Dwayne Johnson Net Worth 2024

What Is Dwayne Johnson’s Net Worth?

Dwayne Johnson Net Worth: Dwayne Johnson is an international celebrity and a multi-talented personality. He ended being the рорulаr face among the grеаtеѕt WWF wrеѕtlеrѕ, known as the “Тhе Rосk.”

Today, Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be close to $320 million dollars.

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Dwayne Johnson Net Worth:

$320 Million

Net Worth: $320 Million
Full Name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Date of Birth: 2 May 1972
Age, How Old: 48 Years Old
Nationality: American, Canadian, Samoan
Place of Birth: Hayward, California,
United States
How Tall‎, Height: 6ft 5in (1.96 m)
Occupation(s): Wrestler, Actor, Producer
Last Updated: 2020

As a WWF wrestler, Dwayne Johnson’s net worth was recorded $52 million (£39 million) back then.

Beginning with college, Johnson made just $250 per week for the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League, before he quit.

In 2001, he made a big appearance when he debuted in ‘The Mummy Returns‘ followed by a role in ‘The Scorpion King‘.

Johnson earned eight-figure pay as his standard income, he made $5.5 million for 2002’s “Scorpion King” and $9 million each for “The Other Guys (2010)” and “Baywatch” which released in 2017.

The Rock Reacts To His First Leading Role In “The Scorpion King”

While in WWF, it was reported that The Rock estimated a 7% cut of merchandise sales, earning him around $11 million until 2010. He was occasionally involved in The Company since 2004.

In 2007, Johnson, alongside his ex-wife Dany Garcia, gave $1 million to Football Facilities Renovation Fund. This was the biggest gift made to the University’s Athletic Department by a former student.

The school named their football locker room after Johnson, this was to appreciate his achievements. Johnson also has donated $25,000 to the Red Cross because of Hurricane Harvey in the same year.

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In 2016, Johnson was the highest-earning actor in the world, he doubled his earnings in 2015 and managed to pull in $65 million through eight-figure appearances in films like Baywatch and Jumanji.

Be that, Johnson is best known for his action films, he teamed up with Kevin Hart for the parody Central Intelligence which made it the highest-earning comedy of 2016.

He was also the voice behind “Maui” in Disney’s Moana which netted in total over $110 million.

His greatest earning to date is his film San Andreas which he estimated $25 million in 2015.

In 2016, Under Armor declared a worldwide association with Johnson titled #Project Rock, with the mission to make footwear, clothing, and accessories motivated by Johnson’s wellness and film creations.

Dwayne Johnson Under Armour Campaign

He is likewise promoting Under Armor’s Fitness program. The endorsement deal is accounted to be around $25 million every year.

Johnson is likewise the “Ford Ambassador” and has featured in TV promotions for Ford, making him an extra $15 million every year.

Johnson additionally showed up in Commercials and a short film promoting Got Milk? He was also seen in a short film for Apple’s “Siri”.

From June 2017 to June 2018, Dwayne Johnson was named one of Forbes’ top-grossing actors of 2017, he earned an estimated $124 million that year.

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Forbes also announced that Johnson’s salary from his films and ‘Ballers’ HBO series was the biggest at any point recorded for acting in the 20 years, the publication has followed big-name income.

According to Variety, Dwayne The Rock Johnson earns around $650,000 per episode of “Ballers.”

The actor with his social media following is an esteemed representative for significant brands. In 2017, his endorsements contributed up to $50 million to his paycheck.

Interesting facts, according to FiveThirtyEight.com, The Rock consumes around 5,000 calories a day dividing over seven meals proportions. It includes 2.3 pounds of daily cod, that’s = over 820 pounds of cod a year at a price of $3,280.

DwayneThe RockJohnson’s Luxury Watch Collection

Johnson is also known to be attached to watches, autos, and houses.

His first real buy was allegedly a $35,000 Rolex in the WWF. His car collection is also top-notch, he has a white Ferrari LaFerrari, a Rolls Royce Wraith, a Ford GT, Mustang, a custom Ford-150, and the super $1.3 million Pagani Huayra.

It’s reported that he has also sold a minimum of 10 homes in Florida, including an estimated $3.4 million mega-mansion outside of Miami.

The Rock has regularly snagged several movie contracts of over $20 million per movie and as per Business Insider, he contracted worth $22 million for his upcoming film ‘Red Notice,’ Business Insider reported.

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Johnson is high priced due to the fact that his movies make so much money.

21 of his movies pulled in 9 figures at the global box office, with more than $600 million and the Fast and the Furious franchise breaking over the $1 billion marks. In total, his movies have earned over $9.4 billion worldwide.

Johnson is best remembered for his job as “Luke Hobbs” in the Fast and the Furious establishment, showing up in 4 movies and procuring worth over $50 million.

He was all set to star in his film Hobbs and Shaw, together with Jason Statham, to be released in 2019.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – Official Trailer

Who Is Dwayne Johnson?

Dwayne Douglas Johnson (The Rock) was born to parents Ata Johnson and father Rocky Johnson, on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California.

Johnson’s blood for wrestling naturally came from his father who was a former professional wrestler himself. He has experienced his adolescent years living with his mother’s family in New Zealand.

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At the University of Miami, Johnson played high school football with his plus size and physicality until the point when often dealing with injuries.

Having a very few expectations with football, Johnson swung to wrestling, appearing in the WWF against the Brooklyn Brawler in Texas.

After a winning play in a couple of matches, the WWF signed him under the name Flex Kavana. He joined The Nation of Domination, after a year taking control over his leadership and considering to call himself “The Rock.”

The rock joined the McMahon family, leading a band of world-class wrestlers called “The Corporation.”

The wrestlers played famous fights against WWF champions such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, D-Generation X and many more.

The Rock proceeded to win 17 WWF/WWE titles over his acclaimed profession, known as “The People’s Champ.”

The Rock turns his back on The People to become The Corporate Champion

Dwayne The Rock John, turned out to be a great success, winning 17 titles, 5 WWF Tag Team Championships and 10 world heavyweight titles.

In 2001, Dwayne Johnson made a big splash as “The Scorpion King” in 2001’s ‘The Mummy Returns’. The Rock launched a successful acting career outside the wrestling ring dropping the stage name and simply going by his real name Dwayne Johnson.

In 2005, he appeared in the movie ‘Be Cool‘  alongside movie stars John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Trying his hand at comedy he also was seen in 2007’s The Game Plan.

In 2010, he appeared in Faster (2010), and as Johnson’s acting career kept on flourishing, he started making appearances in big moves like Fast & Furious 6 which was released in 2013.

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In 2014, Johnson starred in the action fantasy adventure Hercules, making it a box-office success, his character in the film received mixed reviews and was praised for his acting sequences.

Johnson regularly kept his naught with wrestling featuring in 2014’s WrestleMania XXX, the 30th annual competition (WWE Network event) alongside wrestling hotshots Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In 2015, Johnson was seen in action as “Luke Hobbs,” in the Furious 7 film franchise. The same year he was captured filming another action-adventure movie San Andreas.

Johnson also debuted his first dramatic comedy series playing Spencer Strasmore, a retired footballer turned financial planner, on Ballers.

In 2016, after teaming up with Kevin Hart for the action-comedy ‘Central Intelligence‘, Johnson voiced the “Maui” for the Disney animated hit Moana.

In 2017, Johnson made himself busy by taking on starring roles in The Fate of the Furious, Baywatch, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

DwayneThe RockJohnson on Whether He Will Run for President

In 2017, there was a rumored buzz over Johnson’s plan to run for president in 2024. Subsequent to the buzz Dwayne Johnson confirmed the rumors in December, telling Ellen DeGeneres, “I’m seriously considering it, yes.”

Johnson has additionally opened up about a portion of his early-life struggles when he was just 14, including his Hawaii home eviction.

He told The Express that his mom attempted to commit suicide by walking into the traffic the next year, an occurrence that left him in the great depression.

Moving into 2018, he proceeded with Jumanji piling on the ticket sales, and it turned into the performer’s highest-grossing film to date.

He also appeared for the recent film, Skyscraper, in which he shares in outrageous stunts in the trailer. That equivalent day, Johnson declared that he would be hosting 10 episodes of the reality show, The Titan Games.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s family

In 1997, Johnson married his secondary school sweetheart, Dany Garcia, and welcomed his daughter, Simone Alexandra, from his first marriage.

They eventually split up in 10 years, however, Dany keeps on filling in as his manager.

In December 2015, he had a girl, Jasmine Lia, from his long-term relationship with musician Lauren Hashian. In April 2018, the couple welcomed their second girl, Tiana Gia.

Dwayne Johnson is also the author of the autobiography “The Rock Says…”. In 2000, the book reached #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

So, how much money does Dwayne Johnson have? As of 2024, Dwayne Johnson’s net worth (The Rock) stands at an estimated total of $320 million.

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Quotes from Dwayne Johnson

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

— Dwayne Johnson

“With drive and a bit of talent, you can move mountains. I know. I’ve done it.”

— Dwayne Johnson

“I’m always asked, ‘What’s the secret to success?’ But there are no secrets. Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.”

— Dwayne Johnson

“Attitude and enthusiasm play a big part in my life. I get excited about the things that inspire me. I also believe in laughing and having a good time.”

— Dwayne Johnson