How AI Prevents Cheating in Online Casinos


Cheating in online casinos is wrong and (almost) impossible. Click here and learn how casinos are able to protect themselves from cheaters.

Since the dawn of time, people have been looking for creative ways to cheat the system. Cheating has its roots buried deep into all aspects of our lives. Crooks can have different intentions. Some are looking to gain an unfair advantage, while others do that out of despair. Regardless if one has bad intentions or believes it’s their constitutional right to behave like the modern Robin Hoods.

Nonetheless, cheating in online casinos, in any form, is a huge no-no. Cheaters will always have some brilliant excuse for their felonies. The ace from their sleeve, or at least they think it is, will always be the house advantage. While it’s true that online casinos’ built-in advantage has always been picking at punters’ minds, it can’t serve as a justification.

Online gambling is an extremely lucrative business. Its profitability serves as an invitation for crooks from both sides of the table. We won’t neglect the existence of rogue casinos as it would be irresponsible. We don’t want to pick sides. But also, we have to admit there are a number of people looking to cheat the system.

Each side has its tools in preventing potential issues. Players will always have resources such as Such websites represent valuable resources in finding licensed, trustworthy, and, therefore, legitimate casinos. On the other hand, casinos don’t have that luxury. Hence, they rely on the almighty AI. In the lines that follow, we’ll take a closer insight into the online casinos’ protection mechanisms.


How Can Players Cheat the System

If you’re tech-savvy, you can probably assume different ways people can gain an unfair advantage over online operators. But, for those typing “How to cheat online casino” in their browser, here comes a more detailed explanation. We would like to point out that players can be highly inspired and artistic when looking for loops in the system. Some of the ways are:

  • Guessing others’ username and password
  • RNG cheating in online casinos
  • Identity theft
  • Bonus abusers
  • Joint fraud

As you can see, online casinos are under constant siege. Thus, virtual venues use AI to build their stronghold. Read below and find out how casinos protect themselves from intruders.

Knock Knock; Who’s There?

One of the most common casino fraud types is guessing the players’ usernames and passwords. The scammers’ goal is evident here. Crooks will try to guess players’ account details and take over their ledger. This is where AI kicks in. It lies obfuscated and constantly looks for patterns. Then, if the AI recognizes suspicious action, it’ll block any logging-in attempts into the account. The gambling ledger owner will then receive a notification about fraudulent activities. In addition, it may trigger a chain of events where the said gambler will have to prove identity and account ownership.


Altering the RNG

As long as there’s the Internet, there will be hackers. One does not go without the other, unfortunately. Hacking is another popular form of cheating virtual operators. However, this type of fraud is more sophisticated than guessing peoples’ passwords. A skillful techie will regularly open an account. Then, they’ll try to manipulate and alter the RNG software.

As you already know, a Random Number Generator is an algorithm that exists to make sure all the outcomes in virtual gambling are independent of one another. Still, it’s just a bunch of codes. And like any other algorithm, it can be altered. Thus, when in the hands of a savvy technophile, the house edge can easily become the players’ edge.

However, playing on the edge (pun intended) and cheating in online casinos never pays out. Virtual operators have integrated AI software that follows both RNG and players’ behaviors. Hence, artificial intelligence software can prevent abusing the random number generator and modifying probabilities in the players’ favor.

The Face Behind the Mask

Identity theft in online casinos is one of the most common scams you’ll (hopefully not) encounter. The goal of such fraud is to steal players’ credit and debit card data from payment systems. The goal is to collect enough information and drain players’ bank accounts. In this case, scammers will look for the fastest paying systems. It’s essential for them to take the money and conduct their fraud as quickly as possible and leave a minimum trace.

This is why online casinos, especially licensed and regulated ones, use sophisticated protection to prevent such activities. In this case, AI monitors servers and payment processors, trying to predict and stop any identity theft attempts.


Bonus Hunters

It’s no secret that internet gambling is an overcrowded market. Hence, operators look for ingenious ways to attract punters to their flock. As a result, players have a plethora of promotions they can leverage. Still, all these perks aren’t enough for some players. There will always be someone looking to cut corners unfairly.

Welcome bonuses suffer a number of impacts. As you already know, these promotions are meant for newly registered players. Thus, crooks try to exploit them by creating several accounts, changing their IP addresses, and switching between devices.

Close, but no cigar. Thanks to AI, cheating in online casinos by abusing bonuses is almost impossible. Operators have built-in algorithms that crawl through every account, looking for suspicious and irregular activities. Whether they’re trying to cheat the system by opening multiple accounts or attempting to withdraw their funds without meeting the wagering condition, AI will recognize the pattern and report it to the casino system administrators.

We’re Stronger Together – or Not

Live casinos have become all the rage. People love the ability to enjoy an authentic traditional casino atmosphere. These types of games are led by professional and well-trained dealers instead of RNG software. Hence, there’s a human factor involved in the live casino outcomes, or at least to some extent.

The fact that dealers are not able to see you in person doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want on the other side. In this particular type of fraud, players will try to team up in the lobby. The way this works is simple. Players will share information between themselves and try to gain an unfair upper hand.

Still, they fail to remember that casinos have several layers of protection. Dealers represent the first. The casino staff is trained to look at and recognize cheating models and react accordingly. Secondly, casinos will always have someone monitoring the action and looking for suspicious models of behavior. Lastly, there’s an AI built-in software, which searches for each players’ web traces and raises a red flag if something out of the ordinary comes up.


Cheating in Online Casinos Is Simply Not Worth It

We don’t exactly know what happened to you to start searching for ways to exploit online casino vulnerabilities. Still, we have to conclude it’s not uncommon as one might think. One thing’s certain, as long as there are online casinos, there will be those who look to bend the rules to gain the upper hand. However, with the evolution of crooks, the casinos’ firewalls will progress. Finally, is it worth risking your freedom over a 3 or 4 digits gain? Not really. The moral of the story is that casinos will always look to upgrade their protection levels to make themselves and their players safe.