Want to Build the Ultimate Man Cave? Here Are 6 Tips

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It’s most men’s dream: having the ultimate man cave. Because it’s the place where men can go and let down their hair, invite friends or watch sporting events. No to mention the drinks that pass their throats. But in this era, a man cave is so much more than just a messy basement. It should be a practical area where all dreams can actually come true. So what are you going to need? Here are 5 things that you need to think about.

When I think of a man cave I think of a smoky room, a bar, pool table, bawdy magazines and of course lots of beers, shots and whiskey. Not that many wifes are real liquor lovers, but if we need to believe Peaky Blinders, whiskey is the new water. If there is a spare room in your house or apartment, surprise your sidekick to change it as a real man’s cave room. As a man you can leave the stress of everyday life behind you and get on with your hobby undisturbed. With the tips below for setting up a man cave, you can create a cool men’s room.

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1. You need a plan

You can’t just tell your wife the basement is no longer a storage room. And from tomorrow on, it will be your new man cave. You need to think of a plan and commit to research. Think about the space that you will have as your new man cave. If it’s going to be the garden shed, you need to think about a seasonal man cave with a jacuzzi from FonteynSpas. Otherwise you’re going to need some proper isolation so you can also chill there in winter. Luckily, a jacuzzi is an all seasons kind of thing. This also counts for the garage and other badly isolated places in your house.

2. Think of a scheme

With this, Pinterest will be your new best friend. Because it has thousands of colour schemes and ideas in just one mouse click away. Of course, you don’t have to pick an actual colour scheme or any scheme at all. But overall inspiration is always good for a guideline. What do you want your man cave to embody? Does it have to be extremely manly or do you just want a sportscafé appearance? Or maybe you just want your own cinema room.

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Which room is suitable for a man cave?

Before building a man cave, you need to decide which room you want to use. Usually the cellar, garage or attic is used, but a garden house is also conceivable where you can create a nice men’s room. Our goal is to convert the coach house in Apeldoorn into a men’s base with its own bar, music installation and wall posters.

A place to immerse yourself in the masculine pleasures of life. And to inaugurate the room right away, I’d be happy to tip you on a sturdy sign or metal plate that says you’re entering his man cave. That is of course a must! This was the first to be ordered.

3. Make sure it’s multifunctional

It’s most important that you have a multifunctional man cave. A multifunctional man cave basically means that it has multiple purposes. Take for example a movie room. But don’t place it in the middle of the room otherwise you don’t have any space left for other activities like an air hockey- or ping pong table.

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4. Add some neon and a customized bar

You often see that neon lights are considered a no go. However, neon lights make you go back to the crazy 70’s and 80’s. Where everything was possible and no one really cared about anything. And if you want a proper man cave, that’s kind of the point. So, neon signs are fun and a good attribute to a man cave. You can also add other fun objects from the past. Such as a jukebox and vinyl player.

Plan your own small bar for your drink collection. You can use it in a chest of drawers or you can build a real bar with a counter, LED strips and your own beer tap. Then nothing stands in the way of the next men’s evening. Complete your man cave with a pool table, poker table, dart board, roulette, chess board or an old pinball machine. Just your own cafe at home, how cool is that!

Check the marketplace and flea markets regularly for cool decorations and accessories for the bar. At many houses, the beer tender has made way for the couch.

5. Release your creativity

Man caves are the place where you can truly be yourself. So, you can put literally anything you want in it. Things that wouldn’t be allowed in the living room if you know what I mean. If you find a two feet monkey on eBay, buy it and place it somewhere in the cave. It’s literally all up to you. And if you want a big poster of star wars, that’s also your choice.

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6. Building a man cave is the best experience – A beer cave!

Building a man cave is a great experience. As we said before, it’s a man’s dream. So, follow our given tips and have fun.

The next piece of furniture is one that you can make yourself. It is therefore a real eye-catcher, unique in its kind! The beer standing table should simply not be missing in the furniture of your man cave. A fantastic standing table with an empty space in the table top in the middle to place a beer crate. Also in the column to the foot there is space for a second case of beer (or bottles of soft drink of course for the Bob)! A birthday party with the theme “Oktoberfest” including this beer standing table, how original is that?

You could also tackle this project more professionally with some friends. Build some and start selling/renting them out for parties! I’m sure there is a market for it. Do you remember the “one and a half meter table” (8-angular) developed by a number of entrepreneurs? This turns out to be a real hit!