5 Biggest Pools in the World in 2024

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A lot of people do not know this, but, swimming is one of the oldest human activities – however, although it goes back to 6.000 BCE, humans have been swimming for much longer. Scientists discovered that the earliest found pool was built over 4.500 years ago, and since then, people have always enjoyed this activity.

Swimming pools bring a lot of happiness to people living far away from the sea or lakes, but, some of the ones built worldwide are simply amazing. If you are interested in learning what the biggest ones are, the text below might help you since it will feature a list of the largest swimming pools worldwide. Let’s take a closer look:

1. “The Crystal Lagoon” – Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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Area: 96.437 m²

During 2012, the world’s biggest pool was built at a well-known resort in Egypt. A wide range of news channels reported that it was 121.406 m², however, according to the Guinness World Record experts, it expands over 96.437 m². Besides it being the biggest one, it also holds a record of being the biggest artificial lagoon worldwide.

This large area of liquid is just 1 out of 12 Crystal Lagoons in this mesmerizing city and when their sizes are combined, they take over 1.000.000 square meters – which you must admit is quite amazing. The lagoons are surrounded by more than 250.000 cubic feet of sand, which creates a breathtaking oasis in the middle of a dessert.

Fun Fact!

You probably do not know this, however, the Crystal Lagoon contains saltwater. Now, you might be wondering, how is this possible? Well, the saltwater comes from underground wells in the desert, however, it is not as useful as real saltwater since it does not have the same characteristics.

2. “San Alfonso Del Mar” – Algarrobo, Chile

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Area: 80.000 m²

This one used to hold the record for the largest one before the Crystal Lagoon took over that title. This incredible area of water is over 80.000 m² and it contains over 250 million liters of water – which is extremely a lot of water when you think about it. Similar to the previously mentioned lagoon, it also has a saltwater level.

Besides it being quite large, this one is also quite long, which is quite amazing if you are planning on doing long laps. If you are thinking about installing a lap pool, there are some things that you should know before installing it in your yard, and if you are in this situation, you should check out compasspools-sydney.

Fun Fact!

Back when the architects were still coming up with the plans for this resort, they concluded that it should have 400 units, however, after this incredible pool was built, they decided to add an additional 1.000 units all around the lagoon – this ensured that more people can visit the resort at the same time.

3. “Maha Samutr” – Hua Hin, Thailand

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Area: 72.034 m²

Now, if you want a super luxurious vacation, you should opt for visiting the amazing Maha Samutr which is located in a private country club in the ever-green Thailand. Besides it being quite luxurious and breathtaking, it is also the biggest pool in entire Asia! The size of it is 72.034 m² and its location is simply amazing.

There are more than 80 villas there and they were either built before or after the pool was constructed, however, an interesting thing is that they are all connected to the lagoon. There is also a country club near the water, where the residents can enjoy various things with their membership.

Fun Fact!

The entire complex and resort were designed by a well-known and respected Japanese architect called Kengo Kuma – and if you did not hear about him before, do check some of his work, it is quite amazing. The villas can be purchased, but of course, they do not come with a cheap price tag. The prices range from 1.2 – 2.5 million dollars.

4. “Dream World” – Karachi, Pakistan

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Area: 8.903 m²

This lagoon holds a world record as the largest freshwater pool in the world, and it expands over 8.903 square meters. It is situated at the Dream World resort, hotel, and golf course in Pakistan. It also holds a record as the largest pool in that specific part of the world.

This body of water is large enough to hold up to 8 million liters of water and since it is this large, tourists that visit Pakistan and this amazing place can rent watersports gear such as a rowboat, an inflatable slide, as well as a canoe.

Fun Fact!

Besides having the interesting Fun Lagoon Pool, the resort, Dream World also has its very own artificial beach, which is the first-ever in Pakistan!

5. “Piscine Alfred Nakache” – Toulouse, France

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Area: 7.500 m²

This body of water is not only the biggest in France, but it is the biggest in Europe as well. It was named after a French Olympic swimmer and it expands over 7.500 square meters. Besides that, it is also 12.5 meters wide, and the maximum depth that it has is two meters.

If you ever find yourself in France, you can visit this incredible structure for a small fee, and there is also a discounted membership that you can purchase if you plan on coming back several times. There are also various events held there, especially the ones interesting for children and adults.

Fun Fact!

Alfred Nakache did compete in several Olympic games, however, his most memorable one was during 1948, an event where he did not win a medal. He was the only athlete that was put and held in a concentration camp during WWII.


As you can see, these incredible pools are the largest in the world, and even if you do not like swimming, seeing the pools in person and dipping your feet in the water will feel amazing. So, now that you know which ones are the biggest, do not waste any more time and start researching which ones you can visit.