8 Best Amusement Parks in Europe That You Should Visit in 2024

Amusement parks are one of the most anticipated types of entertainment for tourists, no matter where in the world they travel. They include plenty of interesting things to see, and the excitement is something almost all the visitors are looking for.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most of these venues were closed for a long time, but some of them still work under special conditions, with a limited number of visitors, and measures for distance. Some of the best amusement parks are completely open, because their activities don’t include human touch, or staying too close to someone.

If you want to plan your next trip to Europe, and include some of these exciting activities, we can recommend you to visit:

1. Puy du Fou, France

This is a spectacular place to visit, so you can get in touch with different periods from European history. Do you like to feel like a gladiator, or stay in an ancient house? You can have all of that, and you can choose different ways to completely experience this park. One visit can last more than three hours, and you can take breaks to watch some short movies, or just drink a coffee or have lunch, so you can proceed to the next adventure.

2. Bobbejaanland, Belgium

Plenty of classic attractions are waiting for you, including giant wheels, waterslides, rollercoasters, and other activities people love. You can book your tickets on tickets.bobbejaanland.be, but read all the conditions, since their capacities are now very limited, due to the coronavirus situation.

3. Disneyland, France

Did you just think we will miss this from the list of the best amusements park in Europe? Not a chance! Enjoy your stay surrounded by your favorite Disney characters, and visit the most popular shows and attractions. Complete your day with the fireworks over the recognizable Disney castle.

4. PortAventura, Spain

This is a very popular park in Europe, located in Salou, Tarragona. Every year, around 4 million tourists were coming for an adventure. The situation is changed due to the pandemic, so if you want to visit it, you must get informed about the new policies before you book your tickets. The resort around offers different types of accommodations near the park.

5. Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Source: westcoaster.net

This is an exceptional place to visit, to feel the luxurious appearance of the attractions. It’s based in Copenhagen, and together with the entertaining activities, you can also eat in around 30 great places. The tickets’ price starts from around 20 euros per person, but you need to check carefully what you book for, in order to keep the same price. Also, always make sure you are aware of the current COVID-19 measures, no matter which European amusement park you choose.

6. Paultons Park, United Kingdom

The kids will love it since it’s the home of Peppa Pig World. Also, there are over 70 other attractions, for every age and preference. Additionally, you can learn more about the protected animals and tourism in the UK. You can book different activities. They also offer an option for group tickets, which may come cheaper when split, but you need to see if the offer is available now too, because of the new situation with the Delta-variant of the coronavirus.

7. Europapark, Germany

As you expect, this is the most visited German amusement park and the second most popular in Europe. It’s based in Rust, near the border with France. They have at least 12 roller coasters, and many other exciting rides, including the dark ride. They can take up to 50.000 guests every day. And you already know – check how they work now, during the pandemic, so you won’t get disappointed once you arrive there.

8. Futuroscope, France

Can you imagine a huge waterpark with every activity included, offering 25 exceptional experiences you can only find there? Make sure you put Futuroscope on your bucket list for the next travels, and we guarantee you will have fun every minute there.

The COVID-19 situation in Europe right now

At the beginning of the summer, many people planned their summer trips to Europe, without even hoping that the situation will be getting worse. The vaccines are finally available, and plenty of people are already taking their second shot, which means they are able to travel.

But the Delta-variant is changing the whole perspective, and many countries, especially the members of the European Union are closing their borders for foreigners, especially tourists. Many of them suffered a great economic loss last year, and they try to heal, so they can allow entrance under special conditions, that require a vaccine certificate, or a negative test to enter.

Also, known and popular attractions should be respectful of the measures, so they can make sure the visitors won’t get infected while being there. That’s why their tours are very limited nowadays, and not every attraction is available at the moment.

Amusement parks in Europe can welcome thousands of visitors at once, but that’s not the best option right now, knowing how risky the situation is.

That’s why every tourist who plans to visit some of the parks we included in this article, must get informed about the current measures and restrictions, because some of them don’t have a refund policy, and you will end up spending your money on nothing.


Europe has a lot to offer to tourists. Exceptional beaches, beautiful countryside, and luxurious resorts. When they are combined with a little excitement, you have the right recipe for the time in your life while on a vacation. Unfortunately, Europe is dangerously hit by the new wave of the ongoing pandemic, so you must keep that in mind when you travel there. Don’t worry, big amusement parks like Disneyland and others will be here for you the next year too.

But if you are sure you can organize your vacation right now, make sure you also have the needed documents to enter. We hope that we helped you find the best amusement spots in Europe.