General Design: 5 Room Décor Design Ideas in 2024

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The decoration of the room sounds like an easy task in theory. However, when you start decorating it, things become a lot more complex.

First of all, finding the right idea is always tough. We usually start with one idea. However, over time, we start to explore things and discover many others that would be perfect for us. Despite that, people are under pressure when they need to design the interior of their room. It is not something that we do every single day. We usually renovate space once in 3 years (or more). Of course, this depends a lot on the budget that we have.

The comfort in our room is important for many reasons. Yet, if we do it properly, it will have a huge influence on our mood. After we come nervous and tired from work, we must have a place to relax.

Before we start suggesting some of the ideas, there is one thing that you should know. It is okay if you listen to the suggestions that your friends have. However, you are the only one that knows how a perfect room décor should look. We are all different and we have different tastes. Despite that, different things relax different people as well.

So, let’s see together a couple of room décor design ideas. We believe you will like some of them.

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1. DIY Art

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Well, DIY style is something that many people prefer. Of course, you need to be creative enough to make this design suitable for your room. However, you will feel a sense of pride if you pick this type of décor.

It will maybe sound strange, but chalkboard pain has found its place in different rooms. For example, you can often find them in playrooms, children’s bedrooms, and even kitchens. Many people say that this décor is a bit simple. However, we would not agree with that. It is innovative and it makes things less monotonous.

For example, the good thing would be to put a chalkboard on the wall behind your bed. Each time when guests come, you can write him down a welcome message.

2. Light and Bright Décor

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We won’t say that this style is unique. You can find it in many homes and apartments. Yet, we guarantee it is the perfect one for rooms that are not too big.

The white color would be a practical choice. As we said, it is great for small rooms because it will keep the space from looking too busy or messy. However, the white color is not the only choice you have. You can also use light-blue if you are not a big fan of white color. Some people say it seems too simple.

Anyway, there is one way to make things less “monotonous”. For example, you can add different textures and white-on-white patterns. We suggest you also add at least one lamp above the bed. It will make the room look more stylish.

3. Minimalist Style


It will maybe look that we are too focused on smaller spaces. However, we know that homes with small rooms are the most difficult ones for decoration. The larger ones will bring you more tasks. However, it also brings more opportunities to experiment with things.

So, our suggestion is to pair your favorite essentials. More precisely, our recommendation is to keep furniture pieces and accessories down to a minimum. In that way, the room will look bigger and it will have enough space.

4. Contrast Style

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most popular room décor designs of today. When we say “contrast style”, we mean literally about everything.

The first way to ensure contrast is by using different colors. In most cases, people use black and white colors. For example, it would be too dark to color the walls of your room in black. That’s why most of the walls are white. Still, in that way, you should add black furniture and other accessories there. This type of décor will make your room more stylish and less monotonous.

Except that, there is one more way how you can contrast your room. Mixing old and new stuff can be quite a good and practical choice. First of all, let’s imagine that you just bought a new apartment. It will take you a lot of money to buy all new accessories. That’s why you can focus your money on certain things while using the old ones in the best possible way.

If you want to use this décor in the best possible way, it is necessary to put old and new things next to each other. In that way, no one will notice the difference and everything will look more stylish.

5. Artwork Design

Source: Interior Design Ideas

Well, this type of décor is not for everyone. There is a good reason why this design contains “artwork” in its name. We believe that art fans will like it the most.

However, there is one thing that we have noticed. People that like this interior décor usually overdo it with different art elements. For example, all of their walls are covered with art paintings. Instead, you should cover the room wall with only one single painting. The size of this item should be big. Despite that, the other walls should be white. When a guest comes to your room, his main focus will be on the painting. Finally, our recommendation is to use paintings with a white background as well. The best thing of all would be to paint it yourself. That will make you even more proud of your room décor.


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Okay, we suggested a couple of ideas that you can use. Still, that doesn’t mean they are the only ones. For instance, we suggest you go and check more ideas on Home Refinery website. We believe that you will find some good ideas there.

Still, we need to repeat one thing before we say “goodbye”. The décor of your room needs to be YOUR IDEA. Even after you check all those ideas, no one stops you from modifying it. Your room décor design must be suitable for your lifestyle. That is the only way to be happy while spending time in your room/home.