5 Things You Must Ask When Comparing Moving Companies in the Gold Coast

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With the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and the world plunged into lockdowns, Australian businesses have and across the world have had to adapt their businesses and allow their staff to work from home if they can. This work from home order phenomenon has shifted Australians into thinking how to get themselves into the housing market.

Australian capital cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney were once the driving force of skyrocketing property prices before the pandemic, now more affordable regional areas and coast lines such as Gold Coast are places where more and more Australians are opting to migrate interstate, packing up their bags and moving states for the benefit of better weather, coastline views, cheaper property prices and a new lease on life. It is no wonder, more and more removalists companies are popping up faster than ever before.

Anyone who has ever moved houses in their lives, whether within a city or from one country to another, knows how exhausting the entire process can be. It is definitely an exciting time to live in a new place, leaving behind your current one can be very emotional for some people too. The chaos and the confusion that takes place when you are packing all your cherished memories and moving can cause stress levels to be elevated given the time restriction and the numerous tasks to be done can set off a logistical nightmare if not chosen right.

It is a Critical Decision

Moving is a critical decision you take in your life, a deep process and one that is thoroughly thought through before you come to a decision to pack your bags up and move for a job, for a life partner, for a new beginning, for a new environment whatever the reason and whenever you do it, it is best to seek the services of moving professionals. As you see, by deciding to move you already have a lot to think about and if you can entrust your move to a group of professional removalists who do it day in and day out.

Moving to the Gold Coast can be exhausting and it can really affect you mentally and financially and calling for help is one way to keep your stress levels under control. By using well trained interstate removalists, it can help you ease the stress of your move with little problems. The other option of course is, you may seek this help out from your friends or family but knowing you are not moving up the road by interstate can pose a bit of a logistical problem. Therefore, spending the money to hire professional interstate moving companies travelling to the Gold Coast daily can help you out and is money well spent if you mean for a smooth move.

There are certainly no shortage of interstate moving companies available to you today, but which will be the right fit for you? If you are overwhelmed with where to start, removalists Gold Coast platform Findamover.com.au is a good starting place as it is a platform that connects people who are moving to several removalists who can provide you with a quote. From there you can begin to compare, but always remember to ask the following questions before you book a mover.

The 5 Questions

Here are some things you must ask yourself (and sometimes the moving companies) when you are trying to opt for the right one:

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  1. What is the extent of Services I need?

While there are more moving companies now in the world than you can count, they all vary in terms of the types of services they provide. Some movers will do everything for you. They will be the ones to classify your stuff in different categories, box them up, move them for you and even unpack the boxes in your new house. If you have external help, you may not need the entire package, as your friends can help you pack and unpack the things.

  1. Do I need the Basic Service or a Complete Package?

While there are also some removalists that will do the basic task of taking your stuff and transporting it to the new place and there are others who also provide additional services such as unpacking. Making a choice between these two and more types of moving companies will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

  1. What kind of liability coverage does this moving company offer?

In case there is an unfortunate incident while the moving company is moving your stuff, they are liable to provide you coverage options which are of primarily two types: ‘Full Value Protection’ where the company is liable to replace the value of the lost or damaged stuff of the entire shipment or ‘Released Value Protection’ where the protection offered is minimal. Depending on the value of the stuff you are moving, this is an important factor that can help you make a decision However, not all moving companies can offer insurance and it is best to seek independent advice from a local insurance broker to help you understand what is covered.

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  1. What are the Potential hidden or extra fees?

You want to be very direct in asking your Gold Coast moving company if there are any additional or hidden fees beyond what is the amount being told to you first. Sometimes, moving companies can charge you an additional or hidden fee such as fuel surcharge, or back to depot fee. Reading the fine print in your contract can help clarify exactly what you are up for.

  1. Should I Compare the Rates?

Moving is a complicated process and while there are multiple things to be considered carefully, asking yourself the above-mentioned questions will hopefully make your life much easier. Comparing rates are one of the most important things to do here. The reason for this is that there are some companies that charge a lot for a complete package.

Also, comparing customer reviews can give you a better idea of what moving company to choose exactly. But ensure you are comparing like for like and apple to apples, just because they’re all moving companies it doesn’t mean that they are offering the exact same service.