How To Become A Successful YouTube Channel Manager?

YouTube is currently the most developed and probably the best platform for uploading videos on the entire Internet. There are other alternatives such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, Metacafe, but they are far from the pristine design and performance of YouTube. This platform is so big and developed right now, it has more than 2 billion users that log in every single month. That is probably 25% of the population of planet Earth. Considering how big this website is, becoming successful on it is becoming more and more difficult. But, with a YouTube channel manager, success is still possible.

Unfortunately, many people believe that the chances of becoming a successful YouTuber on this platform is now almost impossible. It is true that it is offered saturated with millions and millions of content creators, but that does not mean that a person cannot break through and build the success that they want.

However, becoming famous on this website is now easily done with a proper channel manager. I assume that you are not paying me to become a creator, but a person that will manage someone’s YouTube channel. But, becoming successful in this is also quite difficult without the proper knowledge of the platform.

But, you will not have to worry, because I am writing this article to help you with exactly that. Make sure you read through the end and learn what it takes to become the best possible manager for a channel.

What is a YouTube channel manager’s goal?

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I assume that you have a lot of questions about this role and what are its obligations. Well, to put it simply, the content creator creates content while the manager works on everything else. The entire point of connecting these two roles is to help the artist have the free time to be as creative as possible. If the artists would have to worry about editing videos, uploading them, engaging with viewers, creating a playlist, and everything else that needs to be done to make a successful video, he/she would not have any time left to focus on content creation.

This is why another person takes the role of a community manager and deals with all of these other objectives. So, if you were to take on this role, you would have to focus on uploading videos to the website on time and scheduling future ones. You also have to work on finding the right keywords, putting in the right tags, writing a detailed description, making sure that everything is according to the rules and regulations of this platform.

It is also important to add the video to a certain playlist, promoted on the right social media sites, engage with viewers in the comments section, analyzing the viewership data, and many other things.

Sometimes, this role may even require you to edit the videos which can be quite difficult if you do not have any kind of experience with editing software such as Adobe Premiere, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro.

What kind of skills do you need?


The next thing you are probably asking yourself is whether you are illegible to take on such a role. Would anyone accept you with your skills? Are you good enough to become a community manager on YouTube? Or maybe you are too good to take on this kind of role?

Well, the most important skill set you will require is to have a good understanding of the entire platform. It does not matter if you have marketing or technical skills if you do not know the way this site works, how are you going to help a content creator provide good content? It is vital to ensure that you have a good understanding of the rules and regulations of YouTube. Go through every profile settings you can find and see what your capabilities are on this website.

Believe it or not, but even for this kind of role, you may require a certain type of diploma, especially if you expect to work with popular and successful YouTubers.

You also need extensive social skills considering that you will be in constant communication with the viewers of the channel, you will need technical skills in case something goes wrong with the video, the website shows errors, the file gets corrupted and so on. Having a good idea of how to work well with computers is essential.

The ability to multitask and to deal with several social media accounts is also important. However, if you don’t think you are able to take on this kind of a role, you should consider hiring or taking the advice from Fiverr professionals such as Drorgolan that have been doing this for a much longer time and have a large number of satisfied clients.

How much can you make?

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The next thing you are probably wondering is how much money you can exactly make from this profession. Well, the salary for a YouTube channel manager can vary by a lot. The reason that it varies by so much is that it depends on the YouTuber you are working for. For example, if you were to work for someone such as Pewdiepie or Markiplier which have millions of subscribers on the platform, you would probably be paid well over a hundred thousand dollars a year considering they make several million a year.

But, while working with a smaller channel, you probably will not be making as much, but you can still make quite a lot of money. Keep in mind, that some channels require a manager that works only an hour or two a day. If you were to work just two hours a day means that you will be paid for only two hours a day.

Get in contact with YouTubers

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Now that you have a good idea of what you are supposed to do, which skills you need, and how much money you make, you can start getting in contact with YouTuber to find some work. I would recommend starting with channels with a lower subscriber count and then start working towards the ones that have a much bigger number of subscribers. Offer them your services and your skill and I am sure they will be willing to accept you as their channel manager.

As you can see, becoming a channel manager on YouTube is not that difficult as it first seemed. With the right amount of effort, you can do anything you want.