Where Can I Buy a Kn95 Face Mask?

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As the number of Covid-19 infections continues to rise globally you are required to not only have a mask but also understand and handle it well. Besides, there is relatively scant information about the more advanced masks, such as the Kn95.

What’s more, is the fact that you need to find a genuine face mask from a certified vendor. You don’t want to wear or supply fake Kn95 masks. Besides, you need to understand the masks’ features and usage for your protection against the pandemic, click here to learn more about it.

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But Why Do I Need A Mask in The First Place?

Masks have been a requirement in several industries for a long time. However, it is the Covid-19 pandemic that has brought the hype and introduced everyone to this protective equipment. Specifically, the Kn95 is considered the most effective mask and has been used in the following applications before the pandemic.

Construction Sites

The waste and debris produced in construction sites make it vital to cover the nose and mouth to prevent them from blocking the digestive or breathing system. Its ability to filter at least 95% of the waste and debris makes it a convenient and reliable tool.

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Saw Millers

The same case applies in the sawmill industry, where most of the operations are dirt-filled. Here, workers have to continuously wear effective face masks to put up with a lot of sawdust and dirt from the woods.

The Engineering Industry

High-quality face masks are always needed in most engineering operations, from exposure to harmful gases to even automobile assembly.

Healthcare System

Other than the Covid-19 infections, face masks are the best option for healthcare workers dealing with surgery, high infection units, and laboratories. The workers need always to have their protective equipment to prevent the spread of other airborne diseases.

Further, exposure to lab toxic gases and chemicals could be fatal, hence the importance of using the Kn95. These face masks will remain even if the pandemic disappears.

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What is a Kn95 Mask?

It is a respirator that has filters out about 95% of the respiratory particles above 0.3 microns—the least ideal size for a particle conveying the virus.

The Kn95 filters out the particles through the unique structure of the nonwoven material. Also, the material’s dense network is electrostatically charged to enhance attraction buildup, making the mask a more efficient filter.

However, the buildup could make it challenging to breathe hence the need to dispose of used masks frequently.

The multiple layered materials used to make the masks come from polypropylene, enhancing thread layering on the interior and exterior. The outer layers make the spun bond and are separated at the center by the pre-filtration and the filtration layers. There is also the high-efficiency melt-down electret which determines the mask’s efficiency.

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How Does Kn95 Compare with Other Masks?

The Kn95 is somehow identical to the n95 mask but varies significantly with surgical and clothe masks.

Unlike the surgical mask, the KN95 has firmer layers offering higher protection. The surgical mask offers only about 60% protection, while the Kn95 will filter out 95% of the particles. Besides, the different shapes around the Kn95 make it more protective than the surgical ones that appears flat and could leak.

However, both masks offer some protection and are recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C) and W.H.O.

When it comes to the N95 masks, the main difference lies in the certification. Generally, the Kn95 is considered the China standard and the N95 as the U.S standard. This means that only the N95 are approved for use in the U.S healthcare system despite Kn95 having many of the same properties.

It only needs approval from the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and details to prove the authenticity of the process and materials. However, the N95 must undergo a rigorous inspection process from the C.D.C through the National Institute of Occupational Safety AND Health (NIOSH).

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Benefits of The Kn95 Face Mask

  • With the rising Covid-19 infections and deaths, it has become a critical piece of protective equipment for many. Specifically, the mask will filter out 95% of Covid-19 and keep you and your close ones protected. Therefore, it is essential to always have your mask while in public and handle it with utmost care.
  • The mask will also protect you from other harmful viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere. Coming into contact with these particles could be life-threatening, and they serve as adequate protection.
  • It will protect you from debris and dust in rescue missions or construction sites. In other words, it would keep your allergic reactions at bay if you have any.
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Buy Kn95 Masks Online

Previously the C.D.C only allowed the use of these masks among healthcare workers. However, companies have developed ways to produce millions of these masks and making them readily available to the public.

Therefore, it would be best if you were careful not to fall prey to illegitimate dealers who might supply you with low-quality or fake masks.

Below, you will find the most popular websites selling these masks

  • Well before- The website supplies all types of medical equipment, from disinfectants to over-the-counter drugs. Lately, the website has introduced a P.P.E. section that focuses on Covid-19 and all the necessary equipment, including the KN95.
  • Sourceortho- The website offers a large selection and supply of KN95 in addition to other P.P.E.s. It also offers competitive prices for the protective equipment and could deliver within hours, depending on your location.
  • Amazon-It is known for providing a wide range of services and sales. Here, you can find different brands of the mask and order immediately. Be sure to check the reviews to make an informed decision when making your order.
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The Kn95 face mask has been the most preferred type of mask worldwide for its efficiency and effectiveness. So, it would help if you grasped crucial details about the mask to ensure that you are using it accordingly. Above all, ensure you buy from reliable online vendors to get the best quality on time. Visit PrimoDentalProducts, a great reliable online
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