Best Chef YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

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Cooking is a passion for many, and although spending a lot of time creating the perfect meal just to down it in under a minute doesn’t sound too rewarding, it’s surely one of the best feelings ever. Although it’s not easy to start creating these aesthetically-pleasing meals, we cannot deny the fact that we live in the age of the internet, so almost everything that we want to learn is available in less than two clicks.

YouTube is probably the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, and there you can find so many different types of content, including cooking channels, shows, and tons of different cooking-related activities. The reason why so many people find this hobby appealing is exactly this, the tons of unique and easily-accessible content through which you can learn so much about making the perfect meals for you and your family members.

In today’s article we’ve decided to list some of the best Chef YouTube Channels that you can follow in 2024, so if you’re currently looking for some extra motivation or just a few cool ideas, stay tuned because we have a lot to show you. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at our recommendations.

Pro Home Cooks

This channel currently has about one and a half million subscribers, which is a pretty impressive number, and across all of the videos posted there, we count an approximate number of 120 million views. It’s not your regular cooking content, because the person running this channel considers this to be an art, and his main goal is to teach others how to treat it as an art, how to be connected with the process of creating meals and all of what’s considered the spiritual part of it. The content is unique because of the location, which is the kitchen studio that he built from scratch, and included videos of the entire process. How amazing is that?

How to Cake It

If your sweet tooth is “itching” and you are looking forward to creating something delicious and good looking, How to Cake It is a channel where you can learn so much about it. Yolanda is the name of the person running the channel, and she has quite a lot of experience in making cakes. The channel has four million subscribers and almost half a billion in views across all of the videos posted there. Please note that this is not your ordinary cake channel, as most of the things posted here are just ridiculous and over-the-top creative. Some cakes contain surprises inside when you cut them, but we don’t want to spoil anything for the potential future viewers, so make sure to head there and take a look for yourself.

High Carb Hannah

With over sixty-two million views and six hundred thousand subscribers, High Carb Hannah is one of the sweetest YouTubers in the cooking field on this entire platform. She’s still relatively “new” compared to some of the channels who already have millions of subs, but she’s doing a very good job at entertaining and spreading positivity. She’s known for her amazing transformation where she lost about eighty pounds of bodyweight and completely re-shaped her life and future. Now she motivates others through her own experience and stories, and it’s a channel that we wholeheartedly recommend if you want to learn how to cook and become a happier person in general.

Nathan Chase Plummer

If you are interested in cooking, but you want to focus on healthy meals that get your body in perfect shape and allow you to look great with your shirt off, this is the right place to be. Nathan Chase Plummer is an author, a YouTuber, and a creator, and he’s the one who runs the brand Look Great Naked. If you require motivation and a bit of extra knowledge on all of these things, one of the best people to take advice from is exactly him.

You Suck At Cooking

Well, it was about time that we added a hilarious channel on this list, so if you’re in for some laughs and quality cooking content, You Suck at Cooking is a great place to be. It currently has about 1,8 million subscribers and 170 million views across all of the videos. You’ll learn a lot from this show because the content is dedicated to all those who are not familiar with cooking at all, and while learning, you’ll have tons of fun because most of the videos, if not all of them, are made with the purpose to make someone laugh. Videos are not very frequent, but they’re not rare either. On average, one or two videos are being uploaded through the course of one month.

Avant-Garde Vegan

Did you think that we would let all of you vegans down by not adding a single vegan channel on this list? We know better than that, and today we have a wonderful recommendation for a YouTube channel if you are not already familiar with Avant-Garde Vegan. This is a channel where you can learn many new recipes for vegan meals directly from Gaz Oakley. Gaz also has his cookbook published so feel free to take a look at that as well if you like his content and the way he prepares meals. The channel is very entertaining and it will most definitely teach you to cook some interesting meals even though they’re vegan. Who said that you cannot have great pizzas, casseroles, and all sorts of different desserts without including any animal-based products?

Laura in the Kitchen

Last but not least, Laura in The Kitchen is a channel with over 3,5 million subscribers, so it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a very successful one. These numbers only show that the content posted here is top-quality and a lot of people find it appealing. We expected nothing less from someone present on the YouTube scene for almost ten years, and we recommend Laura’s videos to anyone who wants to learn how to cook at home without any fancy or expensive equipment. The best thing about this channel is the fact that Laura cooks meals based on the requests from her viewers, so if you want to see something done by her, head over there and write it in the comment section.