How To Style A Leather Briefcase With Any Outfit: 4 Fashion Tips


Briefcase – an integral part of the image of women, performing various functions. The first task of this item – serves as a repository of all the necessary things, because, unlike men, women find it difficult to leave the house without a mirror, comb, or cosmetics, to quickly adjust their appearance. Everything else, somewhere you need to store your keys, phone, wallet, and many other things, storage that people use pockets or purses.

Women can never have enough bags. Light, dark in color, large and small, classic and modern, for shopping, for every day, and for going out, a woman simply needs a bag for every occasion. There used to be a strict rule that the bag had to match the belt and shoes. However, the democracy that has prevailed in the world of fashion in recent years leaves us enough freedom to play and experiment with different pieces of clothing, not necessarily paying attention to trends, but listening to our own feelings. Current fashion trends allow complete freedom for women who take care of their style. The mixing of colors, prints, and materials are present both in high and street fashion.


Many women try to find one bag for every occasion that they can wear and combine with every outfit. Many will say that you should choose a classic black bag and you will not be wrong, however, another color is much more suitable for combining than black. We are talking about various shades of brown – camel, beige, khaki, and others. If you have a brown bag, you will easily be able to combine it with all other colors. Brown, as the color of the earth, belongs to natural colors, so it goes well with many other colors. What is important is that the bag is of high quality and timeless, and we are sure that most women will agree that you can find all that in a good leather briefcase. In any case, read below how to combine it with every outfit and always look classy and modern.

Sports style


Just as everyone should have a little black dress, a white shirt, and quality jeans in their wardrobe, it is also important to have a womens leather briefcase that will go with everything and that will, of course, not only look good but also fulfill their practical role. Many will think that a leather bag cannot be combined with a sports outfit, and we will tell you right away – you are wrong! Classic white leather sneakers, ripped jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a plaid shirt tied around the waist look super-modern. Add to all this one large bag that you will carry in your hand. What color? It’s up to you to choose, we’re sure you won’t make a mistake!

Shoulder bag


It is worn over the shoulder on the opposite side and is ideal for all occasions – of course, this largely depends on the bag model you choose. It is best if it is of medium size, neutral colors, with only a few decorations. You can’t go wrong with this bag, no matter what style of clothing you like. It looks neutral, fits perfectly with a wardrobe of any color, and exudes elegance.

From all the above, it is clear to you that it is not very difficult to fit women’s bags with the rest of the outfits. You can always find inspiration on the Internet, and what is important is that you have a few basic models, and you will expand the range depending on the occasion.

The size of the bag

As one of the most important fashion accessories, bags have always been a favorite piece of every woman, and a quality selection of handbags speaks volumes about style and taste.

Bearing this in mind, fashion houses offer a series of new models of unusual shapes and forms, interesting patterns, and different sizes every season.

Business look


Who says that the business look has to be strict and boring? Combine a business dress and coat with sturdy ankle boots and a sleek black leather bag. You’ll look business-like but trendy. And you will have no problem extending it into an evening out after work.

As you can see, the possibilities of combining a leather bag are many, and with a little effort, you can always look like you just stepped off the catwalk. A big advantage is that today you can combine various styles and that you don’t necessarily have to adhere to the main fashion rule “less is more”.

In order for the briefcase to fit perfectly with each of your outfits, it is necessary to take into account the size. So, the bag should be big enough so that everything you carry with you can fit in it so that you don’t have to carry extra things in your hands or in your bags because that will definitely spoil your styling. The size of the briefcase is also determined by your body shape. In principle, larger women are better suited to larger bags, while smaller women will be better suited to medium and smaller bags. Try on bags in the store just like clothes, and don’t buy them based on their visual beauty. Put it next to your body, turn around, and pay attention to what the bag emphasizes and what it conceals.

For evening outings and formal occasions, small handbags are enough for you, in which, in addition to the three listed items, you can also put lipstick, so that you can fix your make-up. Any model of jeans and women’s round bags will refresh your wardrobe. Although the combination of green and yellow reminds us of a freshly cut lawn and is the perfect combination for summer, it can be experimented with even when there is not much sun. When you match this combination with jeans or a simple gray outfit, you will look striking but stylish.