Antonio Cuellar: The Luxury Travel Connoisseur Who Succeeded

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Antonio Cuellar is best known as a luxury resort photographer and cinematographer who specializes in capturing the architecture and lifestyle of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. He is very well known for his signature lighting and creative composition.

But did you know that he is a Luxury Travel Guide contributor too?

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People often confide in successful luxury travel connoisseurs about how they always dreamt of traveling the world for a living. For most, it sure is a fleeting dream during a moment of hatred at their current jobs. It’s something they would never actually figure out a way to do.

But for some people like Antonio Cuellar, the dream is real and more importantly, they have the drive to make it happen. And since we haven’t heard any travel blogger saying they hate exploring the magic of luxurious places, Oprah is right to feature the job of a luxury travel advisor as one of the “happiest jobs in America”. Antonio Cuellar had a lot of resilience to reach where he is right now and actually be part of the club “happiest jobs in America” too.

Not many people know but Anotonio Cuellar has a Bachelor degree in Arts, Sound Engineering and Music Production from Berklee College of Music. His education is followed by an MBA degree in Services Marketing from the University of Miami and even back then his activities and societies included being part of the Photography club. A degree in business has really helped him to communicate with his clients in the best way possible.

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His education did not end there though. He also is a licensed Remote Pilot (Drone Operator) from the U.S. Department of Transportation. His kind and generous nature also led him to do volunteer work for the organization Flashes of Hope where he was involved with this non-profit organization to benefit children suffering from cancer. In his career, Antonio did not only gather recognition but also accolades like Best Photographer of 2013 by the American Society of Media Photographers.

His love to explore magical luxurious hotels and resorts earned him a legendary eye for detail that also contributed to his successful career as a Luxury Travel Connoisseur. If anyone is looking forward to building a career as a luxury travel blogger or any luxury boutique hotel is looking forward to wise tips on how to cater to the needs of the luxury traveler of today, Antonio Cuellar is the man.

Cuellar now is one of the esteemed judges on the Luxury Travel Guide Awards. He, as an expert in luxury travel, lifestyle, and accommodation, decides with a panel of other esteemed judges like Travel Channel TV Host Anthony Melchiorri from Hotel Impossible and Shane Green host of TV show Resort Rescue, which are the best luxury products, services, individuals, and places where luxury travelers can find solace. They basically identify everything from the very best hotels to the airlines and even tour operators as they have scoured the globe and traveled extensively in order to be able to do so objectively.

Antonio Cuellar has offices in New York, London and Miami. He also owns the majority of his equipment. Having offices at three places, owning the majority of the equipment, timely delivery, and excellent client communication, ensure his clients receive work of the highest quality. There’d be no one who will disagree on the fact that the images he captures tell stories and accentuate the qualities of a property in the best way possible. One can have a look at his work both on his website Antonio Cuellar Photography or his Instagram account where he often posts about his work and shows his fondness towards luxury travel trivia.

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At the same time, he travels worldwide for his notable clients with assignments taking him to various parts of the world; Mexico, Ireland, China, Dubai. Scotland, etc. He also is approved by major hotel brands like Starwood, Marriott, and Hilton.

Not many people know but Antonio is fluent in Spanish and English and also has a working knowledge of the Portuguese language. The fact that he has a business degree helps him towards unmatchable client communication and also conveying his message in the most subtle and understandable way. One can read his guides on luxury travel at various places on his website.

After seamlessly traveling and collaborating with various clients he decided to find a way to translate his eye for detail in a career as a luxury travel advisor and connoisseur. Basically, he translated his passion into a career. Having a look at his work as an LGT contributor, an LGT Awards judge, and a luxury hotel and resorts photographer, one can understand his journey and also confirm that he enjoys every step of the planning process. He takes pride and must feel incredibly fulfilled to realize that he has created a life-altering experience for the guests and the hotels too.

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Having a look at his numerous interviews about luxury travel and his passion to curate the best luxury travel experiences available for the affluent travelers, we also come to think that he is born to do all of this and even continue to contribute with his beautiful insights about the luxury hotel industry. But the truth is that he has done a lot of hard work to reach where he is.

Antonio Cuellar is an inspiration for many aspiring luxury travel connoisseurs because he actually found his space in this industry. He is up to experiencing magical luxury experiences at the best of best places across the globe that too at the expense of his profession.

In a world where it is difficult to make a living by doing the work that you love to do, Antonio Cuellar is breaking the norm and is one of the very few people who are not only surviving but also making it big and succeeding at what they’re doing.

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Any job is a huge challenge at the beginning because it sure is going to be worth something. Antonio’s passion for travel as a lifestyle has made him even love the parts of the job that may not seem very glamorous. Every job has those parts. But the key is to really love to travel and have a passion to share it with people.

In the end, everyone should look up to him as far as branding oneself is concerned. In such industries, the #1 thing is to sell yourself the right way with extraordinary work and contribution to the hotel industry.