Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Guide for Beginner – Tips and Tricks

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CS: GO can be challenging to play for the newbie, but you can improve your skills and play style with CS: GO Tips. You might know about the popularity of CS: GO, and also see that it’s not welcoming to new players similar to Call of Duty and Battlefield. The game is challenging, especially when you have no idea about the game and even don’t know what or when to do. We recommend you never give up, yet you can’t play, because we have compiled a guide and some best tips for a newbie to make them stand out among other hardcore players by learning the basics.

Learn about Rewards

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There are lots of things that you need to learn, but firstly you should know about rewards and the weaponry that available and can make the difference between life and death in competitive matches. Two types of competitions are available, such as Casual and Competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. First, you have to know that the CS: GO US Dollar is the primary currency of the game that you need to unlock additional content to play. You can earn by completing matches or visit the CS: GO Account Shop to purchase.

Casual and Competitive Matches

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In casual matches, the game requires you to have up to $10,000 that you can use to participate in 15 rounds and must achieve victory in the first eight matches. Similarly, in-game currency is required to play competitive games, but this time the amount is a bit high compared to that you need for casual events. In competitive events, both money and kill rewards are doubled.

Money Rewards

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Upon losing the round, you will obtain the following rewards, such as:

  • Losing the first round will get you $1400
  • Losing 2 rounds will get you $1900
  • Losing 3 rounds will get you $2400
  • Losing 4 rounds will get you $2900
  • Losing 5 rounds will get you $2400

Now, how much you will earn after winning two rounds in a row and then failing. For sure, the rewards are higher than the losing rounds and maybe rewarded you double cash. For more awards, you should continuously more matches to become the master.

CS: GO Weapons and Maps

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Shooting is one of the most prominent things that you need to be enhanced if you’re willing to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While playing the game, you should always need to aim at a height where your head is, and during the gameplay, many players make this mistake by aiming too low. Improving your shooting skill is the key to success in the game. There are lots of weapons and you can select one of them to defeat the opposing team. Each gun has varied characteristics and requires upgrades for better performance. By default, most weapons are locked and required the completion of specific objectives.

CS: GO Team-play

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As you know, the game offers you team-based gameplay, in which two teams can fight against each other. Before starting the game, the player has an option to create a team with random players or friends to play challenging rounds. Playing with friends is beneficial and ensure your victory. Similarly, playing the game with casual players are quite severe, because maybe all players aren’t cooperative.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tips and Tricks

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While the core mechanics of the game are relatively simple – enabling you to point your gun towards foes and hit the trigger. Once you approach the advanced levels, CS: GO proves itself a much deeper game than it seems first. We are here with lots of useful information regarding tips and tricks, so you can improve and unlock legendary weapons and skins to be the master.


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In every sport, the first thing that makes you master is Practice. As said above, the game isn’t quite easy to play, and you won’t be going to be a master at it overnight. There’s only an authentic way to have better skills – play the game a lot. The rest of the given list will provide you several ways to get master.

Set your settings in the following Order

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Are you a newbie to CS: GO? If yes, then you should need to know what kind of audio, control, and video settings will be better for you. Although there are no specific settings that can fully satisfy you, you must find out in what contexts are correct, so you can easily play the game without any hustle. Also it is very important that you use appropriate equipment especially made for your most favorite game, such as those at MyLazyDeal.

Play Deathmatch

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As you know, there are several playable game modes, but the most prominent mode is Deathmatch that comes with no objectives, rounds, and worries about money. In short, it’s a pure CS: GO gunplay, and introduces no downtime once you killed in the game. You can consider this mode is the easiest and quickest way to learn how different weapons will work. Although the mode isn’t going to teach you team tactics or how to complete objectives, relatively, it’s an excellent way to start learning the pattern and other players’ behavior.

Play Aim Maps

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The game introduces a training mode that seems a bit old, and you don’t see lots of people watching it anymore, but you can take it as a useful resource to practice and improve your rifle aim. There are several aim maps built in a way that pushes you toward practice for improving your aim.

Watch Pro Streams

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Surely, you have found many professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players on video streaming websites like YouTube, Twitch, etc. By watching their videos, you can learn lots of tricks and can improve your aim, as well as playing style. Watch them regularly for a few weeks and start playing the game in your style, because you can’t copy them –follow to learn how to master the game using what you have.

Play with Players Better than You

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Playing with new players will ensure your death, but playing the game with skilled players will let you learn lots of things and also provide your victory with rewards. However, the advantage of playing in competitive matches can’t be overstated. If you play with or against other players that are better than you, you will lose the game badly, but learn a lot. Finding yourself covered with skilled players is not a nightmare – it’s a way you can use to pick up the high-level game instantly and should you need an account, you can grab one on