How to Build Your Social Network After Moving to a New City

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Irrespective of your reason to move, moving to a new city can be a daunting task. Uprooting your social life, severing the old ties, and loaded with the burden of establishing a new network, you move to a new city, only to find yourself amid a mess of feelings, loneliness, and inhibition.

Most of us move when we become old, old enough to hesitate in initiating, find breaking the ice tough and forget old connections easily.

Expert moving companies in the network of iMoving, a repeated moving service platform, explain that moving to a new city and building relationships is the most stressful experience in one’s lifetime. The professionals further add that because grown-ups have lived significant years of their life and have built great connections already, adding new contacts to the list can be very intimidating. To check the complete list of these companies, click here.

However, it is not impossible to make a new network. It might demand some efforts and time, but when you know how to nurture new relationships, you can establish a fresh network of friends and like-minded colleagues.

Here are a few tips to get started:

Revive old ties

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As we grow old, many ties are made and forgotten. You might have lost contact with a number of people, who, once was a significant part of your circle. When you plan to move to a new city, make sure you go through your social media accounts and check for old friends and contacts. You will be surprised to know that some of your old contacts are already living in the city you are planning to move to. You can always reach out to these contacts before you move to the city and plan a meeting once you arrive.

Reach out to your friends and colleagues

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One of the most common ways is to ask your existing friends and colleagues to find out about known people in the new city. The wider you expand your inquiry, the better results you will get. Ask your network who they know in the big city you are planning to move to. You can also make meaningful outcomes if you ask people about their network in any industry, locality, company, and more. Make sure you add a time slot to your moving timeline dedicated to ensuring people about their contacts in the new city.

Go to the local shops

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Whether it’s the bookstore next door or the café at the corner of the street, going to the local shops offers you a great chance to find new people. You can converse with a group of people or may ask the waiter for some recommendations. Trust us, they know who the best match for you is.

Focus on events with shared goals

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In modern times, the easiest and most sought after way to meet new people is attending meetups, networking events, and more. However, it has been concluded by the experts that such events do not help people in finding reliable contacts to add in their network. Most of these people spend their time talking to the people they already know or with people with similar interests. To expand your chances to meet new and better contacts, you must focus on attending events that offer you shared goals and where interdependence in the team is the determiner of success.

Join exercise classes

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Yes, in this modern world of a fast-paced lifestyles, every second person struggles to stay fit. Most of us try to find out some time to join an exercise class and thus these classes have the perfect mix of people from all walks of life. You can join some of these classes and while you keep yourself fit, you can also meet people who are like-minded and a perfect match for a potential contact.

Use some technology

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While most of us think that technology has ruined our social life by making more and more relationships virtual, there are a few apps available in the online space that cater otherwise. An array of applications is dedicated to helping people find credible contacts in a new city. From joining dinner parties to working on a charity as a group, these applications connect completely strange people and let them weave their networks.

Do not stop your search

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Even if you have added a few contacts in your network, it doesn’t mean that you must stop finding new ones. Most of the time, the contacts we make in a professional context are based on the need of the hour and once the objective is sorted, the ties are severed. These contacts are of a temporary nature and hence you cannot rely on them. It is important that you continue your search to have a significant and meaningful network out of which you get some of the best permanent contacts for a long time.

Know the person as a whole

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Following these tips, you surely will meet a lot of people and make some great relationships. When you find someone potential to befriend, make sure you discover them inside and out. Do not just discuss a single topic or element, instead, talk about their likings and disliking, hobbies, interests, and try to find out the common links. When you follow this practice you will be able to develop a multiplex relationship, i.e. a relationship with multiple contexts.

Finding new people in a completely new city can be very difficult. While we sincerely hope that you get some of your old contacts in the new city, we also believe that the ways we have mentioned above will work for you. It is very important that you build your network in the new city very efficiently and without losing much time. A group of likeminded people is one of the most effective ways to handle the psychological effects of moving to a new city. So, if you haven’t made any friends yet, get started and build your social circle in the new city.