How to Find the Best Student Storage Deals

Student storage has become increasingly popular with the hike in rent prices. A storage unit can come in handy whether or not you’re a student, but the real problem arises when the time comes to pick and pay for one.

There are some secrets by STORED to getting the best bang for your buck, though. It just requires a little extra effort on your part.

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Off-Peak Seasons

Everyone’s aware that universities and colleges start their semesters in the first week of September, or at least they do in most parts of the world. This means, you are looking at much higher pricing during the summer and fall months, the most expensive being September.

If you begin your search a bit earlier than needed, or slightly later, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds in the long run. Try living with your clutter until December.

Besides, before renting a storage unit, you should move into your new living space, whether it’s a dormitory or a shared house, and assess what you own and how much you need with you. Start decluttering! This way, you can save money when it comes to the size too.

Many student storage facilities have discounts during breaks, such as winter or summer holidays. These extend over onto the peak seasons as well, which saves you a ton of money.

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Long Term Contracts

In the real world, rent agreements are more affordable the longer you require the space. The same goes for student storage.

If anything, you are going to be attending classes for at least nine months, so why even bother going for short term contracts? Your storage unit will be useful until you’re back home or off-campus on a more permanent basis, which you will not be for at least two semesters.

The most expensive rates will be daily ones. Even though it may seem low at only four pounds, it accumulates to over a hundred pounds at the end of one month. Instead, you could have just had a monthly rental plan for about ninety pounds.

Some storage unit facilities actually give discounts on longer stays. A few of these have up to fifteen per cent off your entire payment if you rent for over six months. Perfect for students!

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Minimize Transport Costs

The only money that will go into your student storage isn’t just the rent. You have to understand how you’re going to get to the storage unit and how frequently you’ll need to. Additionally, if your items are large or bulky, how will you get them there in the first place?

In the rare chance that you need to visit the unit numerous times a week, you want to make sure it’s near where you’re living, studying or working. This will save gas money or train fare.

Prices of student storage run greater in more accessible areas, such as in the walking distance of large universities. So, if you don’t think you’ll have to visit the storage unit often, you may be better off renting a unit in a more remote location. This will require long commutes.


Use Incognito Mode

The internet knows everything about everyone. If you’ve even searched ‘student storage near so-and-so university’, that information is backed up in your cookies.

When you search for rentals online using your regular browser, the computer will give you more expensive options because it knows what dates you’re most likely to need it on, as well as how desperate you are for a quick find.

To protect yourself against this, use the ‘Incognito Mode’ on Google Chrome, or any kind of private browsing feature. You’ll be able to see the same storage unit for a little bit cheaper.

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Websites That Do the Work for You

Technology has made everything easier. Now, instead of spending hours going through student storage listings, you can input your details onto a website!

There are many ways to go about this, but they all run in similar ways. They’ll filter all the options they have on their site to help you find the best student storage in your budget and your desired location.

Using these methods, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect storage unit at an affordable price.

Student Storage Is Cheaper Than Moving House

Here are some real life facts.

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Getting Roommates

One way to get a more expensive home is by renting it with some roommates. In this way, two or more people can divide the rent of a larger home amongst themselves.

Roommate horror stories are available in abundance online, so there’s definitely risk involved with who you get paired up with. You could either be very different and not get along, or they could be the leader of some cult. It may be rare, but still possible.

But to live alone would mean paying more than necessary, so there’s a chance of either situation going horribly wrong or going great! Unfortunately, you won’t know how things will go until your lease is signed. Regardless of the outcome, you’re stuck with your fate.

Temporary Fixes

Be honest with yourself. Do you truly believe the hoarding needs a temporary fix or will it be permanent? Don’t try moving house if you think you can utilize the space you have later.

Hiring student storage is the best short-term way to keep things you don’t want to part with.  They have plans where you can pay by the day, the week, the month or the year. If you’re waiting to send some things to your parents’ house or elsewhere, student storage will do.


Transport Costs

Moving house does not mean picking up everything you own into your arms and walking across the street. It requires moving trucks and some way to get to and from the two places.

Moving trucks can cost quite a bit for the day, especially if you need movers as well as a driver. However, many student storage facilities offer pickup and delivery with their plans, which would save you so much money in the long term!

It is much more cost-effective in most cases to rent out a student storage unit than it is to completely move to a new house, especially if you are still only a student.