Zeljko Ranogajec Net Worth 2024

Have you heard about Zeljko Ranogajec? No? That’s strange. But, even if you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk about one of the world’s most famous gamblers. The notoriety of man who managed to defeat many casinos is well known in Australia and is slowly spreading across the globe. It is because of this that we’re surprised you haven’t heard of him. Luckily for you, we are going to write a little about him and his ventures, as today he is much more than a simple gambler if he ever was only that. Enough with the introduction; let us get you acquainted with the man himself. After reading this, we’re sure you’ll be amazed how Zeljko managed to get his wealth.

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The Beginnings

Ranogajec was born in 1961 on May 22nd. He is a son of Croatian immigrants who settled in the land down under. The place of his birth is Hobart. After a childhood and teen years that are still relatively unknown to the broad public, Zeljko enlisted at the University of Tasmania, where he studied Law and Commerce. He soon discovered the talent for card counting in blackjack. Soon enough, he became one of the regulars at Wrest Point Casino. He spent so much time there that it is today known as the place where he met his future wife, Shelley Wilson. Can you believe he had luck in both gambling and love? He sure did. After early years in the same place, due to studies, he moved to New South Wales, where he attended the University of NSW (Sydney). The new adventure didn’t last for too long as he soon quit education because of his already successful gambling career.

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The Gambling Success

Today, Zeljko Ranogajec is known as one of the world’s premium gamblers, but the same as anyone else, he had to start somewhere. He diversified his portfolio in the beginning, maximizing his winnings without sticking to a single game or sport. His first love is horse racing, where he, thanks to his strategy, managed to gain massive wealth. At one moment, Zeljko has become such an enormous future in the world of gambling that he was able to negotiate rebates with gambling companies. This didn’t come on its own. Zeljko is a man who is dedicated to horse gambling in such a manner that he employs more than three hundred analysts, bettors, and administrators. All of them work on gaining information and data regarding horse racing.

Before horse racing, he was an exceptional blackjack player. Today, there’s no need for him to sit at the tables, but back in the day, he managed to earn money this way, receiving the reputation of one of the world’s best players. When we say make money, we’re talking about the million he garnered by counting cards. This approach got him banned from various casinos, but this is not something that he cared too deeply about. By the time that happened, he was already rich solely in gambling. Today he’s one of the most renowned names in the gambling industry. Some reports even claim that Zeljko accounts for a colossal portion of Australian sportsbook industries with 1.5 Billion in total bets. There are even reports suggesting that his net worth is measured in billions. But, is this true?

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Zeljko Ranogajec Net Worth 2024

We’re not so sure about billions, but the man is rich by all standards. It is no wonder things are like this as there are rumors that Ranogajec was accounted for 1/3rd of total Betfair bettings in Australia at one point. It’s clear now why many people are trying to get rich from gambling. If you are one of them, click here and give yourself a shoot to be like Zeljko Ranogajec. Being like him means being a successful gambler who is now worth millions. No one knows precisely how rich he is, but most reports suggest that it is in the region of A$600 million. If you don’t trust us, check his Wikipedia page as it confirms what we’re saying. This info was released by The Australian Financial Review Rich List one year ago, and this is the first time he was singled out as one of the wealthiest people in Australia. Zeljko, who lives his life away from the public eye, even commented on this calling the reports exaggerated.

We can’t say anything to deny these reports as his winnings are well documented. At one point, this player managed to win $7.5 million while playing Keno at North Ryde RSL Club. But, this is a small sum when compared to what he managed to win thanks to his strategy regarding horse racing. This strategy revolved around bets on the opportunities that offer high liquidity. What he did was covering the small margins on the chances that the gambling public made. He invested heavily and was backed by Tabcorp, a gambling company that had a deal in place with him giving him rebates on his bets. Many considered this deal illegal, or at least shady. Allegations that were dismissed by both the company and Zeljko.

But, where’s smoke, there’s fire. Australian company Tabcorp is one of the biggest Australian bookmakers. They have annual revenue close to $10 billion. Here’s the catch – Ranogajec accounts for close to 8% of that sum. One player? Can you imagine this? You don’t have to; it’s true. So, he’s not worth billions by looking at all reports, but he’s close to it. His total revenue might exceed billions, but his money doesn’t stand still as he’s still active on this market. At the moment, he’s working for Newfield Limited as a consultant. As you can guess, this is a company that deals with horse racing events. He remains heavily involved with this sport, and we are sure he’s still gambling. Unfortunately, not much more is known about his life, as he likes to keep it to himself. From a man who managed to beat casinos and develop a gambling strategy revolving around horse racing, we didn’t expect anything less.