Top 4 Benefits of Using Chatbots (2020)

The main use of chatbots is to further enhance the effectiveness of a business’s online presence. Chatbots are slowly becoming very popular amongst entrepreneurs and startups.

Those that do use such technology are clever enough to see the benefits that come with them. From a purely business standpoint, you only want the best for your business to succeed. And that is precisely what this technology provides business owners.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits that come with using chatbots.

1. Chatbots Greatly Benefit Users

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There are three main benefits when it comes to users of such technologies. By users, we mean the people that the chatbots are meant to help. These are ordinary website visitors who’ve stumbled upon the website in question to enquire about the businesses’ service.

The three main benefits are:

  • 24/7 Customer Support:

Unlike human customer support, where the issue of strict work times and long queues are almost guaranteed, chatbots completely eliminate both and provide users with 24/7 customer support.

This means that every time you need to enquire about specific things, the technology will be available for you to do so. Furthermore, a response is almost instantaneous and users save on average four minutes of their time.

  • Instant Answering

To elaborate on the previous point, instant answering is a huge benefit of using this technology.

No one wants to wait in line, especially not if we are in a hurry. Since chatbots are client-side, they instantly reply whenever we ask a question or enquire about specific things.

Chatbots are an excellent way to keep your customers satisfied.

  • Ordering and Booking

This technology has the potential to sell a service or product. Furthermore, their use goes beyond the buying process and they even allow for orders to be placed. By using this tech, you can put an end to customers having to call you for booking an appointment, buying a product, or placing orders.

2. They Generate Leads

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Moving onto the benefits that come with chatbots for the business, nothing beats more than having an automated process generate leads.

Since businesses sell their products and services across various channels on the World Wide Web, a great deal of importance is placed on how effectively they can sell their services and products.

A customer visits your website or social media account to inquire about a product or service.

The customer does this because he is interested in buying from you, so the connection must be established. The best way to do so, without the customer having to do so, is to use chatbots.

In the case of both websites and social media accounts whenever a customer visits your website, the chatbot will pop up somewhere in the bottom right corner.

This effectively established a connection between your business and the customer, and it can be done only through the use of such technology.

3. Solve Customer Service Costs

Source: Freshdesk

On average, businesses spend around $1.5 trillion per year on solving customer requests. This is a staggering amount of money for having to answer questions and requests.

And, according to, a service that allows you to employ your own business chatbot, the technology can help reduce costs up to 45%!

Most of the fees come in the form of hiring new employees. And as any business owner knows, new employees need to be paid, trained and provided equipment to work on.

These costs can accumulate through time, and it only weighs down on the business. Furthermore, having to pay people to work 2nd and 3rd shifts can cost you even more, hence why businesses that use human customer support don’t provide the service at a specific time of the day.

Businesses can cut back on these costs without even compromising the quality of their customer support. Through the use of such technology, a business can scale its support to accommodate every person regardless of when they need support.

Another thing this tech does is fully automate the ticketing process. This means that not only will they provide each customer with an answer, but they will create a ticket, store it in your database, and archive it.

So, with zero costs, you can use AI customer support and scale it depending on your working needs. Click here for AI Course.

4. Help With Engagement

Source: Small Business Trends

Brands and businesses want customers to engage with them through various means. However, a recent study has pointed out that chatbots can increase customer engagement by up to 40% if the tech is implemented in the right way.

The technology cannot communicate with customers on its own, you need to make certain tweaks and changes for it to successfully work.

So, to help you, here is how you can create the most effective bot to increase customer engagement.

  • Make the Customer Satisfied

The customer wants someone to come and solve his problem. Since the tech will instantly reply and communicate with the customer, it will make the customer himself satisfied.

  • Personalized Touch

With the help of big data, chatbots can be thought to learn how the customer engages and communicates with it.

Thanks to the machine learning algorithms, the chatbot can analyze each reply and provide an answer based on it. This level of personalization can make customers engage more with your brand, by knowing that you are a trusted source for information and a problem solver.

  • Improve UX

One large factor that determines how satisfied a customer is is to provide him with the best possible experience while browsing your website.

By using this tech, you are providing the user with more information and more channels where he can reach you. With instant messaging, you are eliminating customer dissatisfaction.

By having chatbots communicate in real-time with your visitors, you are solving their problems and helping them navigate throughout the buying process.

As a matter of fact, this service can be used to help the customer complete the purchase, by providing key information related to the product or service.