6 Most Popular Battle Royale Games to Play in 2024

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The beginning of this year brought us the Coronavirus outbreak, something which has caused a lot of people to stay home in order to keep themselves, as well as their loved ones safe. However, there is an additional thing that this event caused – a rise in the popularity of video games, more specifically, the battle royale genre.

If you are still staying home and keeping yourself healthy, you might want to enjoy some video games in order to kill time, and if so, you might be wondering – what are some of the best battle royale ones that I can try? Well, you are lucky since this is exactly what this article can help with. Let’s look at the games you should most definitely try during 2024:

1. CoD: Warzone

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When and if you take a look at the plot, you might conclude that this particular game completely varies from the traditional ones we are used to. Why? Well, it will make 150 people get into competition against each other until there is only 1 team left in the area. There is a wide range of respawns that can take a form of 1VS1 combats, you could gather some coins and use it on a new team, or you can choose to purchase streaks.

Additionally, all of the equipment and weaponry that you come across will be enough for the things you must do and the looting is best if you stick to gathering cash and ammunition. Keep in mind that it is incredibly complex, especially the zone where you will be placed. This means that you won’t be able to camp out and wait until the other people finish the match for you.

2. Dying Light: Bad Blood

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Like the previous one, this franchise also has an interesting twist – it is very complex and brutal. It is a fascinating combination of PvP and PvE, it places twelve individuals into a zone in order to battle it out, gather the ammo and weapons that you get, and escape the area as soon as you can.

However, did we state that there are zombies as well?! Yup, the most essential part of winning a match is to accumulate a sample of blood from different hives. By collecting it, you’ll regenerate and improve your health, and once you get it, your damage will be boosted. It is available on Steam as ‘Early Access’, nevertheless, it has already accumulated a mass following.

3. Garena Free Fire

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Free Fire is an online co-op battle royale game that is incredibly fun. In the beginning, you’ll be parachuting on an island with 50 other individuals, you’ll need to quickly gather your supplies, and defeat the other members. You can, of course, choose the position you’ll start from, the equipment, as well as supplies that can help your health if needed.

Now, you should know that there are websites similar to www.BebasBayar.com that offer various tips and tricks about how to install and run it, however, they also offer free coupons that you can use when you are playing. Such platforms will not only help you with learning more about the strategies you can utilize but, they can also help with improving your skills.

4. Ring of Elysium

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As mentioned, the popularity of this genre is becoming increasingly popular, which is why more and more developers look for ways to make their projects special. And, the developers behind ‘Ring of Elysium’ did just that. The maps in this game have all been destroyed by different natural disasters, which are areas that you must avoid if you want to survive and beat other people.

Be prepared for a lot of surprises in the form of erupting volcanos, BMX riders that will annoy you quite a lot, as well as avalanches that might end up taking your life quickly. However, with all the equipment such as skis, snowboards, and climbing tools, you’ll surely be able to find interesting ways to reach your objective.

5. Zombs Royale

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If you are a fan of Indie games, you’ll definitely love this one. Zombs Royale is completely free to play and you can play on every single device that has a stable Internet connection, and it is perfect for people who love versatile plot. The beginning of each match is similar to all the other – you begin with being dropped on an island, at a random location.

Once you are there, you can then begin collecting various weapons from chests that you come across, and then you can slowly start exploring the map until you are the only one left there. But, one of the biggest differences about this and other battle royale franchises is that it has a top-down view, hence, you might need to get used to it a little bit before you can succeed.

6. Darwin Project

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Are you getting a bit bored by constantly running around while searching for other players that you can defeat? Well, this one takes that away by showing that this genre does not have to be about constantly running around. Instead, they offer people a few team members, a smaller map, fewer areas to explore, and absolutely no weapons.

If you watched the ‘Hunger Games’, then you might think that it was the inspiration behind this game, especially since it highlights battling other people by setting up traps and attacking other players with melee combat. The best thing about this game? It is completely free, and you can get it on Steam.

Before we finish this article, it is worth mentioning that you probably noticed that we did not mention popular games such as PUBG, Fortnite, or Apex Legends, but, this is because these games are already so popular. Of course, you can choose to play them, nonetheless, if you are interested in something new and entirely different, you should opt for playing one of the games mentioned in the list above.


As you can see, there is a wide range of battle royale games that will help you with not being bored while staying at home. So, now that you know what you can opt for, you should not lose any more time. Instead, choose one from the list above, get your gaming equipment, and start having fun right away!