Casino Industry: Technological Advancement

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Gambling has been one of the most common recreational activities in the developing/developed parts of the world. Although it took a lot before it could be legalized, now it is seen as one of the sectors generating a large percentage of a country’s revenue.

Casinos originated in Italy around the 17th century. Today, people always regard Las Vegas and other prominent cities in the US as the base of casinos. But only a few know about the origination of casinos. The Casino was derived from the word ‘casa’ which means house. Many countries now legalize casino gambling, either land-based or online, and many others are still planning on legalizing it.

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The Beginning

In the former paragraph, it was stated that Italy, specifically Venice, is the originator of Casinos. Many years later, other countries in Europe and other continents also legalized gambling.

In the USA, casinos were still banned in the early years of the 20th century. It was until the 1970s before gambling became legalized in some cities in the US, specifically Las Vegas. The government implemented rules and regulations to caution the operations of casinos. As years go by, some other states began to legalize gambling like Las Vegas. Statistically, it was proven that a large percentage of the country’s revenue was generated from the casino industry.

Canada is a major country in the North-America where the earliest forms of gambling were practiced. In the late 1960s, there were arguments between the Canadian legislators on the next step concerning the legalization of casino operations. After a while, they made some adjustments to the Canadian Criminal Code (CCC) thereby regulating gambling practices. Ever since then, gambling has been flourishing all over the world across the continents.

Other countries began legalizing casinos and gambling has been growing since then.

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The growth

The countries that legalized the operations of casinos before the inception of the 20th century started with land-based casinos.

Land-based casinos are the mortar and brick casinos found at specific locations in a city. Players who are interested in playing casinos have to find their way to get to these casinos before they can participate. During this period, casinos were not as much as it is now. If you don’t have the luck of living close to a casino, you might have to drive a few kilometers before you get one. Land-based casinos have their merits and demerits which would be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

In the late 90s, the first online casino was launched. It was launched by a provider called InterCasino. The first features showed that there was an upgrade in the casino industry. Initially, governments of some countries were against the idea because they couldn’t control the movement of funds. The issue was later resolved between them and the casino industry. Today, we have thousands of internet casinos thriving and making cool money. Internet casinos also have their merits and demerits, but a major advantage is the option of gaming comfortably.

Many years later, there was an upgrade in the casino industry. Mobile gaming came into existence in the 21st century. The casino industry was able to utilize this opportunity to introduce the mobile versions of internet casino games. To date, that is the height of comfort experienced by casino gamblers. The feeling of being able to access casinos right from your bed in a serene environment is unmatched. Despite the numerous merits the inception of internet casinos has, mobile gaming added to it. Mobile gaming barely has disadvantages.

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Land-based Casinos VS Internet Casinos: Merits and Demerits

In the previous paragraphs, we talked about how casinos started, then the inception of both the physical casinos and the internet casinos. There is no doubt that both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

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1. Accessibility

Despite the fun attached to casino gambling, players still have to go through the stress of driving to physical casinos to play games. As a man working for a minimum of 8 hours daily, it can be strenuous finding your way to a casino late at night. The inception of online casinos relieved players of that stress. People were able to access internet casino sites on their PCs and gadgets during their free time. This did not stop physical casinos from operating, but it served as an option for a player that went through a difficult day.

Mobile gaming brought more comfort, people could use their mobile phones to access casinos. Can you imagine the comfort of navigating through your device on your bed and making millions? What an experience!

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2. Rich offers

Casino players are always open to one bonus offer or the other. Just like the way supermarts and malls give regular customers a coupon code for a purchase, casinos offer their players bonuses. Different casinos have bonuses like the Welcome Bonus, VIP bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Reload Bonus, Free spins, etc. As a regular player, you don’t have to use real money to stake on games sometimes, you can make use of your bonuses. Isn’t that interesting? Yes.

Internet casinos have richer bonus plans for their customers (an advantage). The bonus plans I listed earlier, not all physical casinos offer them to their players. Some can offer only a Welcome bonus and reload bonus, others can offer a Deposit and no deposit bonus. Internet casinos give players the advantage of enjoying 4-5 bonuses. No matter how small, bonuses are little side attractions to drive traffic towards an online casino site.

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3. Security

The nature of casino operations is something critical to deal with. Daily, millions of dollars change hands within minutes. Casino establishments have to provide a secure way of gambling for players. Most times, they build a vault (where currencies are kept) that is located at the end where an average person has to cross a whole lot of passwords and locks, motion sensors, etc. This way, it is difficult for armed robbers to gain access to the safe in a casino.

Nevertheless, it is difficult, not totally impossible. That is why internet casinos seem safer, you deal with the transfer of money using VISA cards, debit and credit cards, cryptocurrency wallets, etc. Handling money is now more secure as the money remains online.

The firewalls of some online casinos are not strong, it is easy to hack into the system and jeopardize the site.

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Note: A popular advantage of physical casinos is that you get to enjoy the thrills and excitement of suspense, unlike when you are in your room alone navigating through your screen.

The technological advancement of the casino industry is what we should be grateful for. Things are now made easy for everyone. The variety of options also brings about flexibility for players.

The evolution continues, we are sure to witness new gaming experiences in the industry in the coming years. With this, gamblers can top up their game and make cool money!