vegetarian cafe open. In addition, there are tea pavilions, children’s playground, swimming pool and steam bath. Although the location is far away, electricity and Wi-Fi are always available. During the course, you can live in tent camps, reed bungalows, comfortable huts or ecological houses. In the entire camp, smoking, drinking and eating meat are not welcome.

The “EcoCamp” ecological camp is located on a slope in the “Belbek” valley, surrounded by a nature reserve. Surrounded by the Mangup Kale cave fortress (Mangup Kale), the ancient city of EskiKermen (EskiKermen), cave monasteries that have gone through thousands of years-Kachi Kalon (Kachi Kalon), Boyka Mountain (Boyka), Kerry Mia Grand Canyon, Falcon Rocks, Uzundzha Canyon. The camp is located in the ancient settlement of Calro, built by Christians in the eighth century. They are descendants of German nomads and later incorporated into the Crimean Khanate. There are many legends in this place. The host and locals will be happy to tell you these stories.

There is an apple orchard in the camp, surrounded by grassy grasses, broad-leaved forests, cypress bushes, and ancient red pine forests with blooming flowers and herbs. The nearest settlement “Novoul’yanovka” is four kilometers away. There is a clean mountain lake. Because of the limestone, its bottom and embankment are white, and the color of the water is emerald.

5. In the “Lago-Naki” nursing home in the Adygea Republic

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The sanatorium and boarding house “Lago-Naki” is only a few kilometers away from Maykop, the capital of The Republic of Adygea, at the foot of the “Lago-Naki” nature reserve. The nursing home focuses on spa, medical and beauty projects. Modern rooms are provided for guests in the main building and several cottages. For refreshment and yoga classes, there is a comfortable practice hall and an open field.

The kitchen of the nursing home will definitely take your dietary preferences into consideration. There are two open-air swimming pools for adults and children, as well as cafes and restaurants. For horse riding enthusiasts, the stables are open. You can relax by the river when the weather is good. But usually, there will be massage and other classes between yoga classes. The local doctors are very good at spondylopathy and are always ready to provide some treatments for guests-such as “anti-stress plan” and weight loss treatments.