4 Best Roofing Materials for Longevity

If you’re on the market for a new roof, then the first place to look is the various roofing materials.

As you might expect, roofs aren’t built from one or two types of materials. To put it bluntly, there are so many out there that can help you decide when needing to renovate.

But whenever we’re examining and looking over the pros and cons of each, we have to take into consideration one key feature – longevity.

Longevity is the sort of thing that makes sure we don’t get a bad return on our investment. Since building or renovating a roof isn’t exactly a cheap investment, it would be ideal for the thing to last.

And some great materials really do last.

But to understand what material is best for longevity, we will have to go through some of them and see for ourselves.

So without further ado, let’s start.

1. Asphalt

Source: Refined Exteriors

Asphalt is a very common roofing material that many households have. This roof is built by attaching asphalt shingles one next to another for the purpose of protecting your home from the elements.

And this material is actually pretty great when it comes to longevity, considering the price. Apart from the fact that you can install one yourself, it will cost you around $2.30 per square foot to install asphalt.

But what sort of longevity do you get considering the price? Well, experts say that an asphalt roof can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years before needing replacing.

The total amount of replacing over a 100 year period is around 12. If we take the average price of installing an asphalt roof to $4,200 then we can safely say that it will cost you around $50,400 over a 100 year period.

2. BUR (Built-Up-Roofing)

Source: Phoenix Roofing Team

BUR is a popular material that is made out of tar, fiberglass, and felt. This material is very easy to install as all you need to do is essentially lay it out on top of the roof.

The thing to note about this material is that it is very inexpensive. Installation can be a painful job as BUR does smell funny. What you get with BUR is a fire-resistant and water-resistant roof that lasts for decades.

It is estimated that BUR can last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. If you are to reach the maximum lifespan of the roof, you will need to do regular inspections and repairs.

BUR is slightly more expensive than asphalt, at around $4 per square foot. If we take a 2000 sq foot roof then we can safely assume that it will cost you around $8, 000. Considering an average lifespan of 25 years, you will need to do 4 replacements over a 100 year period. Excluding repairs, that’s a total of $32,000.

But we do have to take into account repairs and services that install these materials. So whenever on the market for a new roof, you will have to talk to businesses and companies that provide roofing services. Some will give you poor rates while others are much more favorable. And if that’s something you’re looking for, make sure to visit Cavalry Roofing.

3. Wood Shingles

Source: Modernize

When it comes to a more organic look and feel, then look no further than wooden shingles. Wood shingles are usually made from pine or cedarwood; two types of trees that are extremely durable and offer resistance from the elements. But you won’t be simply putting wood onto your roof.

These shingles will need to be properly installed based on certain standards. So naturally, DIY-ing with this one is out of the question unless you happened to be extremely knowledgeable.

With that said, wood shingles are some of the best materials for achieving longevity. On average, wood shingles can last anywhere between 35 to 40 years. This makes them a pretty solid investment. But if its longevity is so good, then what will you pay for it?

Well, wood shingles cost as much as $13 per square foot. In placing wooden shingles on a 2000 sq foot roof, then you will need to fork out as much as $26,000!

Considering the lifespan of 35 years, it will cost you anywhere between $65,000 and $78,000 over a 100 year period.

The costs are understandable much higher than other materials, but you get so much more in return. As always, talk to a professional before purchasing the material to know all the pros and cons of wooden shingles.

4. Metal

Source: Lewis Walker Roofing

Metal is one of the materials with the longest lifespan out there. Some quote metal between 40 and 80 years while others between 30 and 60. It all depends on the type of metal, how much you take care of it, and how good a job you do.

But do know that metal roofs easily surpass the 75-year mark!

This type of roof comes in many variants. Some metal roofs provide a better job than others. Standing-steam metal roofs are made out of large steel panels that provide extra protection against the elements.

And these can cost more than your average metal roof.

When discussing price, what you’ll get as an offer will range in the $18 mark for copper, $13 for zing, and $10 for aluminum.

Naturally, you’ll get very different prices when you do your calculations. But a thing to note is that most will last more than 50 years.

So whichever you go about this, you are making a sound investment. Metal is highly regarded as the best roofing material out there, simply because it offers you so much in return. It is also regarded as the most cost-effective solution for all of your roofing needs, so you should consider it.


While these aren’t all of your options, they are options nonetheless. The ones we mentioned are some of the most modern options that American homeowners enquire about. Consider each one and determine the best for your needs. Maybe an asphalt roof is right for you, or maybe an aluminum or perhaps copper roof.