Do Feminized Seeds Always Produce Females?


One of the most important things if you are interested in farming cannabis is to learn the difference between male and female hemp, and the key difference is related to the amount of THC and SBC, which is much higher in female plants.

In that matter, you should secure that your crops are most female plants since that will provide much higher efficiency and profit. Finding a reliable supplier is the best way to secure that your farm is mostly of female plants. In that matter, check out the Jealousy weed strain.

Why Is This Important?


If you use a traditional method to grow hemp, you can expect that around 65% of plants will be female, while the rest will be male. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the characteristics of the sexes and remove the male plants before they pollinate the rest of your field. The pollination of female plants will lead to the creation of seeds, and having flowers with many seeds can harm your business.

People prefer to avoid dealing with the removal of seeds from the buds, while those without seeds will also offer higher quality. In addition, females will need more energy to create seeds, which will decrease the amount of resin directly related to potency and other flower features.

The focus of your farming should be on the production of seedless buds since they are the most valuable on the market. There are many advantages of these buds compared to those with seeds, such as the bigger size, better texture, more resin over the flower, smell, taste, and potency. Whether you are focused on CBD or THC, the key is to get a plant with more of these substances since that will make it much easier to sell the plants and get a much higher price for them.

How To Secure the Female Hemp Production?


The traditional model is to learn the difference between sexes and remove the males on time before they start spreading the pollen. Some characteristics make these two types quite different, and you can use that to remove the parts of the male plants that are creating and spreading pollen.

However, it can be challenging to do that if you have a big farm. Considering that the common ratio of male-to-fame is 35-65%, using an alternative of buying feminized seeds is a much easier solution.

Main Features of Feminized Seeds

The main reason why this option became so popular in recent years is due to the nearly 100% chance of getting only female plants. These seeds are made in special conditions where experts use advanced processes to change the hormones of all plants that will turn them into females. Colloidal Silver, Gibberellic Acid, and Silver Thiosulfate are the most common methods.

All of these methods will lead to the creation of pollen sacks, which determines that the plant is female. There is also a special stress test by adding more challenging conditions like less light while adding more fertilizer and water and then waiting to see if there are unstable plants that might turn into males.

Is There a Chance to Get a Male Plant?


As we already mentioned, there is a nearly 100% chance that all plants will be female. However, there is always a chance of having a couple of males. The amount also depends on the size of the field where you are farming cannabis.

For example, using feminized seeds in your backyard and producing weed only for your needs will probably be easy when you find a good supplier. There will always be a chance for one or two males, and all you need to do is recognize them before they spread pollen. This process will be easy even if you have a large farm since the average number of males using feminized seeds is less than 20.

The only important thing is to keep in mind that it is crucial to remove male plants before it is too late since these 20 plants can spread enough pollen for all other plants, which will lead to poor results, and that can be a serious issue if you are focused on the production of buds rich with THC and CBD.

What To Do With Male Plants?


While it is crucial to separate the males, that does not mean you should destroy the plant and throw it away. There are many great features in both males and females, which means that you can profit from the production of males as well, and that won’t be the case only if you are focused on CBD and THC. However, males have a lot of great characteristics. For example, you can make a tea of it.

While it is low in most common substances, there is still enough of the cannabinoid to help you get relaxed, and you don’t have to worry about any side effects. Also, if you have a high-quality plant, you can use it to improve your production and create your own strain. The only important thing is to separate the fields and make sure to control pollination.

Another great idea for the use of males is to use get the most out of the high nutritional value they are offering, which means that you can add the plant to smoothies, and cookies, and make flour out of it, while the structure of the plant is also known for some great features. The plant can be used in the production of textiles and even construction materials.


Last Words

It depends on the supplier, and in most cases, the ratio of females from feminized seeds is 100%, with only a small chance of getting one or more males on each of 1,000 plants. It is crucial to secure that there are only females if the main focus is on the production of buds that are high in CBD and THC. Male plants will cause pollination and development of seeds in female plants, and that will cause lower quality.