5 Solutions To Stay-At-Home Mom Problems

In today’s society, mom’s bear all the pressures. They have everyday responsibilities and making sure their family is safe and sound. While 71 percent of moms find the time to go out and have a second job, 21 percent of mothers stay at home. That number has gone up since the 1999 poll, which shares an interesting perspective that most mothers already understand; if you have a family, it’s tough to take a second job and do the housework.

If you’re one of those 21 percent who have chosen to stay at home and take care of their family, we applaud your decision. It is brave, not to mention a selfless act, to put your family first. However, you have probably realized that there are specific problems with being a stay at home mother. We have asked our experts to analyze the significant issues of being a stay at home mom, and here are their suggestions.

Problem #1 – Human Interaction

Source: Smith’s School of English

78% of stay-at-home mothers admit that the number one problem in their current career is lack of human interaction. Social interaction may have been a centerpiece in your life before children. However, when family life starts, the previous stage may start fading.

In the current throws of life, you can get overwhelmed and disoriented while meeting the needs of others. Human interaction is a crucial piece to the puzzle of a stay-at-home mom because it allows them to regain their sense of belonging. That is why our experts say it is so important to find some time for yourself – at least twice a month and set a date with some of your closest friends. More often than not, these girlfriends may be in the same scenario as yourself and also need a girl’s night out as well. The ability to reconnect with friends allows you to forget about the worries and the to-do list at home. Let your significant another scrounge dinner for themselves this night, perhaps have a movie night with the kids, and you’ll see them around 11 p.m. Whatever it is, make sure you are making time to interact with friends agreed civilizedhealth.com.

Problem #2 – Losing Your Identity

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For most stay-at-home moms, the family life came upon suddenly. Perhaps you were a career-driven woman with various talents and abilities yet to be developed. However, after giving birth, you traded the dress slacks and briefcase for pajamas and diaper changing duties. It is easy to miss the adrenaline rush of a stressful day job that requires you to push yourself to the limit.

Losing your identity is a significant factor after you become a mother because now it’s not all about you. So how do you overcome this? The first thing our experts point out is to realize that this won’t be the typical scenario every day. You won’t be changing diapers for long, and it’s essential to assure yourself that you can get back into who you used to be.

When the time comes, slowly get back into the swing of things by taking a class, learning a new hobby, whatever it is, try to re-ignite that fire you used to have inside. This person is still there; you have to find the right things which will help you re-discover who you are. More than likely, you will have even more fire because being a mother makes you superhuman.

Problem #3 – Your Needs Are Second

Source: workingmomsagainstguilt.com

As a mother, one of your primary initiatives is to learn the needs of your family. You are no stranger to all of the responsibilities that ensue within your family. Another large portion of the problem is the way mom’s feel towards their family when it comes to this aspect of mentality. It’s not that mothers do not love to serve, but every once in awhile, studies have suggested that these moms would like to have their own needs met.

It is imperative to make sure that you are happy. Sometimes you can get lost in serving others.

Science has reported that women who purchase something for themselves once in a while feeling more comfortable. Make a list of the things that make you happy or the items that you have always wanted and get something for yourself. Sites like eandoapparel.com offer modest dresses for women, which are congruent with the current fashion trend. Many women are turning to these fashionable items because these decent products are making it very easy to step out of the house without spending a lot of time to get ready.

Whatever it is, make sure you are making room for that thing in your life. Remember,

The National Academy of Sciences found that “time is the new essential currency” for many people in America. While a product may make you happy and meet your needs for a while, time is truly the key. When you understand this, you may want to take a day off, hire a maid, and spend some quality time by yourself. By doing so, you are taking time for yourself and meeting your own needs. That is going to help you reset and allow you to continue serving your family with love.

Problem #4 – Depending on Someone Else Financially

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In the past, many stay-at-home mothers were financially dependent on themselves. These powerful women were used to making their own money and being successful. However, when they decided to trade their briefcase for diaper changing duties, they became dependant on someone else. Therefore, many women who are currently in this situation feel guilty when shopping for themselves. This guilt trip that happens comes from separating themselves from the “breadwinner” of the family. The result is feeling like you have to justify the tiniest expense, and it can make your relationship with a significant other quite shaky.

During times like these, it is essential to understand that you are not worthless. You provide for your family, and, while you may have made your money in the past, times have changed.

Accept this idea and be proud of what you have done. Remember, you can always go back to work once your baby has grown. You can even take some online jobs that allow you to make your own money while staying at home. There are plenty of ways that will allow this to happen; all you have to do is to make sure you are not feeling guilty when it comes to spending. That woman you used to be is still there. You have just traded your old job for one that is more important right now.

Problem #5 – Being Taken For Granted

Source: Psychology Today

Kids leave toys everywhere; dishes are left all over the house, the bathroom is dirty again, and guess what – moms will take care of it. At some point, you might be feeling taken for granted. You have a lot of chores around the house – you clean the kitchen, do the dishes, the laundry, make sure the house is clean, and the various rooms are dusted, etc. That’s just a small portion of what you’re responsible for. If you see that your family is leaving a lot of their responsibilities unchecked, you will begin to feel you are being taken for granted.

The vital aspect of this problem is communication. When something like this happens, you need to talk with your significant other. It is essential to communicate your feelings to them so they can help you plan a family strategy. Once a plan has been set in place, call a family meeting, and address the current situation. Kids should be in charge of cleaning their room, picking up dishes, and making sure their dirty laundry is put in the correct place, etc. A happy family is a family that works together to ensure mom isn’t left with the majority of the work. If this has happened to you, you are probably feeling upset and unloved. However, it would help if you remember that communication is vital in resolving this problem.

You Are A Superhero

You have several different roles as a stay-at-home mom. In the past, you were used to being a powerhouse business-woman who loved the challenge of your job. Now that you have chosen to raise your child at home, you have taken on the ultimate challenge. The challenge of the housework. You are far from worthless, you are a superhero, and your powers are limitless. Sure, there will be problems that you will eventually face, but in the end, remember you are nurturing our next generation. There is nothing more important than that.