Amra Olevic Net Worth 2024

Amra Olevic, also known as Amrezy, is one of the most popular beauty and make-up artists on Instagram. Ever since childhood, her passion was make-up. When she became older, she managed to turn her hobby regarding beauty products into a successful business.

If you are interested in learning more about Amra Olevic, including her net worth, biography, and career, take a look at the following article.

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Early life

Born on May 8th, 1988, in Montenegro, Amra moved to the U.S. when she was 9 years old. Once her family moved to the States, they settled in New York City. Therefore, Amra grew up in Brooklyn.

Even though she was a part of the family with good material status, Amra always wanted to move out and start living on her own. At one occasion, she stated that she was bothered by the fact that her parents were very strict. So, when she turned 23, she got a place of her own and became fully independent.

When it comes to Amra’s education, she graduated from high school in 2006, after which she started going to college. However, she stopped her academic career, since she found it to be boring. All along, she was highly interested in make-up, but she observed it more as a hobby. When she left college, Amra decided to develop a career in make-up.

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Professional career

After quitting college, Olevic started attending Makeup Designory School. She also worked at Sephora when she was 22.

Her rise to popularity was gradual. In 2014, together with Brow Queen Anastasia, the influencer created a palette under the name ‘Amrezy’.  This product included various kinds of shades, such as matte, bright and crease colors, and shimmery ones.

The collaboration with Lip Land Cosmetics resulted in her creating a line of liquid lipsticks. The collection included 3 different products, named ‘Montenegro’, ‘Brookly’, and ‘Rezy’. The ‘Montenegro’ lipstick was inspired by her motherland, while ‘Brookly’ was inspired by the place she grew up in.

Currently, she works as a MAC make-up artist. Her career as a make-up artist is very successful since she is a brand ambassador for the famous companies like Bellami Hair and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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Personal life

She is known for being very close to Kim Kardashian, and her make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, who is also Montenegrin.

The nickname of this influencer dates back to her high school years.

When it comes to her personal style, she combines some high fashion brands with those which are affordable. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Amrezy to wear Forever 21, as well as Gucci pieces.

The boyfriend of this famous make-up guru is called Fernando.  Even though she doesn’t share much when it comes to her personal life, it is known that he is her biggest support when it comes to her career. On July 12th, 2017, the couple got engaged. She stated that they are planning to get married.

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Amra Olevic Net Worth 2024

Amra’s estimated net worth is around 2 million dollars. The majority of her earnings come from collaborations, advertising and social media.

She has 5.8 million followers only on her Instagram. Amra often posts sponsored posts on social media. She also has accounts on Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat.

When it comes to her YouTube account, she has around 50k subscribers.

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To sum up, Amra Olevic is one of the most successful make-up gurus of today. Presenting her work online brought her a huge number of followers, and thus, popularity. Even though she is very open when it comes to sharing her work and collaboration she does, she keeps her personal life out of the public eye. Therefore, there is not much information about her personal things.