Concept of Car Insurance for Non-US Citizens


Getting car insurance for a non-Us citizen is an important task. If you wish to do legal driving in the US, then applying for insurance at the start will be best. Having details on obtaining a license will help you reach better safety in the US. Getting insurance in another country involves a long process. A person has to follow the proper procedure.

Requirements to Get Auto Insurance in the US

Are you a non-US resident? Are you planning to take insurance? In that case, you need to be careful. Ensure that you fulfill all requirements to buy auto insurance in the US. First of all, you need to apply for an international driving permit. Various companies offer you insurance policies. If you are not a citizen of the US, then you should fulfill the entire licensing requirement within 60 days.


About International Driving Permit

If we talk about an international driving permit, then it is a way to temporarily give permission to drive a car in countries that accept it. Based on complete research, it can be said that international driving permits are valid in 150 countries. If you choose to drive in any country out of 150, then driving will be legal with this driving permit.

Now the matter of concern is where one can get an international driving permit. In case you are more than 18 years and have a valid proof of license, then you can quickly get an IDP. A place that offers such a permit is the transportation department. Some steps will help you in getting IDP quickly. By paying a small sum of money, you can get an IDP conveniently.

What is the Validity of an International Driving Permit?

Based on the research of previous times, it has been declared that you can use an international driving permit for one year. But this is not a fixed period; some countries even offer IDP for less than one year. Make sure you go through the proper rules of the state where you are planning to take IDP. As and when the validity of IDP expires, you will not be able to use the permit in the future.


Is It Possible to Get Insurance if You Are a Non-us Resident?

Sara Routhier, Senior Director of Content at, suggests some specific guidelines that are available to get insurance for driving in the US. If you comply with all requirements within 60 days, then you can easily get insurance even if you are a non-US resident.

If you are planning to get a license in the US without being a resident of the place, then you can opt for an online platform and choose an option that gives you the biggest benefit. Firstly visit the online platform and attempt for the driving exam available. If you cannot meet the requirement even after 60 days, then your policy will be canceled, and the amount will be refunded to you.

Getting auto insurance will be easy for you if you apply for a driver’s license in the US. The rules of the state will vary in providing you with a permit. Make sure that you go through the available option and then finally choose one that makes you a resident of the place.

Can You Get Residency in the US?

Establishing a residency in the US is a must for a non-citizen to get a valid driving license. There is more than just a single method of getting a residence at the place. Let’s have a look at some common ways:

  • Trading in state
  • Working legally in the concerned area
  • Getting enrollment of kids in public schools
  • Live in a state for more than 30 days

How Much Insurance is Required in the US?

The form of insurance required in the US will be based on the state in which you are planning to drive. Some states set a minimum liability of auto insurance amount; it will include payments related to medical bills and damage to property. In case passengers get damaged in an accident, there is also a high chance that you will get a refund quickly and on time.

What Are the Benefits of Having a License in the US?

A permit for driving in any state proves to be a beneficial option. But if we talk about the US, then it offers high-level benefits that users will get to know when they will start driving at a place.


Clean Records of Driving

Having a license means that drivers have a clean driving record. If there is no wrong history of driving, then a person can drive at any place without any convenience. Try to opt for the option that will give some actual results.

Less Amount of Premium On Insurance

A license for driving will even reduce the premium amount that you have to pay against insurance. Without the help of a license, companies cannot form any idea regarding the records of driving that you have. In this case, they will charge a high premium as, according to them, the chance of an accident is more.


Can You Drive in the Us Without a License?

If you are not a citizen of the US, then with an international driving permit, you can easily drive in the US. It will not create any complications for you in the future. You can safely drive legally and can feel safe and secure. Having an IDP as a document will be a plus point for driving in a big city like the US.

What Happens if You Only Apply for a Permit After Visiting the Us?

An advisable option for you is to apply for a permit in the US before you visit a place, but if you cannot do the same, send a mail. You can take your future actions based on the reply you get in the mail from a higher authority. The best thing that you can do is to contact the insurance company in advance and take proper guidance before visiting the US.