Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp CBD – 2024 Guide

Every year, CBD is used more and more popular and is more prevalent in official medical circles. It has been proven to cure many diseases and relieve the symptoms of some others. Yet, like everything that is relatively new and still insufficiently known to humans, much false and erroneous information can be read. Also since it is legal and where marijuana is not legal because it contains less than 0.3 percent of an active substance called THC, there are many manufacturers, so the quality varies. What most people wonder is what is the difference in effect between CBD oil from hemp and from marijuana.

Although CBD is a new product, hemp oil has been around for many years, so it further confuses people and some think it is the same. To solve your dilemma, we have created a guide for you where we will answer all these questions.

The difference between these two plants

Before we move on to the differences between CBD oil produced from these two plants, you must first know the difference between these plants.


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It is a plant from the cannabis family, which is the longest in use of all types, at least if we are talking about legal use. It is very tall and is grown outdoors. It has been used for hundreds of years for various commercial purposes, primarily for making ropes, clothes and many other things. This plant was especially important to sailors because the best ropes and sails were obtained from it. It is also used in nutrition and cosmetics. Industrial cannabis has a very low level of psychoactive substances, which is why it is not on the list of controlled substances at all.


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The use of marijuana also lasts for hundreds of years, if not more, but the purpose is completely different from that of cannabis. Marijuana, also known by various other names, is used for its psychoactive effects. It evokes a special feeling of euphoria and relaxation, which also has benefits for human health, both physically and mentally. For this reason, the trend of legalization is in most countries in the world.

However, because it can have a high concentration of the psychoactive substance THC, it is still considered in most places a substance that can lead to abuse of it. However, it is expected that in the next decade it will be legalized almost everywhere for recreational use, and not only for medical purposes.

Marijuana VS Hemp CBD

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It is clear to you that there must be a difference between CBD oil produced by using one plant and another as main component, because of their differences. Still, the differences are not that great as you would expect. These are the primary differences:

THC concentration

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If you do not know the difference between an isolate and a full spectrum oil, it means that the full spectrum product has other substances from this plant, while the isolate is pure, as its name suggests. This leads us to one of the biggest differences between these two types of CBD oils, and that is the proportion between THC and CBD. CBD hemp oil can have a very high dose of CBD, but the THC level is very low, as it is normally low in hemp. It will never exceed the legal limit of 0.3 percent, and often no more than 0.1 percent.

There are even manufacturers like Intrinsic Hemp, which produce zero THC products. On the other hand, CBD oil made from marijuana can have very high levels of THC. The point of using CBD oil in general is not to get high, so people cultivate special strains that have a higher level of CBD than usual. In any case, it can have over 20% THC concentration.


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Laws vary everywhere in the world when we talk about this topic, and in the USA they also vary from state to state. As far as hemp and all its products are concerned, there is a federal law that guarantees legality to all products, as well as to producers. As for the other kind, each state has its own laws, because it is so possible for them because of the USA constitution. Here the situation is very divided, where in most states it is allowed for medical purposes, and in several of them the law has passed for recreational consumption.

However, at the level of the entire USA, it is not legal to sell or cultivate. So be very careful when it comes to CBD marijuana oil. Even if it is legal in one state, it may not be in another. And the law is such that you must not transfer from one state to another, even though it is legal in both. Therefore, follow the instructions provided by the federal and state authorities in detail to avoid any problems.

Effect on the one who consumes

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Hemp CBD has no intoxicating effect on the consumer, due to low THC levels. However, this does not mean that it will not have positive effects such as relaxation, reduced anxiety and the like. You just won’t feel euphoric and high. When you use second type, you will have the feeling you are used to when you smoke weed.

However, compared to smoking weed and other forms of consumption, the effect is milder here, because CBD neutralize some of the effects, and contributes to some other benefits provided by this oil. That is why it is a much better choice than smoking weed, because with less intoxication it will provide better benefits such as relieving chronic pain, reducing anxiety and many other things.

Watch out for marketing ploy

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We need to warn you of a marketing ploy used by many manufacturers and retailers, and you need to be aware of it. Hempseed oil which is incomparably cheaper and has nowhere near the benefits of CBD oil than hemp, they advertise as if it is CBD oil and trying to sell it that way.


CBD hemp oil is a dietary supplement and you can buy it everywhere, in all pharmacies and even food stores. It affects the endocannabinoid system and has various positive effects on humans. On the other hand, you can only buy CBD marijuana oil at special places that are licensed to sell marijuana and products made from it, if you live in a place where it is legal.