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5 Benefits Of Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

If you are a new and young weed breeder – then you could make things easier for yourself in the very beginning. Weed is like any other plant – it requires certain conditions and care. And what if you do not have enough time or conditions for such cultivation? Don’t worry, because even then there is a solution – fast flowering seeds. We will introduce you to some of the benefits of fast flowering cannabis seeds.

Advantages Of Fast Blooming Weed Plants

Life can be hectic and our time is so precious because we don’t have many spare moments. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy certain things. So, you can decide to become a grower and choose fast-flowering weed seeds for cultivation. Maybe you are very busy over the day – but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of heights and flavors you can experience from various weed species. The high proportion of THC and the high yields of certain species that automatically bloom is staggering. Don’t have time? Do you want a quick refund? Opt for a fast-flowering seed and let it do all the hard work. If you don’t have time, don’t worry – choosing good fast-flowering varieties will remove all the stress.

Source: Zenpype.com

Popularity Of Fast-Growing Seeds

According to many growers, fast-flowing varieties have an excellent application, primarily in the outdoors – although it can also be used in the indoor variant. However, if we plant them indoors, most growers recommend an 18-6 light regime (light-dark) – from start to finish. The great advantages of these sorts are that they are small and tiny in growth – unlike photoperiodic ones, which can go over 3 m. Also, their advantage is an earlier harvest. For example, you can plant them in April or May – and harvest them already in July or August. There is also the possibility of multiple harvests in one season. Another advantage is that these plants are very resistant to some external conditions. Their disadvantages are a slightly lower percentage of THC and quite low yields – therefore, it would be necessary to plant more of them for a decent amount. However, that is depending on the needs of the grower.

Seeds like this are not something new, but their popularity is skyrocketing – and they are constantly being improved. So if you want to buy cannabis seeds – according to stickyseeds.co.uk, you can find some species that exceed 20% THC. Anyway, you should give a chance to these tiny plants and try something new and different.

Benefits Of Fast Blooming Seeds

1. Such plants are tiny growth and compact

Source: The CBD Benefits

Although the small size of such plants can be both an advantage and a disadvantage – we still decided to emphasize the advantage of this fact. Namely, their small size makes them suitable for growing in a smaller space – and even indoors. Also, the small size of the plant requires less care around it. Of course, we don’t even have to mention discretion as an advantage – because it is quite certain that you will be able to grow smaller plants much more discreetly.

2. These plants bloom quickly and allow for an earlier harvest

Source: Grow Weed Easy

Fast-flowering cannabis, just as the name suggests – grows and blooms much faster than other species. For example, some of them can give flowers in just 3 weeks to 30 days after the seeds are planted. We already know that in other species we have to wait a few months before flowering begins. Therefore, if your goal is fast harvesting buds – then plants like this are the best choice.

3. High resistance

Source: Leafly

This is another advantage of breeding such sorts of cannabis. Namely, it can adapt very quickly to the growth of almost any environment. Therefore, they have developed endurance and also resistance to different adverse conditions. These sorts are highly resistant to plant diseases or pests – but also to mold, poor nutrition, excessive nutrition, etc. If by any chance you happen to live in a climatically unstable area – this is an ideal choice for you, because these plants can withstand different climate conditions.

4. Such plants do not require much space

Source: Pacific Seed Bank

No matter if you are just a small grower for your own needs or you’re belonging to the category of commercial growers – these weed types will provide you satisfaction in both cases. Thanks to their small size they can be bred at full discretion. Therefore, we can say that almost anyone can grow these plants – from beginners to professionals. You can keep them anywhere – indoors, outdoors, wherever you like. Even if you happen to live in an apartment building, your plants can thrive on the balcony.

5. These varieties are very suitable for novice breeders

Source: What Is Autoflowering Cannabis?

For all of you who are just starting to grow your own weed – plants that are auto-flowering or fast-flowering are advised. These species are less demanding when it comes to breeding and everything that falls under that term. These plants do not require overly demanding conditions, nor nutrition – and they will reciprocate with abundant flowering. It is clear to you that in other types of cannabis, care is far more prevalent, and with that comes a waste of a lot of time. Therefore, species of this kind are very grateful because they require little and give you back a lot.


In the end, we hope you’ll try to avoid some typical mistakes when it comes to growing weed. Many beginners who want to grow cannabis make the mistake of automatically choosing the strongest strain of marijuana. They forget that these strains with very high levels of THC are often the hardest to grow. Also, quality is at least as important when choosing the right type of cannabis variety. You need to make sure your cannabis seeds have good genes. Bad genes can lead to mutations, flowering disorders, poor germination, and many other unpredictable problems. Therefore, your marijuana seeds must come from a reputable supplier. We hope we managed to help you with some of our advice. Anyway, now you know that breeding some fast-flowering sorts of weed truly has certain benefits – especially when it comes to beginners.

Can Smart Cameras Spot Distracted Drivers?

Smart traffic cameras are being deployed worldwide in a bid to spot traffic violations, make roads safer, and offer police officers more room to focus on serious traffic incidents. But is today’s technology so advanced that it can detect a distracted driver in the act?

Can Smart Traffic Cameras Spot Distracted Drivers?

While some researchers are working on thermal cameras that can detect drunk drivers by just measuring their body temperature, smart traffic cameras are already being deployed in some corners of the world. In 2019, Australia rolled out a pilot program to test smart traffic cameras’ ability to spot distracted drivers on the nation’s highways.

According to the smart camera’s manufacturer, the AI-powered surveillance system can tell whether a driver is distracted with 90% accuracy. Smart cameras use state-of-the-art facial recognition tech to spot distracted motorists, take high-res photographs of the potential offenders, analyze the images, and send them to a human reviewer for confirmation.

Source: The Sun

If the driver is found guilty of distracted driving by the AI algorithms, the owner of the vehicle will receive a citation and fine at their home address. The smart surveillance system knows where you live since the cameras can capture cars’ license plates as well.

While the concept may sound borderline totalitarian, Australian authorities are thrilled with the system. They expect the level of traffic law enforcement on public roads to skyrocket. Without robot surveillance, states and municipalities would have to hire at least three police officers for every mile of road to achieve the same level of enforcement, which is not doable with the available resources.

Authorities also hope that smart cameras create the so-called panopticon effect, an Orwellian concept according to which people are more likely to comply with rules and regulations if they have the feeling that they are constantly being watched, especially when they do not know the smart cameras’ exact locations.

Australia’s pilot smart cameras are so advanced that they can detect all types of distracted driving from eating and drinking behind the wheel to putting on makeup or scolding kids while on the road. The cameras are also easy to hide and work in all weather conditions, speed limits, and any time of the day, including the night.

Source: RAC

Smart Traffic Cameras’ Downsides

The Australian experiment has shown us that technology is sufficiently advanced for smart cameras to detect distracted drivers even at high speeds and in less than ideal visibility, but there are several downsides of the technology the society should take into account before widespread adoption:

Smart Cameras Have Limitations

While smart cameras may be able to tell whether a driver is drinking behind the wheel, they cannot distinguish between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, so they cannot be used to spot drunk drivers as well.

What’s more, regardless of who is behind the wheel, the citation and fine will be automatically sent to the car’s owner’s home address, as the cameras cannot identify the driver. This means that the system tramples on one of the most sacred principles in the criminal justice system: “innocent until proven guilty.”

Source: Motoring Research

In addition, citations issued by smart cameras arrive by post-mail, with some of them never arriving at all. The delays in the process makes it harder for people accused of distracted driving to challenge the allegations in court because they will find it hard to gather all the necessary evidence to build a solid case.

For instance, if a smart camera says that you were engaged in distracted driving during a serious car accident, failing to prove the cameras wrong can cost you millions in damages for the injury party and several years behind bars, according to johnfoy.com.

There’s a Risk of Abuse

As it has been the case with red light cameras, smart cameras leave plenty of room to abuse because of the sheer lack of oversight. Especially if vendor of the cameras gets a share of the ticket revenue, the vendor is incentivized to rig the system to boost revenue, rather than to focus on making the roads safer.

Some experts have deemed red light cameras “a money-making enterprise” for both cities and contractors with little to no consideration for fairness and drivers’ privacy, which is likely the fate of smart cameras too.

Source: CNet

What’s more, it is unclear whether all of human reviewers tasked with making the decisions to charge drivers with traffic offenses will be sworn police officers or just some obscure employees from a third-party company. To date, many vendors of red-light cameras have been caught calling the shots on drivers’ fault in ways that just increased tickets.

Smart Cameras Infringe on Privacy

Even though smart traffic camera makers claim that the devices only take snapshots of drivers, not other people in the car, you will have to take their word for it as automatic cropping function can easily fail on a smart system.

So, images may reveal things the driver and passengers would rather keep private such as guns and illegal substances, sexual acts, involuntary nudity if the passenger chooses to change clothes in the car, and so on. These images can land in the hands of human reviewers who can share them around without impunity.

Source: AlKhaleej Today

Smart Cameras Can Create a Dangerous Slippery Slope

While authorities and other people with a vested interest in the system have only words of praise for it, there’s always the risk of abuse by nefarious individuals. Smart traffic cameras can be another step towards creating an AI-powered surveillance society beyond any dystopian literature author’s wildest imagination.

A surveillance state run by AI-powered robots is every dictator’s wet dream as he or she will no longer have to lose sleep over shifting allegiances. Plus, municipalities may start using AI smart cameras to monitor residents’ every step from the greenery they plant in their front yard to the trash they dump in garbage bins and fine them into oblivion.

Governments worldwide already use face recognition systems, license plate scanners, and drone surveillance without people’s consent, so the scenario is not that far-fetched.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Classic Car Hobby

Image source: unsplash.com

Admiring the beauty and craftsmanship of other peoples’ classic cars is one thing, but once you elevate your hobby to owning one yourself, you are going to need to know how to maintain it inside and out. Luckily you do not have to be at a professional level in order to keep up with the needs of your hobby, the internet is filled with how-to guides that can teach you everything from how to give your car the best wash, all the way to how to change the battery.

But before all that, you need to do your research and investigate which car suits your hobby aesthetic best, and the smartest way to go about purchasing the car. Researching classic cars is quite simple thanks to the internet and sites like TireKickers.com, and the process of educating yourself on what’s out there so you can make an informed decision as a buyer is another great way to gather tips and tricks you will need once you’ve got the keys in your hand.

Narrow Down Your Options

Image source: unsplash.com

The term classic cars are so broad, and yes you can love many, but deciding which one is coming home with you is arguably more specific. Make a list of your top must have’s regarding style, age, drivability, etc., and search within those limits to weed out what simply does not fit. There are many car buying resources available to potential buyers so take advantage and compare approaches. You can also visit blogs to enjoy the eye candy that you love to love but know is not a reality for you regarding purchasing. This is a significant investment of your time and money, so putting in the effort during the beginning stages is going to increase your payoff overall.

Where to Buy

Image source: unsplash.com

Dealerships, private sellers, and auctions are the top venues for purchasing classic cars, so it is essential to understand the differences between them. Auctions, specifically live ones, present a great opportunity to catch a deal. If the bidding is light and you are prepared, then you can scoop up your dream classic car easily. On the contrary, if you attend a heavily populated auction, and other buyers are gunning for the same car as you, you run the risk of walking away empty-handed, or overpaying. Dealerships can be a much more step by step approach which can be good if you are a first-time buyer, you will not be forced into a timeline. You will be given more information about the history of the car, and likely also be able to drive it prior to purchase, which is a huge perk you will not get from an auction.

Private sellers are out there but require more research on your end and the inventory will be substantially lower. Purchasing through an individual also leaves you in charge of all the details post-purchase such as any transport needed and paperwork. It is important to understand that convenience will affect your purchase price one way or the other. Use every car buying resource available to you on the front end so that you do not miss out or impulsively purchase something because you did not have the facts straight prior to.

Get Personal with Your Car

Image source: unsplash.com

You can read every article out there about the classic car you bought, but nothing compares to hands-on learning. After you bring your baby home, now you get to put in the quality time necessary to understand the functions, quirks, and maintenance needs of your specific car. There is a library of how-to guides that will educate you on keeping what is under the hood running as well as how to keep the interior and exterior looking brand new. They also give you insider intel and access to products that veteran car enthusiasts use and recommend so you can have some faith in what you are using on your vehicle from people who have done the trial and error for you.

Classic cars come with the caveat of classic parts, which means that when it comes time to repair and refurbish, that instantaneous fix that you are used to with your modern car might not happen. It might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with a mechanic and specializes in the classics, even if you have a high-level aptitude yourself, having an industry connection can really help you out with access to certain parts, and possibly even discounts on the costs associated.

Determine Your Goals

Image source: unsplash.com

Getting into the classic car arena can take on many faces, so think about how you imagine this new hobby to look. Some collectors buy with the sole intention of rebuilding and reselling for a profit. If this is something that seems attractive to you, then that will impact what type of vehicle you buy in the first place. You must also consider how much you are willing to financially commit to this project considering what you can do yourself and what you will need to outsource to a mechanic.

If you have baseline knowledge check out some online how-to guides and read through them to see if you have the ambition to tackle some of the smaller maintenance items. Regardless if you plan to sell or not, doing some work yourself will feed your passion for the hobby and save you cash. If you know for a fact that this vehicle will be forever yours and you want to enjoy owning and driving it yourself, refocus your energy towards the preservation and cost-effective strategies to enjoy your hobby without breaking the bank.

Enjoy it

Image source: unsplash.com

At the end of the day, this is meant to be an activity that brings you joy and relieves stress from the outside demands on your life and time. Researching classic cars will never go out of style, so you have endless time to dedicate to not only the physical vehicle that you possess but also browsing online forums to get involved with a virtual community of like-minded enthusiasts. Being able to swap stories, tips, and tricks of the trade give you access to cars that you might never be able to experience on your own as an independent hobbyist.

Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Laser Level

Currently, the construction market thrives through an assortment of laser levels. While the helpful tool varies with each specific need, deciding on the best laser confuses even the qualified experts. From the rotary, self-leveling to cross hair levels, there is so much to choose from. Whether you want to fix your underground pipes or erect new fence posts, there are different laser brands to make your work easier.

To make the best decision, we have come up with a guide to help you choose the finest laser level for your work and the important features to look out for. Also you can find the best laser level form gearfork.

Where to use a Laser Level

If you want to get an accurate layout of your work, a laser level is a necessity. Though useful in large and small construction projects, their usage varies depending on the type of work.

While the construction industry is witnessing technological advancement, the tools involved are not left out. Initially, builders used the traditional blue indicator lasers. However, these lasers gave inaccurate results, especially on complex construction, and only useful on basic work of not more than 3 feet. At the moment, there are more advanced laser levels that are solving the weaknesses of the older versions.
Let us look at some outdoor and indoor projects that need a laser level.

  • Outdoor Functions
  • Basic survey projects
  • Masonry positioning
  • Construction site layout

Check on proper irrigation and drainage (use a laser with slope testing capacity).
Lineup decks, porches, and fence posts.

  • Indoor Functions
  • Mount wall hangings
  • Checks on doors and windows heights
  • Level different types of floors
  • Fix drop ceilings
  • Set up chair rails

How to Choose the Best Laser Level

Image source: lumberwork.com

Based on how much you can afford, the market has a vast assortment of lasers to offer. The price for a reliable laser level goes from $15 to above $400 depending on the brand and capability. That makes it a convenient buy for those working with a low and high budget. However, before spending money on a low-quality laser, here are some basic characteristics you need to acknowledge.

Check if it has a self-leveling apparatus, if possible with a lockable pendulum kind.
The minimum accuracy level of up to 20 feet. Some brands assure accurateness from one inch to 30 feet.

It should have an automatic out-of-level meter. Mostly they indicate with a blinking light.
Bright color for easier visibility. Lasers come in bright red color, but there is a new entry of green colored ones.

Heavy-duty and moisture resistant to withstand indoor and outdoor aspects.
When buying a laser level, you will come across indoor and outdoor use options. The cost of these options varies because of their assorted features and uses. For instance, an outdoor laser has an improved feature of working well in daylight. It is also brighter and stronger compared to the indoor version.

These enhanced characteristics put it at a higher price. Most outdoor lasers also come with a surveyor’s staff, laser receiver, and a tripod.

In bright light conditions, get a laser with an electronic receiver as it works better on the basic leveling and installation process. When the light is too much, you can use laser glasses to assist you to view the projected line well.

Apart from the indoor and outdoor lasers, 360 degrees/rotary and fixed-line get the most preference. Dot laser is another popular option despite working on selected jobs only.

Fixed- Line Laser level

Fixed-line lasers usually make a straight line through a steady beam of light vertically and horizontally, both on walls and floors. Mostly when used indoors, the accuracy varies depending on the length they cover. Another useful feature of a fixed-line level is the self sensor characteristic. When out of level, it gives a continuous flashing light.

Fixed-line lasers work perfectly at 120 degrees fan angle. However, in some situations, you can upgrade the level up to 180 degrees.

360 degrees/rotary laser level

The main advantage of having a 360 degrees level is its capability to level an entire space at once. Constructors place the level in the central part of a room. In that position, it illuminates laser lines in a 360 degrees ring. This allows it to level the four walls in a room and also the floor and ceiling at the same time.

Better still, you can use a 360 degrees level with a tripod or without. While some brands sell rotary levels with short tripods, others sell it as an extra kit. Nonetheless, many companies are selling both the level and its accessories. Some of the kits include a pair of laser tinted glasses and a dot laser.

Rotary levels come in large and small sizes. Compared to line laser levels, they are heavier, larger, and pricier. However, there is a smaller version that can fit in your palm.
Some complex rotary lasers have supplementary features such as wireless remote control. Check on the effectiveness of the automatic sensor. A well functioning one should beep or blink if out of level.

Rotary levels offer different speed modes adjustable depending on the amount of light available. While working on an outdoor project requires less light, you need to do most jobs before the afternoon sun. It is important to confirm the battery durability. Most manufacturers promise long battery but disappoint after short use. Some new models use Lithium-ion batteries which last longer but cost more.

Final Thoughts

Based on the project at hand and the money available, you can effortlessly get a reliable laser level from the vast variety. While diversification gives you the freedom to choose the best level, you need to ensure that you get value for money. Do not settle for cheap versions and regret later. Instead, ensure that you understand all the features and how they work. Go through the warranty and safety use precautions. In the end, what you are looking for is a cost-cutting, safe, and accurate device. Ensure that your laser level option gives you nothing less.

6 Emerging Trends in E-learning That Are Shaping the Future

The Covid-19 pandemic managed to change a lot of things in our world. One of the most significant changes was indeed in the education department. Going to school is not like it once was. Nowadays, classes are held online. Sure, in some countries, things are back to regular once again, but that’s quite rare and there are only a few examples of such places. To the ones that managed to do it, we have to take an example from them. A worthy mention is New Zealand.

Anyways, since most of us are already used to e-learning, and we know for a fact that it’s here to stay for a while, we decided to talk about e-learning trends in today’s article.

It’s a very interesting subject and there’s a lot to learn from it. These trends are followed by every student in these modern times and they’re for sure going to re-shape the future. Whether this is a good thing or not is still arguable, because some people think that things won’t ever be the same after it ends, if it ever does. Let’s take a look.

To learn more about benefits of e-learning, visit this website.

Source: JotForm

1. Smartphones as the main “modern teacher” for everyone

It started with desktop computers, then laptops, and now we’re at smartphones. Everyone has a smartphone and our world is slowly transitioning towards making these devices our main life companion. Through mobile phones we can discover new things, attend classes and do our research for any sphere of life. It’s safe to say that smartphones are our modern teachers.

The usage of mobile phone for class attendance and other similar things is a rising trend on itself, and it’s definitely going to re-shape the future. People are slowly optimizing all their apps and everything else for mobile access. This means that smartphone manufacturers will keep these things in mind whenever they plan on creating a new device.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Back in the day we could only hear about how animals are living in biology or science class, and if we wanted to picture all that we would have to use our imagination. But, nowadays it’s a completely different story. Students are slowly starting to see increased usage of augmented and virtual reality systems in school and universities. This is probably the biggest and most interesting trend that’s going to keep growing and reshape the future. A few years ago it sounded like something impossible, but nowadays it’s slowly becoming a trend.

Source: eLearning Industry

3. Animated and interactive videos instead of books

Instead of reading books, and don’t get us wrong, that’s the most productive thing a person can do, students nowadays can watch interactive videos and presentations during their online classes, which is guaranteed to have more effect on their education levels. Why? Because it’s much more appealing to anyone. Those who love reading will keep on reading despite this, but those who didn’t find reading appealing before can now learn and not stagnate in a more interesting way.

4. Increased efficiency and more time to learn

Students no longer have to spend hours on public transport to get to school and back home. It’s an old-fashioned thing that drastically smites down the productivity levels and all the possibilities for more knowledge acquirement. Those who want to learn will remain focused on the class even from home. They don’t have to be physically present in the school. Gooroo Courses is a website where you can learn more about such presentations and high-quality content educational videos of any sphere. It’s a glimpse of how the future will look like, and a great way to become a productive and successful individual.

Source: Definition Films

5. A proof that this method can function like the traditional one

To all of those who doubted the online studying methods, well, this is just proof that it can function as good as every other. The traditional method is currently dangerous to practice. Physical presence at schools is considered a safety hazard, and not something that we need at the moment. But, because of the pandemic, governments may start reconsidering education as a whole. After all, it saves costs for students and it makes things a lot more efficient. Will this become the “main” way of “going to school” in the near future? We have a strong feeling that it will.

6. Increased sense of simplicity and convenience in all students

Last but not least it’s important to note that students will now get a better sense of simplicity. If you are wondering why, well, the answer is presentations. For some reason, all the presentations we have now during our online classes are concise and much simpler than some of the books we had in the past. Tutors are giving their best to package the matter into a simple slideshow or a video that’s going to help everyone learn as quickly as possible, instead of overcomplicating things in order to fill time. Staying eight hours at school and doing nothing fifty percent of the time was seriously something that spoke inefficiency in its own way. Now? Things seem to be much simpler and more convenient for everyone, both the students and the professors.

Source: Bahrain Science Centre


It’s not a secret that many trends in the educational system changed and they will most certainly keep on changing as time goes by. If you want to be informed about all the latest trends and be a part of the revolutionary movement and modernization, feel free to check out the content we provided above.

In this article we gave our best to clearly explain all of the new e-learning trends that are currently on the rise and reshaping the future. Adapt to them as soon as possible in order to achieve maximal productivity and success in the future. The covid-19 global pandemic might’ve been a negative thing for our social lives and all that, but there are definitely positive sides to it as well, one of them being more interactive and more interesting education for our young ones.

How to Embrace Remote Work in Your Business

Due to the recent pandemic, many companies have had to make changes to their business plans. This has included letting many of their employees work from home in order to maintain social distancing and follow current restrictions.

While this has been a challenging time, there are many benefits to allowing remote work that is important to think about. Now more than ever, we have to stand by each other, so that we can cope with the changing times.

Click here to read about an individual’s struggles with working in the office and her companies refusal of remote work during the pandemic. With the rise of the Great Resignation, the need for companies to reevaluate their remote policies is growing.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to embrace remote work in your business. Let’s get started.

Learn about the advantages

While you might not think it, there are many advantages to allowing your team to work from home. By learning about them, you’ll be one step closer to embracing it as part of your new business plan. For example, research has shown that remote workers can actually be more productive. They were even more satisfied with their income and work roles. It’s certainly something you should take into consideration.

Alongside this, having a certain number of remote workers can actually save companies money. You have the opportunity to downsize on real estate and supply expenses and work towards a more sustainable office space. You’re also opening yourself up to a broader pool of applicants, which bring with them beneficial skills and experience.

Source: We Work Remotely

Decide how to incorporate it into your workplace

Once you’ve become more aware of how remote working can benefit your business, you need to decide whether or not you will be full-time or part-time remote. This will ultimately depend on your business’s size and whether or not you have enough staff who’s work can be done in a home environment.

Another thing that you will need to consider is the security of your data. Will you offer your employees protective software and devices or allow them to use their own systems? The last thing you want is to have your client/customers’ information stolen.

Set up online training

Online training is a great way to keep your employees motivated and informed of any of the new changes your company may be facing. Staff can easily log on, watch training videos, and take quizzes about various topics while you can monitor the results. This extra training is a great way to stop any fear you may have of remote workers missing out on important information.

It’s also essential to make sure all of your workers have access to the same information. Otherwise, this lack of communication can affect your business’s productivity. LMS Consulting on sites like elearningindustry.com is a great place to start if you are thinking of setting up a system.

Source: Dice Insights

Utilize communication software

Communication software is one of the best ways to keep everyone together and set deadlines. When relying on remote workers, it’s highly essential; otherwise, information and tasks can get lost and forgotten.

The main benefit of this software is that members can collaborate, ask for advice, and schedule video meetings to discuss recent projects. Platforms such as Slack are great for this, but there are a variety of different options out there such as google hangouts, dropbox, and Hubspot.

Give out clear roles and responsibilities

If you find that your remote workers are struggling with tasks, it can be wise to spend some time giving clear roles and responsibilities to all of your employees. For example, try and provide everyone with a schedule or set of tasks for each day. This way, they are focused, know what needs to be done, and will spend less time on unnecessary projects.

While it is easy to get caught up in other things, you have to remember that your remote workers shouldn’t be forgotten about. They need to have an understanding of each project so that they can work independently. Utilize zoom meetings and other video platforms so that you can speak to everyone together as a team. It will save time and improve efficiency.

Source: UDS Enterprise

Establish trust between the team

When you first think about going remote, you might be concerned about how you are going to monitor if your employees are spending their time wisely. However, establishing trust is highly important, and becoming too cautious can damage your employee relationships.

Try and find software that lets you monitor work without overstepping your team’s privacy. Your staff need to know that they won’t be micromanaged and are able to complete their tasks with freedom and respect. It might take a little getting used to but try and think about what things would be like in a typical office situation. You wouldn’t be walking over and checking their screens every five minutes, would you?

Incorporate the use of cloud-based systems

One of the biggest concerns that many companies have about remote working is the inability to collaborate on projects. However, cloud computing is a way to store all of your documents in one format. Your employees can all access these files through the internet, share, collaborate, and make changes easily. It makes remote working much more manageable and has other benefits such as cost reduction, data security, and scalability.

Source: ComTec Solutions

Focus on keeping morale high

Due to these uncertain times, it’s essential to focus on keeping morale high in the workplace. You have to remember that remote workers aren’t available all the time. Just because they work from home doesn’t mean they will answer your call at 9 pm. It would be best if you still encouraged your workers to take regular breaks and, most importantly, maintain a work-life balance. This will help establish relationships between you and your employees.

Another great idea to keep morale high is to organize some team building activities. Online trivia games, show and tell and even a mini comedy show are all great ways to bond together with your team and boost interaction between employees.

And that’s it! By following the above, your business will be able to start embracing remote work rather than fearing it. Always remember, by working as a team and caring for each other, we can get through this pandemic together.

Good luck!

What is a 5 Panel Drug Test?

The drug testing technologies encompass a gold standard test which is known as the 5 Panel Drug Test. If conducted in the right way, it delivers highly defensible results. This test is utilized to detect the presence of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines etc. in saliva, blood, urine, etc.

The job sectors suffer greatly by employing drug-addicted employees. Such employees may encounter side-effects while working which may affect the company’s performance. Hence, employers often conduct a five-panel drug test to ascertain that their prospective employees are not addicted to any type of drugs.

Head to Health Street, if you wish to get a 5 Panel Drug Test done for your employees. All you need to do is register online and walk to a nearby Health Street Clinic to get the test done. You will soon receive the results on your device.

Source: AlcoPro

Different types of 5 Panel Drug Test

It costs $75. It checks the presence of the following:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Codeine, morphine, Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine

5 Panel Plus Nicotine

A few employers need to check for nicotine in the body apart from 5 Panels. It costs $99. The employers feel threatened by nicotine. It checks the presence of the following-

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Codeine, morphine, Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine
  • Nicotine, Tobacco, Cotinine

5 Panel Test for Alcohol

This option checks whether the person has consumed alcohol within 12 hours. It costs $99. It checks the presence of the following elements in the body:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Codeine, morphine, Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine
  • Urine Alcohol

5 Panel Drug Test without THC

It is a standard 5-panel test. The only problem is that it doesn’t screen for cannabinoids. The reason is that marijuana is considered legal in certain states. It costs $75. It checks the presence of the following elements:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Codeine, morphine, Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine

However, it does not check the presence of the following elements:

Source: Medical News Today

5 Panel Plus EtG Alcohol

The purpose of it is to check the presence of alcohol or its metabolites. It costs $189.

5 Panel Plus Expanded Opiates

Expanded opiates such as oxycodone, hydrocodone are extensively abused. It is performed to screen for such narcotics. It also screens for Molly or Ecstasy, also known as MDMA. It costs $95 and screens for the following elements:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Codeine, morphine, Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine
  • MDMA, Molly, Ecstasy
  • Hydrocodone, Oxycodone

The reputed clinics use advanced technology to review instant 5 Panel Drug Tests on a real-time basis. If the clinics get negative results for drug screening, a complete report, signed by an MRO takes an hour at the most. The confirmation of non-negative standards and rapid tests may take an extra 35 business days.

Source; Amazon.com

Steps of 5-panel Urine Drug test

Employees need to follow a few general steps before undergoing this test. The steps are as follows-

  • Little or no prior warning-They are required to undergo such screenings at a short notice. The employees are chosen randomly and are made to undergo the test. Thus, they do not get the time to flush out the toxins out of their systems.
  • Empty the pockets- They need to empty the pockets before undergoing this test. This step ensures that the samples have not been tampered with. Employees are required to keep all their wallets, purses, stoles and other luggage outside the lab.
  • Monitor your sample via temperature sticks- A temperature stick is used for checking that the urine sample is stored at the correct temperature. If any anomaly is found, patients are notified that they have to submit another sample.
  • Testing process- The five-panel test and its variations detect and ignore medically exempted positives. The clinics or laboratories only forward the true positives (which don’t have any medical exemption) to employers.

How accurate is a five-panel drug test?

Factors like metabolism, body fat percentage and how frequently the drug is consumed play an important role in the detection of the drug. Harder drugs, such as cocaine leave the system faster. On the other hand, softer ones, such as “marijuana” stay in the body for a long time.

Each drug is retained in the body for a fixed time. Similarly, every person’s body metabolizes and gets rid of the drug differently. Except for THC, the drug panel test may detect the presence of other drugs in a person’s urine which have been consumed within 5-7 days. Marijuana may last for a month, especially for heavy users.

Source: Quest Diagnostics

Why do people get screened for mostly these five drugs during the five-panel drug test?

Most employers want people to get screened for five drugs, namely:

The reasons are as follows

  • Marijuana- Most of countries have labelled marijuana as illegal. Employers seek to screen for this narcotics in particular as it contributes the most to the employees’ inability to concentrate in the work.
  • Cocaine- It has a stimulating effect. Many addicts claim that cocaine also acts as an antidepressant.
  • Opiates- Patients who are on the road to recovery from a painful operation need opiates to keep the pain at bay. Morphine and heroin are two classic examples of opiates. They are prescribed as painkillers by the doctors. However, a large dose intaken regularly may make people addicted to it. Employers screen their employees for opiate addiction as the addicts may have reaction time problems while working.
  • Phencyclidine- It helps people to exit their bodies and feel disconnected with the world. It is also commonly known as PCP and it causes hallucinations. Today, it is not popular as it used to be in the past. However, people might mix it with other drugs to enhance their drug-intake experience.
  • Amphetamines- It helps to calm the nerves and in turn excites the brain. People who want their cocaine to have a sharp taste add  amphetamines to it. It is generally prescribed to relieve pain but if intaken in large doses can prove to be extremely addictive.
Source: drugtestkitusa.com


Multiple organizations have made the 5-panel drug test mandatory. It is as important as getting checked for a criminal background or for your credit score. This test is the true test of character and may cost people their dream job. The parameters of the test are regularly updated to ensure a thorough check for all types of drugs.

8 Secret Revealed: How to Maintain Intimacy

Intimacy in relationships is mostly regarded as physical intimacy, which isn’t entirely untrue, but it isn’t entirely correct. Physical attraction is a crucial aspect of relation, but emotional intimacy is equally important, if not more. Thy physical interest is immense when two people initially meet because everything is new then.

The couple discovers each other; there is a thrill in knowing each other good and bad qualities, which adds to the spice. But over time, the mutual qualities begin to become a habit. You get to know each other better, you get to know the likes and dislikes, and you love them as much for their good qualities as you love them despite the bad ones. Life, its ambition, its challenges often get in the way of your relationship’s intimacy, and that is when we begin to feel the feeling of losing out.

Relationships also require an equal amount of effort as life to make it a successful one. You know your partner the best, and we are sure you will figure out something to keep the intimacy afloat; we would like to help you think of the way.

Source: PS I Love You

1. Disclose your most reserved version to be understood better

If you truly feel the connection, you have to take the leap of faith and bring your guards down. Not at once, but gradually. ‘Intimacy is the process of discovery with another,’ says Joel B Bennett. Your one revelation will enable your partner to disclose their secrets, henceforth. Psychologists say that people who disclose themselves and give others the comfort to admit the same have the closest relationships with their partners.

2. Sit through emotional conversations and let go

Initially, they will make you feel awkward; they will make you feel weak, but know this; revealing your vulnerable side to your partner is the bravest thing to do. Having difficult conversations without feeling awkward will be one of the luckiest feelings you will ever feel.

Source: Medium

3. Get fond of the routine

Initially, everything is thrilling. You learn the unexpected about the other, but with time everything becomes predictable. You will be habituated with him making you the perfect cup of morning coffee. At the same time, he will be habituated with you keeping his office belongings perfectly arranged before he comes out of the shower, which will only boost your intimacy. There might be nights when either of you will have longer than usual shifts of work and not be able to do the share of household chores. When the other manages the household without being asked, realizing the rough routine, emotional intimacy grows. You do not only come closer as a couple, you become each other’s safe place.

4. Take care of the little things

These little things will make you smile on seeing their picture in your gallery while finding an important document. Little things like how she always insists on wearing heels to parties and how you always carry a band-aid so that the shoe-bite doesn’t hurt. Little things like how you miss wearing your watch on most mornings, and she always has it on her hand the moment you take an about-turn from the door to get it. Believe it or not, these little things are the game-changers.

Source: Luxe Digital

5. Variety is indeed the spice of life

No matter how much you love the routine, it is bound to get into your nerves if you do not break the pattern to shake things up at least twice or thrice a month. Emotion is spiced up the most when the script is interrupted. Shaking things up can range from a sudden road trip to a wild romantic weekend. While the former will require you to check your car and camera, the latter can be about getting your favorite role play costumes or pleasure toys that would drive your partner wild with desire, which in turn would make the weekend a wild one. If you wonder what pleasure toys could be available for couples, you should pay a visit to Cirilla’s sex toys to be left surprised.

6. Take big decisions together

Big decisions might be buying a house and making it a home with your own money – from the down payment to the decoration, or taking up gardening seriously, or keeping and taking care of a pet. Anything that involves taking additional responsibilities and enjoying the perks together is a big decision. Big decisions often come with bigger disagreements. When you can talk through those disagreements and reach a solution, you will yourself feel the change or notice the growth. Also, it is you as a couple who will decide if a decision is big enough for you, no one else.

Source: Estes Therapy

7. Do take notice of each other’s dreams and give a try to fulfill them

Yes, dreams like taking a selfie with Christiano Ronaldo might not be possible, but you can work to cut your expenses for a month to get him the VIP tickets to the world cup match from where he can watch Ronaldo closely. And you never know, if the game goes well, then the selfie might also happen. Similarly, you know that having a Jimmy Choo wardrobe might not be a recent possibility, but having a Jimmy Choo bag at your door on your birthday will make an emotion at the same time, won’t it?

8. Appreciate and give credit for when it’s due

Accepting and showing off your partners virtues (at times) is a loved form of appreciation. If you are any easy talker, this will come easy to you; if not, you will have to put an additional effort into making them realize that you are proud of them. Communication is an integral part of intimacy. The more mutual respect and pride you have for each other, the more often you can give equal importance to the positives and negatives, the more your emotional intimacy increases.

Source: Elite Daily

These are just certain outlines to help you customize plans and surprises for your partners to develop your relationship intimacy. If you keep your emotional intimacy on the high, the physical intimation will also have a good score. So get emotional, get wild, and get intimate and stay happy.

5 Benefits of Data Visualization for Businesses

Running a business in today’s world is not an easy task. We can agree that entrepreneurs now have more opportunities to promote their business. Social media, blogs, and vlogs are some of the advertising channels they gladly use. However, as your business grows, it accumulates more and more data. Maintaining and controlling a big amount of data is not an easy task at all. That is the reason why entrepreneurs look for the best alternative to organize all the relevant business data. It seems that the solution comes in the form of data visualization.

Before everything, we should shortly define the phrase “data visualization.” In short terms, it is a process that allows people to understand the data they have better in a visual context. There are many pieces of information that people need to follow. For instance, they need to regularly analyze trends, insights, and other stuff. Data visualization will only improve the productiveness of all business operations and ensure a better profit.

The good thing is that people can do that in many different ways. For instance, many business owners (as well as individuals) can visualize data within Google Maps. We suggest you use a software solution supported by Google known as Maptive. It is a tool that allows people to get familiar with all the things we mentioned above.

We are sure that all entrepreneurs know the importance of business data. However, it seems that many of them still hesitate to use the benefits of data visualization. That is the reason why we would want to talk about them a bit more. The list of benefits we prepared for you will probably change your way of thinking. Because of that, let’s find them out together as soon as possible.

Source: businessnewsdaily

1. It Will Result in Speed Improvement

We are not going to talk about science a lot here. However, you already know how your brain functions. It can analyze visual information and content more quickly. Many people believe that opportunity will allow people to ensure faster processing and ingestion. However, it will also lead to faster action in all businesses that decide on data visualization.

How you will react to certain changes in the market should not be your only concern. You also need to pick the right moment to make some decisions. The market is turbulent, and changes are happening all the time. That is the reason why your reaction needs to come in real-world time. Thanks to this opportunity, you will manage to always be a step ahead of your competitors. More precisely, it will be easier for you to predict certain things in the future and make good decisions based on the insights you get.

Source: pinterest

2. You Will Start Noticing Hidden/Missed Opportunities

Uncertainty is an unskippable part of every business journey. That is the reason why business owners regularly chase for some new opportunities. Yet, it often happens that some things are not visible at first glance. There are many hidden opportunities that people miss because of a lack of quality data. Fortunately, it seems that you just found a solution to that problem.

Data visualization will give you a clear picture of every potential hidden opportunity to improve your profit. That especially counts when we talk about actionable kind of data. These insights are vital for people that work way down in the trenches. Those employees are participating in different essential processes every single day. Thanks to these tools, they will manage to discover problems more promptly and improve them after that. For instance, they will get data on how to improve their working habits. That is a priceless opportunity for every company.

Source: Bold BI

3. Productivity Improvement

We will continue in the same manner. Rough data usually requires time and patient to read and understand it. However, you have probably heard many times the phrase “Time Is Money”. More precisely, every second count in the business world. When the insights are more readable, your team won’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing things. The same opportunity will equally be available to everyone who is participating in the business operations.

Source: Integrity Data

4. Data Veracity Goes to Another Level

Let’s imagine that you understand the importance of the data you gather. However, what happens if the data you collect is incorrect? All the decisions you make based on those insights will be wrong. That is the reason why you need to carefully choose the information you plan to work with. More precisely, you need to ensure every info you get is trustworthy.

That rule is equally important for all the industries that exist in the world. However, in fields like marketing, construction, and healthcare, trustworthy information is even more important. Let’s use medicine as an example to make things clear. Imagine that you constantly receive incorrect data. Losing money is not going to be the main problem you will have. A mistake of that type can cost lives in some cases. That is the reason why data veracity is essential.

Data visualization will allow people to make an even deeper analysis. Logically, that will open new doors to you and provide you with additional insights. Your task is to understand that data to the fullest. You will also get more accurate information on things that are changing within the dataset you have.

Source: IO Technologies

5. More Reliable Customer Insights

Customer satisfaction is one of the main priorities that all business owners have. It is one of the factors that will directly influence their success. Customer insights are another reason that data visualization will provide entrepreneurs with. They will manage to get more reliable information and ensure to make an offer that their target audience will accept. It doesn’t matter if you are working with services or products. The same rule counts for all the company types.

For instance, let’s imagine that you are selling 100 products. Thanks to data visualization, you notice that people are no longer purchasing some of those products. That means their requirements and expectations have changed. The insights you get from data visualization will show you which needs your target audience has. Thanks to those insights, you will manage to fix the mistakes and ensure the satisfaction of your clients once again.

Simple Ways to Begin Increasing Your Net Worth Now

When it comes to financial freedom and independence, you’ll find that there’s a lot of different numbers that can determine just how well you’re doing. The money in your checking account could dictate your lifestyle, while your savings figures determine how well you sleep at night. One of the most important numbers that many people forget to consider, however, is their overall net worth.

Your net worth is the difference between the value of the items that you own, and your debts or liabilities. The items you own that add to your value include things like your house, your retirement and investment accounts, your checking account, and other balances. On the other hand, the things that detract from your worth might include your mortgage, credit card and automobile debts. If you recently took the time to sit down and calculate your net worth, you might have discovered that you’re not doing as well as you had hoped. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make a difference.

Source: CNBC.com

Consider Your Liabilities

If you want to change your financial standing, the first thing you need to do is look at what’s detracting from your overall value. Look at how much debt you currently owe each month, and where that debt comes from. Some things, like your mortgage, might be difficult to reduce unless you’re ready to remortgage, or move to a smaller house. However, there will be liabilities that you have more control over.

Make a list of the debts and expenses you might be able to get rid of entirely by having more control over your budget. Then make a separate list of loans you might be able to improve. For instance, you can save significant cash each month by refinancing your auto loan online from WithClutch.com. It takes seconds to get a quote on the web, and you don’t have to put your credit score at risk. Refinancing can help you to chip away at the balance you owe a lot faster. You can also look at changing up your payment plans. For instance, instead of making a single payment towards the amount you owe every month, you could make biweekly or weekly payments instead, to reduce your principal faster.

Source: The Motley Fool

Review Your Available Assets

Once you’re familiar with your liabilities, and you have a plan in place for what you’re going to do with them, the next step is considering your assets. A lot of people aren’t sure how much they have in their back pocket thanks to things their home, car, or even retirement savings. Your main asset classes will fall into a few different sections and knowing how all of these segments add up helps you to create a better plan for the future. Look at:

  • Residences and Real Estate: Look at the equity in your home – or how much it’s currently worth less what the amount is that you owe on your mortgage. The greater your equity in your home, the greater the net worth for your property will be. Don’t forget to consider rental and vacation properties too.
  • Investments and Accounts: Retirement accounts that will give you cash to tap into in the future are crucial assets that you should never overlook. Don’t forget to think about other investments too, such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. You will need to think about taxes as a liability for these assets, however.
  • Collectibles and Other Items: Finally, consider any other belongings that you might have which have a significant monetary value. Some people collect art and jewelry, others have classic cars and gold. The market for these items might fluctuate, but they do add to your overall value.
Source: unsplash.com

Reduce Your Expenses

With a good insight into your liabilities and assets, you should know the basics of what your net worth currently is. The next step is improving that number. The less money you spend, the more you’ll be able to accumulate in the long term. If you haven’t conducted a review of your budget recently, then you might need to look at your current expenses and look for ways to cut back. Remember that a few dollars might not seem like much at first, but it can quickly add up to a lot of missing money in the long-term.

With that in mind, think about cutting back on little luxuries that you don’t really need – such as a coffee on the way to work, or lunch out with friends every week. You can always invite your friends over instead. Consider your budget carefully and ask yourself what costs are reducing your value, and whether you really need them. You can even think about changing certain expenses. For instance, if you think that you’re spending too much on your insurance, then you can compare different providers and switch to a more affordable premium.

Source: entrepreneur

Remember to Invest

Once you’ve done each of the three steps above, the next step towards strengthening your net worth is investing in opportunities that will increase your overall value. This can be a challenging process for some beginners, as it’s difficult to know where you should get started when you have a little money to place into your future. Sometimes it helps to speak to a professional so you can consider your risk profile and build a suitable strategy based on how much you’re willing to spend or lose. Although investing never gives you a guarantee of a massive income or overnight win, it’s the only way to consistently improve your network on a significant scale.

The key to success is learning how to use your money correctly. One option for people who are just getting started is to try the bucket system. This involves spreading your investments into four buckets – cash, income, growth, and alternative income. By dedicating a portion of the money that you back to different buckets, you give yourself different potential assets that you can pull from to maintain the lifestyle that’s right for you. Remember to pay attention to how your opportunities develop overtime so you can adjust your plan accordingly.

How Do You Obtain the Excitement of Playing Online Slots?

In online gambling, one game has consistently captured the hearts of players worldwide – online slots. These virtual one-armed bandits offer a myriad of...